Upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10 for faster performance, Cortana assistance and advanced security settings. This update replaces the less-than-inviting tiles of Windows 8 while including features from earlier versions of Microsoft’s OS.

Pro users benefit from additional tools for enhanced data protection and remote features; along with peer to peer delivery of updates using BitTorrent-style peer to peer technology.

It’s free

If your old PC still runs Windows 7, 8, or earlier, upgrading it to Windows 10 for free can be achieved. No product key will be requested and a digital license to use the operating system can be found under Settings > Update & Security. This method works equally well on laptops as it does desktops – with either option providing access to install apps and data files separately as upgrades will delete everything already present on your hard drive.

The newest version of Windows features several improvements designed to make using multiple programs simultaneously easier and smoother. You now can work in multiple virtual desktops simultaneously, while Task View enables you to easily see all open windows at the same time. In addition, Storage Sense automatically deletes cached and temporary files to create more space on your device, helping your computer run faster and smoother when there are numerous programs installed.

Microsoft provides its Windows 10 installer free of charge; all that’s necessary to use it is a PC compatible with it, an installation DVD or USB drive, and around 30 minutes for setup. Minimum requirements include 1GHz processor speed, 2GB of RAM memory capacity, and 20GB free space on your hard drive; for an easier experience you may also consider purchasing a new laptop preloaded with the OS.

Windows 10 was intended to be an all-purpose PC operating system, offering familiar features from past versions with touch and mobile interfaces that make use easier. Furthermore, it introduces the Windows Store and modern application development APIs. While not suitable for every older device, Windows 10 remains a suitable upgrade choice.

If your old PC lacks an activation key, Windows 10 can still be downloaded and installed without activation; however, be mindful that unactivated versions only support limited hardware and will stop receiving updates after October 2020. Furthermore, these unofficial builds may display an ugly watermark while restricting customization options of your OS.

It’s easy to use

Windows 10 makes life easy with its intuitive features that put the operating system to work for you, such as an improved start menu and Cortana, a personal assistant. Together these help streamline task management and optimize user experiences.

Contrary to its predecessors, Windows 10’s user interface was designed specifically for touch-screen devices as well as PCs. Furthermore, there are various tools provided that enable you to personalize the experience according to your individual needs and tailor it according to user behavior.

As an example, you can now pin programs directly to the taskbar for easy access, or access an overview of all open applications in one page view – making it easier for touch users to keep track of what they’re working on. In addition, download limits can now be set so your operating system won’t use up too much bandwidth beyond a certain threshold.

Another great feature is the ability to create multiple virtual desktops, where you can run different programs at the same time – you can even snap four apps onto one screen! Microsoft Project Spartan browser also features a distraction-free reading mode so you can read articles, books and documents uninterrupted by ads or notifications.

The new version offers several security enhancements, such as an enhanced login process and stronger protection from malicious software. Furthermore, advanced encryption options help keep sensitive information private and safe from being leaked or misused by others. Finally, an improved virtual keyboard serves travelers or people communicating in unfamiliar languages.

Windows 10 makes management an effortless process, offering IT professionals and end-users alike a range of management tools that enable them to control updates with ease. MDM solutions or traditional desktop management software may also be employed; in addition, there’s even the “Your Apps in the Store” feature which enables organizations to set up their own personalized section dedicated to company-specific apps.

It’s secure

Cyberattacks pose an ever-present risk to business data, necessitating cybersecurity managers to find ways to defend it against hackers and threats. Windows 10 comes equipped with built-in security features to combat hacks and attacks – such as User Account Control (UAC) which ensures applications do not modify your settings without authorization – protecting it against malware such as rootkits and backdoors that could allow attackers to gain entry and steal your information.

Microsoft’s Windows as a Service delivery model enables regular updates that bring significant enhancements to their OS, with version 1809 (formerly codenamed Redstone 5) featuring dark mode UI elements, wider implementation of Fluent design style throughout all its apps, Cortana enhancements and improved compatibility with Android devices being among its key highlights.

Windows Update offers regular security patches to address potential vulnerabilities in its OS. Quality updates typically arrive on the second Tuesday of each month and focus on improving reliability while addressing security concerns such as password sharing among attackers or exploiting microcode flaws in Intel processors. It is vitally important that these updates are installed as they may contain potential exploits that hackers could use against your system.

Maintaining all your apps to date is also vitally important for keeping your PC secure and protecting your privacy. Unused programs that don’t receive security updates could become vulnerable to attack by hackers looking to infiltrate it with malware. You can check the Control Panel programs list to identify unused applications, then uninstall them to safeguard privacy and free up space on your hard drive.

Care must also be taken when downloading applications or media content online, as some sites may contain pirated software or movies. Microsoft offers the safest experience by way of its stores and redistributors – so only use these outlets for downloading apps or media content!

It’s customizable

Windows 10 may not offer as many personalization features as its predecessor, Windows 7, but there are still numerous ways for you to personalize your computer experience. For instance, you can change mouse and keyboard shortcuts for programs and folders; create tile groups to organize apps; customize desktop wallpaper, lock screen image and accent color; if needed you could even use multiple desktops to keep work and play separate.

Beyond the Settings app, there are also third-party tools you can use to further personalize your desktop or laptop computer. Rainmeter can add a unique look while Stardock Rocket Dock adds more room for apps you use regularly. TweakNow Powerpack lets you alter how your system operates rather than just its appearance.

Start Menu customization options allow you to select a different background image and color scheme that complements it, including switching to a dark theme to reduce eye strain and give your computer a more pleasing appearance. Next are taskbar and Action Center customization features which let you pick an accent color or highlight certain elements like icons on Start menu or title bars of active windows; Windows 10 may even auto select colors based on your chosen wallpaper!

Your lock screen is also customizable, enabling you to create slideshows of vacation photos or those of loved ones, select which apps can display a quick status update on the lock screen and configure mouse cursor and sound schemes – you can even save custom backgrounds, accent colors, sound schemes and mouse cursors as a theme that can later be reloaded! Finally, Themes in Windows 10 provide another setting within Settings app where your custom background, accent color combinations, sound schemes and mouse cursors can be saved as one separate setting so they can be reloaded later – saving all customizations that were customized during setup!

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