UTunnel Review


UTunnel provides secure network access using strong encryption methods that meet world-class standards, while enabling businesses to manage various VPN configuration options from a central web dashboard.

Supported devices include Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Linux systems. In addition to offering business-class security features such as zero trust firewall protection.

Zero Trust Access

UTunnel Secure Access is an all-in-one solution for remote business network access. Leveraging Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), this all-encompassing approach ensures organizations provide secure and seamless connectivity to remote business applications and resources – unlike VPNs which grant users access to all services on a LAN, ZTNA provides only those services explicitly granted to users to minimize security risks and prevent threats spreading throughout infrastructures.

Designed to serve enterprises and SMBs alike, UTunnel’s flexible deployment is quick and effortless. Offering secure encrypted connections that support features such as Single Sign On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), event logs, site-to-site tunneling/split tunneling/external DNS/static IP etc, its user-friendly dashboard provides effortless user, team, and server management.

UTunnel stands out as the world’s most widely deployed Zero Trust Access Platform with an innovative approach that ensures superior security. The cloud native solution uses identity based segmentation to verify users, systems and networks before providing access to private business applications; additionally it prevents lateral movement while providing access control policies with fine grain control options; finally it allows administrators to deploy this solution within hours and replace legacy VPNs or remote access tools with ease.

Our Zero Trust Access solution is built upon a strong security foundation, boasting SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001:2013 certifications to assure data safety at all times. Adherence to industry-standard policies and procedures ensures we always adhere to maintaining data safety at our center.

Zero Trust Access acts like an observant security guard who checks credentials repeatedly before admitting you into a building, only allowing entrance once it has verified who they are. That’s why it is essential that your VPN provider offers Zero Trust Access capabilities; this will keep out attackers who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in systems, networks or applications layers. With UTunnel’s Bring Your Own Server service you have complete control over deploying VPN servers specifically tailored for your business’s needs – perfect if your need to change bandwidth is flexible!

OneClick Access

UTunnel offers a secure, cost-effective and flexible cloud VPN server solution with a user-friendly web interface for managing servers, users and policies without prior Linux experience. Ideal for businesses securing remote access for employees as well as individuals looking to safeguard confidential data; compatible with multiple devices including desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

Established by Secubytes LLC in 2019, UTunnel provides full-featured VPN and zero trust application access solutions to small and midsized businesses (SMBs). Its comprehensive solutions make establishing protected remote access easy while its outstanding security measures and top speeds make it a smart choice for companies needing to meet compliance regulations.

Features of this platform include granular application access policies, 2-factor authentication, site-to-site tunneling with split tunneling capability, external DNS hosting services and static IPs; as well as support for multiple cloud providers and an intuitive web dashboard for server, user and team management. Furthermore, its security features protect sensitive business data.

OneClick Access from UTunnel allows users to easily access workspaces and applications on different platforms without the need to request login links. The app automatically detects your device’s OS, giving you the choice between Linux, Mac or Windows OS; users can even set a specific time period and location when the application can be accessed.

UTunnel allows users to access OneClick applications from a web browser, making them accessible anywhere – be it home, a coffee shop, or using any device – making working remotely possible. Perfect for both personal and professional use alike, its web-based GUI makes setting up, configuring, managing, and connecting to VPN servers both private and public with ease. Plus there’s even a free trial available!

Cloud VPN Deployment

No matter if your business VPN server needs are on cloud VPS or physical servers in datacenter, UTunnel provides an automated solution that takes the pain out of creating, configuring and managing servers yourself. With its transparent pricing structure and no minimum purchase requirement for VPN connections or licenses compared with similar solutions that typically offer more bundled services such as management of VPN server management as well as software and system updates as well as maintenance for each individual server, this platform makes life easy!

UTunnel offers customers with limited budgets the option of bringing their own server, which allows them to use it free until more resources are needed. Furthermore, its flexible platform supports both IPv4 and IPv6 network architecture and comes equipped with features like 2-factor authentication and secure 256-bit encryption to provide additional peace of mind.

The UTunnel app makes managing network settings, users and VPN access simple and secure with its user-friendly UI that’s simple yet intuitive and multilingual support; its 256-bit encryption and Single Sign-On integration make managing VPN networks simple; as well as site-to-site tunneling that protects all of your data en route from start to finish.

To deploy UTunnel VPN on a Vultr server, log in and navigate to the “VPN Server” tab of your account. From here, select your data center location and type of instance before clicking “Deploy” to create your UTunnel VPN server. When complete, a registration token will be issued from Vultr upon successful deployment of your server.

After installing and configuring the UTunnel app, you can access it through any web browser to view an overview of your new VPN server. In addition, dedicated client apps for Windows, macOS and Linux make logging in easy; once connected you can begin enjoying private use of UTunnel VPN!

UTunnel offers secure 1-click access to ERP and HRMS systems with its zero-trust application access solution, and segmented, least privileged access for HTTP/HTTPS, RDP, and SSH applications – so as to limit which servers or devices have access to sensitive information. Furthermore, 2-factor authentication ensures only authorized employees can use them.

Organization Account

Organization Account is an ideal solution for businesses that need to oversee multiple VPN servers from a central portal. Users can create custom domains and deploy VPN servers both on-premises and in the cloud; additional business features include site-to-site tunnelling capabilities. It can be purchased on UTunnel’s website and provides remote access for employees of companies that provide remote access services to them.

Establishing an Organization Account is easy, requiring no credit card information at signup. After creating an account, users can select their server type and complete payment – when their server is ready they are provided with a link which they can use to connect from any device and also use our portal for changing passwords or changing other settings.

Once logged in, users can easily navigate their dashboard and connect to any desired VPN server. The UTunnel app also offers various other options and features such as Knowledge Bases, Deletion of Accounts and Privacy Policies to assist users as they get started with using VPN services.

To create a group, simply navigate to the Organizations tab and enter an easily recognisable name for it in its designated field. After selecting users that should join this new group by ticking their checkboxes against their names, click ADD! Once completed.

Enterprise and large companies often need to implement technical and organizational security measures to safeguard personal data against unauthorised disclosure or access. UTunnel offers several security features designed to keep your information safe, including logging and SSO.

UTunnel’s Zero Trust Network Access solutions ensure your business’s network is safe and compliant with regulations. OneClick Access helps limit access only to specific resources of your business, helping prevent unwanted network exposure or lateral movement. Agentless Access also makes it easier for users to securely access applications via any web browser from any device – thus decreasing attack surfaces and network traffic.

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