Using TaskbarX to Customize Your Windows 10 Taskbar

TaskbarX is a free program that gives you numerous ways to customize the Windows taskbar. Available both as a portable zip file and from Microsoft Store, TaskbarX makes installation and use effortless.

This app is lightweight and efficient, with minimal impact on system resources. In addition, there are plenty of customization options, including animation options.

Position Menu

TaskbarX stands out from similar tools by offering an intuitive Position Menu that lets you reposition icons available in your taskbar to wherever they should be positioned on screen, whether that’s center of screen or at any edge. Since these movements use some CPU resources, you may wish to temporarily turn them off as needed in order to prevent performance issues.

Additionally, the Position Menu also provides you with various tools for customizing your taskbar to your preferences. You can change its color or transparency or blurriness, as well as animating icons and apps – all with just a single click to restore your desktop to its initial look!

App features also allow users to add gradient effects to their taskbar, giving icons more of a modern appearance and creating more visually appealing designs. Furthermore, animation settings allow for customization as well as duration/delay settings – an invaluable feature to remember!

While Windows provides you with plenty of customization options for your taskbar, sometimes these may not provide you with enough control to give you optimal results. Therefore, to take a more hands-on approach and maximize control of your taskbar settings further, consider third-party programs like TaskbarX as alternatives.

This app is simple to set up, with clear instructions and support for multiple monitors. Plus, it’s open-source and compatible with the latest versions of Windows!

To get started, visit the official website and download the most up-to-date version of TaskbarX. When complete, run its installer file and follow its prompts for installation on your computer. When done, launch TaskbarX Configurator to set your preferences; once that’s complete, launch “Stop TaskbarX” button and your icons will move back left, so that later removing files where this program was installed won’t require you to remove settings or reinstalling again if needed.

Style Menu

TaskbarX Configurator’s Style option gives you access to another menu for customizing the look and feel of your taskbar and icons by offering several styles: Transparent (without gradient), Transparent Acrylic, Blur and Opaque. Furthermore, transparency for each option can be adjusted as well as refresh rate settings being set individually.

Most users would likely enjoy taking advantage of this feature, as it can give your desktop a truly personalized feel. Unfortunately, however, doing so requires tweaking a few Windows settings in order to make this happen.

Style menu’s most useful feature is the ability to animate your taskbar and its elements. There are over 40 animation styles you can preview before applying – adjust their pace or even move the icons left or right with ease!

Your taskbar’s position can also be customized through this menu, enabling you to center or move icons between Start menu and system tray. Furthermore, font size for taskbar buttons can also be changed as well as using custom colors for each of them.

To exit the Configurator, simply press one of the two buttons that will stop the process and return your icons back into their original positions. Furthermore, clicking another one will bring up an Extra menu that contains additional settings you can customize per taskbar.

TaskbarX not only features its main features, but its Extra menu allows you to add multiple taskbars on a single desktop and customize their settings independently. In addition, font for Start menu and system tray icons may be adjusted as well as setting your custom refresh rate.

TaskbarX can be downloaded for free from its developer’s website and supports all Windows versions except 17.09. To make installation and updates simpler and automatic, Microsoft Store version requires an initial payment of $1 and provides easy setup as well as automated updates.


With this option, you can animate taskbar elements like icons and backgrounds of toolbars to make them more visually appealing. The software provides over 40 animation styles that you can experiment with until finding one that meets your preferences best; furthermore, their speeds can also be adjusted so they move at a pace suitable for you.

TaskbarX also features an interesting ability for customizing the opacity of Windows taskbar buttons, so you can choose whether or not you wish to show your system clock and other elements on it. With built-in styles that come included with TaskbarX you can modify background color or gradient effects or make the button completely transparent if necessary.

TaskbarX allows you to personalize your desktop experience by allowing you to alter the position and size of icons, apply blur effects to individual icons and add semi-transparent acrylic looks for an elegant appearance. Such programs like TaskbarX are great tools for optimizing desktop appearance – this makes TaskbarX an excellent option.

As an all-in-all solution, TaskbarX is an intuitive application that makes customizing your taskbar simple and effective. Furthermore, its resource consumption is minimal, which makes it even better considering many similar programs require more power from your computer to work their magic.

Notably, one drawback of this app is its need for you to click its icon every time you want to change its settings. This minor inconvenience is easily rectified by creating a shortcut for it in your Start menu so that accessing these features requires only one click.

Overall, TaskBarTweak is an outstanding free and open-source program that gives you plenty of taskbar customization options. Setup is straightforward and can be used by both newcomers and experienced users; furthermore, its operation does not affect Windows registry settings and it is completely portable.


Changing up the Windows 10 experience doesn’t have to be complicated; third-party applications offer plenty of ways to do just that. One such app is TaskbarX, an intuitive lightweight program which enables you to tailor exactly where the center of your taskbar icons is situated.

This program is safe to use and won’t make any permanent modifications to your system, making it an excellent option for users seeking more customization options. In addition, its lightweight nature means it won’t consume too many resources on your computer.

After you launch the program, you have access to several menus and settings to customize how your taskbar looks. Start by exploring its Position Menu; here you have various ways of moving icons around on the taskbar – for instance center or left placement as well as returning them back to their default positions with just a click of a button.

Another key benefit of this program is the ability to customize taskbar backgrounds. This feature can help match the look of your desktop wallpaper or just add some flair, while it also comes equipped with animations to give icons and taskbar a more appealing appearance.

TaskbarX goes beyond changing the appearance of the taskbar with more features designed to personalize your experience. For instance, you can make the taskbar transparent, blurred or acrylic. In addition, this tool enables you to center taskbar icons and hide system tray areas on secondary monitors.

The application also lets you customize the color of the system clock for a more pleasing aesthetic and set the taskbar to automatically disappear when certain programs open.

One feature that sets this program apart is its ability to allow you to add an image background for your taskbar, which can come in handy if you’re going for a dark theme or matching wallpaper and themes.

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