Using PlayStation 4 Controllers With DS4Windows


DS4Windows allows gamers to connect their PlayStation 4 controllers directly to a Windows computer and installs all necessary drivers (ViGEmBus Driver, 360 Controller Driver, HidHide FakerInput) seamlessly.

Allows gamers to customize the controls, lightbar, rumble/vibration settings and vibration.

DS4 Controller Emulation

If you prefer using your PS4 controller on your computer without Steam’s built-in support, there are alternatives. One such program is DS4Windows: an Xbox controller emulator which maps your controller directly to an Xbox driver for seamless gameplay with minimum input latency. Installation is straightforward and no prior knowledge or expertise in PC programming is necessary before connecting and starting playing!

DS4Windows features various gyro modes that let you adjust how a virtual gamepad responds to your movements, and offers support for various controller configurations as well as an auto profile feature that saves settings per application and lets you switch between them easily. Furthermore, it enables multiple profiles so you can switch between them at will as needed, as well as the capability of remapping button controllers to keyboard keys – giving you complete customization over your experience!

DS4Windows features two tabs to manage connected controllers: 1) Controller IDs with input delays displayed when hovered; and 2) Profiles which allows users to link profiles specifically designed for certain controllers with specific IDs so that whenever their controller plugs in it will apply the selected profile automatically.

DS4Windows can not only link profiles with controllers, but it can also connect them directly to your computer via USB or Bluetooth. It supports various input devices like DualShock 4 and DualSense 5 controllers as well as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for even further convenience.

At its core, DS4Windows requires a PC running at least Windows 8 as well as a micro-USB cable or adapter with microUSB support for use with any micro-USB port on it. While most adapters work fine with this emulator, CSR BT stacks may present issues when used. Unfortunately, however, Xbox 360 controllers will not work; using them with this emulator could result in lag or high performance PC performance being reduced significantly; nevertheless it’s free and easy to use, plus its frequent updates mean there should be no security threats associated with it either!

Wireless rumbe support

DualSense controllers connect via USB to PCs and offer rumble support, which enables players to feel virtual feedback during gameplay. This exciting addition adds another level of immersion for gamers while heightening their sense of presence within the game world – something not seen on console gaming platforms yet! Luckily, PC gaming provides this unique opportunity as this feature has yet to make an appearance there.

When using DS4Windows, controllers must be connected via micro-USB cable to your computer in order for the software to correctly emulate and process input from devices resulting in the smoothest gaming experience possible. You may wish to temporarily disable “Enable output data” option as this can cause latency issues with certain games.

Once your controllers are connected successfully, DS4Windows will display a list of them on its main screen, enabling you to easily see input delay for each controller and select a profile which will apply whenever that controller plugs in or switches between games. Furthermore, profiles may also be linked directly with specific controller IDs so that their settings and controls will always be used within that game.

Once you select a profile, the settings in the “Controllers” tab will become visible. Here you can configure various aspects of your controller such as trigger map and sensitivity; create multiple profiles to use different options across each; as well as customize Dual Stage Trigger Effects such as Full Click, Pulse and Rigid trigger effects.

The DS4Windows settings menu is very straightforward and offers several configuration options to customize the software. For instance, you can choose whether DS4Windows runs at startup, stays active in the background or minimizes itself; furthermore, a log of all events encountered can also be seen here; should any issues arise, they will be automatically reported back.

Dual Stage Trigger Effects

When it comes to triggers, there are various options available; two-stage triggers are becoming increasingly popular. With their two-stage design allowing users to pre-load shots prior to pulling the main stage to fire, two-stage triggers provide greater control and accuracy, as well as reduced accidental discharge risk – making this type of trigger perfect for rifles and service arms.

DS4Windows makes it simple and effortless to emulate a dual-stage trigger on your computer, by connecting your controller via USB or Bluetooth and customizing keybindings and trigger effects to suit. Plus, its profile system lets you switch easily between settings!

Returnal’s program also supports real-time haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects for an enhanced gaming experience, however to get the full effect it is recommended you use a DualSense controller as these contain sensors which detect hand movement allowing real-time haptic feedback and trigger effects to take place in real-time.

The latest version of DS4Windows features some impressive new features. CPU usage on mobile i7s has significantly been reduced from 4-6% to about.5-1.5%. In addition, single instance working has been altered so as to be even quicker for mobile users. Other improvements include better light bar flashing as well as changes to color cycle which no longer shows rainbow colours all of the time but instead shows realistic battery charge indicators when charging is taking place.

There have also been enhancements to the user interface and mapping support. If “Real Time Changes” is checked, certain options now take immediate and real-time effect, the rumble test now continues for several seconds instead of stopping instantly, and finally if “Idle timeout” is enabled then only fade when idle (using more accurate decimal values for idle timeout) while at the same time displaying sixaxis data of DS4.


DS4Windows is a program that lets you use PlayStation controllers on your PC, with support for any game that accepts them and connectivity via either USB or Bluetooth. This constantly-evolved software features support for DualShock 3 & 4, PS5 DualSense controller, as well as special actions and macros that let you create profiles for various games.

Use of DS4Windows on a PC is straightforward. After installation, simply connect your controllers and launch your favorite games. If any issues arise with that, try using another USB port or cable; failing that, try System Restore which will roll back your computer to a time before you installed DS4Windows software.

Once the program has been installed, you can begin playing games with DualShock controllers. The main DS4Windows window displays all connected controllers along with their input delays; additionally, using the Select Controller drop-down menu you can change which controller is selected or link specific profile IDs so when plugging them in they automatically apply that profile.

Under the Settings tab, you have the ability to alter the sensitivity of your controllers; however, doing so is generally not advised as it may lead to inaccurate button presses and lead to other complications in most games. Therefore, for best results it would be prudent to leave this as is for most titles and use only their default sensitivity setting for most titles.

DS4Windows is one of the most versatile and feature-packed controller programs for Windows, offering compatibility with virtually all modern PC games that support Xinput (which includes virtually all modern titles) as well as PS4 controllers with their buttons remapped to use Xbox 360 buttons. Best of all, it is completely free and simple to use; its intuitive tutorial offers extensive guidance. Definitely give DS4Windows a look if you want to utilize PlayStation controllers while gaming; its only downside may be double input errors due to incorrect configuration profiles or HidHide library issues which has since been addressed in version 1.1.50 of HidHide library which could potentially cause double input errors if not configured correctly – though this should rarely happen due to incorrect profiles or library issues causing double input errors which may occur due to incorrectly configured profiles or HidHide library bugs which has since been addressed on version 1.1.50.

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