Uninstall Tool Review

Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool is one of the leading uninstaller programs, helping users keep their computers clean by efficiently searching through files system and Windows Registry to identify and delete any remaining items that remain.

PC Cleaner Pro offers some outstanding PC cleanup features, including the removal of browser plug-ins and extensions. Best of all, it’s completely free – making it the ideal solution for anyone attempting to uninstall stubborn applications.


An uninstaller program is a computer utility software program that removes or reverses changes made to other programs in your system, helping clear away clutter by uninstalling programs no longer required or wanted. Uninstallers also help safeguard computers against cyber attacks. Though there are numerous uninstaller programs on the market, only certain ones provide quality results; those that excel are easy for users to use.

IObit Uninstaller is an effective and user-friendly uninstallation tool, featuring robust scanning to quickly identify installed programs, identify any bundled software or browser plugins and let you uninstall them easily. Furthermore, it creates a system restore point in case any unexpected changes arise and creates system restore points if any necessary. With its robust scanning and range of other features this is an excellent choice for users seeking to keep their systems free of junk.

Uninstallers typically work by delving deep into a system’s hard drive and removing or replacing all files, folders, or saved states associated with a specific program from its hard drive. This is far more thorough than simply deleting a file or folder – this ensures all components of that program have been completely eliminated from it including preference registry files, library files and temporary files; any left behind may cause problems when reinstalling it and could potentially corrupt other system files leading to a system crash.

The program features an intuitive interface that makes uninstalling programs effortless. Choose between several uninstallation modes – default uninstaller, safe uninstaller or forceful uninstaller – then sit back as the software takes care of everything for you; closing any open programs upon removal completion and rebooting afterward as needed and performing a residual file and registry scan to make sure everything has been deleted correctly.

If you only require basic uninstaller features, such as real-time monitoring or forced uninstallation, the free version of this program should meet your needs adequately. However, for advanced features like real-time monitoring or forced uninstallation capabilities you will require the premium version which requires payment.

Uninstall Tracker

Uninstall Tracker is an intuitive program designed to make it simple to uninstall programs that you no longer want, their leftovers and any traces left behind on your hard drive and Windows Registry. Once identified and removed from your system, this helps speed up its performance while simultaneously freeing up space on both. Furthermore, Uninstall Tracker features several tools such as file shredder and registry cleaner; free to download but requires internet connectivity in order to access its product website for updates and software downloads.

Once the developer-side SDK setup is complete, user device information will begin being gathered – this includes app and device usage information as well as daily app-uninstallation events.

Uninstall tracking provides app marketers with a comprehensive view of app engagement amongst their user base, offering a glimpse into how their acquisition, engagement, re-engagement efforts are impacting overall app retention. Uninstall data may also reveal issues within features or performance and help uncover ways to address them accordingly.

Brands looking to collect uninstall event data can enable this feature on a per-app basis by flipping the Uninstall Tracking switch “On” on the App Settings page for each app they wish to track, which will trigger nightly background push messages being sent out directly from their system to users of that particular application.

With iOS 15, Apple’s push notification policy no longer permits brands to utilize app-uninstall tracking – hacking background notifications in order to detect when someone stops using an app – as a method for measuring user dropoff and increasing app lifetime value. Kochava predictive churn modeling can still help decrease user drop-off, thus increasing app lifetime value.

Kochava uses data analysis techniques to predict when users may uninstall an app and calculates an expected churn rate, helping marketers optimize acquisition and engagement efforts to avoid unnecessary uninstalls. Furthermore, this type of churn prediction enables brands to identify bugs or issues that require fixing so their apps become more engaging for users.

Smart Search

Smart Search is an efficient and user-friendly way to easily find content within Service Manager without having to navigate menus. To use Smart Search, click the icon in the top-right corner of Service Manager UI; when your search box opens and a list of documents matching your search terms appears; if no matches were returned enter new search strings or use Advanced Search with additional criteria to expand results further.

Smart search uses natural-language processing to interpret your query and return accurate, expansive results. It can even fill in missing words and recognize synonyms, homonyms, and phonetic similarities in order to recognize your intentions when entering search terms and return results that meet them.

The Smart Search engine performs an in-depth analysis of your search terms and compares them with dictionaries, past searches you have conducted, autocomplete suggestions, and drop-down lists of related terms when you start typing a term or expression. When selected it becomes part of your search history and used for future queries.

Switch between Smart Search and All Search from the search hints in the search bar. All Search is more precise, returning results from all Logos resources – even those you do not own – while Smart Search allows you to narrow your search down using specific terms or use its “Match Any Terms” feature to broaden it further.

Once you select a document from the search results, you can see its snippet in either tabular form or open up its panel to view it full page layout. This displays key document information such as its title and subject matter – plus you can click a link to access its original form.

Smart Search allows you to quickly locate opportunities, agreements and documentation within your Conga CLM org. As part of its base package and when enabled by an administrator, Smart Search makes searching easier than ever! When using it you can limit searches only to academic/peer reviewed articles by selecting “scholarly/academic/peer reviewed articles” using either Search Results or Article Page filters.

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