USBDeview is a free, portable tool that lets you inspect all USB devices connected to your PC in the past and present, including controls for displaying details about each one, such as its name and serial number.

Commands such as “/stop and “/remove” allow the program to disconnect devices, and display balloons on desktop when new USB flash drives are discovered.


USBDeview is a freeware utility designed to display all USB devices currently connected to your computer as well as all those you have used before. Each device’s description, including its type, serial number (for mass storage devices) manufacturer identification numbers and vendor id numbers as well as whether or not removing it would be safe, can also be displayed by this program.

USBDeview is easy to use and runs seamlessly on any system without the need to install it. The program’s user interface can be customized according to your personal tastes, including selecting which columns should appear on-screen. Furthermore, the data exported from the program can easily be converted to HTML format – an invaluable feature!

NirSoft software also lets you compare read and write speeds of USB devices, helping you select the ideal option for you. Downloaded from NirSoft website in English language version it has very few technical issues compared to most similar programs available today and is easier than many to manage than most similar apps.

Create shortcuts that execute desired actions for specific USB devices, for quick disabling/enabling. Millisecond timing options also available when disabling/enabling devices.

Use the /stop_by_serial and /enable_by_serial command-line options to temporarily or permanently switch off USB devices based on their serial numbers, even from remote computers if you log into them using an admin account.

Another useful feature is being able to set a minimum size limit on USB drives, which will help block programs such as malware from running on your computer and can help protect valuable data from potential viruses or malware. Furthermore, this free tool will assist in diagnosing issues with flash drives.

Customization options

USBDeview is an intuitive software program that displays accurate details about all of the USB devices connected to a system. It offers extensive customization options and supports both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms, recognising device type, serial number (for mass storage devices), vendor ID, product ID and more.

Furthermore, this application enables you to manage pen drives effectively; disable and uninstall them; change their assigned drive letters; activate their autoplay feature; reload USB hub; conduct speed tests of reading and writing performance and much more. Furthermore, its response time is very fast while only using minimal CPU and memory resources.

It features an extremely intuitive user interface with customizable elements, making the data entry process straightforward and flexible. Key elements include name, description, type, connection status (safe to disconnect/safe to reconnect), drive letter (drive letter versus drive letter number), serial number created date/unplug date as well as serial number created date. Results can be saved to either comma-delimited files or HTML pages for future reference.

The latest version of USBDeview software has been completely revamped to make it more contemporary and user-friendly, as well as with an abundance of improvements – such as being able to mark odd/even rows. Another addition is showing plugged-in devices in green background color; and decoding serial numbers encoded with hexadecimal.

Other improvements include the option to rearrange data columns and a command-line option to simultaneously connect to multiple computers. Furthermore, the program now remembers its previous size and position for multi-monitors systems – an invaluable asset!

USBDeview is a handy and reliable program built around Microsoft’s “USBView” sample application, now available as standalone executables on GitHub: USBView. Unfortunately, its only drawback is requiring an administrator account in order to fully utilize its GUI – though that shouldn’t stop people who require such an overview tool! Nonetheless, USBDeview remains an ideal solution for those needing an organized way to detect all kinds of USB devices quickly and reliably.

Supports multiple devices

USBDeview is a free utility that enables you to view what USB devices are connected to your computer and access additional features. It can help identify malfunctioning USB devices as well as uninstall/disconnect/enable/disable them more effectively than ever.

NirSoft’s freeware lists all USB devices currently connected to your computer, providing extended information for each one. This includes its name/description/type/type (including mass storage devices), serial number (for mass storage devices), date/time added, VendorID and ProductID numbers as well as hubs/ports that it connects to as well as disconnect multiple USB devices at once; especially useful if using flash drives or CD/DVD drives.

Displays can also show when devices were last connected, which can help determine whether your FLEX-1500 Software Defined Radio is sharing its USB controller with another device and needs to move onto a different port in order to work at full speed.

NirSoft Tray Launcher can be accessed directly from the tray and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, as well as being downloaded directly from their website. While older versions of Windows might work as well, for optimal performance use the latest OS release.

USBDeview’s latest update brings with it many improvements, such as showing only First Install Time (FITT) and Connect Time (CT) columns when running as Administrator, with Last Plug/Unplug Date being determined using Windows Registry when USBDeview detects you have a USB To Serial device connected. Furthermore, this feature makes locating the FLEX-1500 easier by providing information such as hub name if any or port where it may be stored – further making tracking down where its connected.

Works on Windows

USBDeview for Windows displays a list of all connected USB devices that are currently or have previously been connected, with details such as description, device type, serial number and more for each one. You can disconnect, disable and enable devices as desired with this application; additionally it detects drive letters for flash drives and CD/DVD drives as well as create reports with all of this information collected.

USBDeview can be used both locally and remotely; when used remotely, however, an admin account must be present on that particular computer in order to use the program successfully. Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions, NirSoft’s website offers this freeware application which once installed can be launched directly by selecting it from your Start menu or entering “usbdeview” into its search field in the Start menu.

The program features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, showing all USB devices attached to your computer upon startup. Simply select any of them from the list and you can access more detailed information such as name, description and status; additionally you can click directly on them in order to disconnect or disable them if needed.

USBDeview goes beyond standard features to detect USB hubs and display their status in its main window. Furthermore, it can save all USB data into text, comma-delimited or HTML files for future reference, sort data by any column header and right-click to select an option in its right-click menu to sort by any column; you can even turn off devices when disabled or unplugged – something not available on all systems but invaluable when troubleshooting USB issues! Nirsoft’s productions for Windows certainly makes USBDeview an invaluable utility; definitely check it out.

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