UTunnel VPN As a Service

UTunnel offers a private VPN solution with military-grade encryption that makes an excellent choice for businesses seeking to safeguard their data and ensure privacy.

Cloud VPN services from RapidSSL come equipped with more than 30 deployment locations and an easy setup process; simply choose your cloud provider and server instance type!

Zero Trust Access

Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA) solution from UTunnel allows users to easily deploy and secure VPN server across various network scenarios. It offers user authentication and access control using granular policies, thus reducing attack surfaces by eliminating implicit trust and restricting lateral movement of threats. ZTAA offers more advanced security than traditional VPN architecture and can be utilized both on-premise or in the cloud.

Zero Trust Access goes beyond traditional network security models by eliminating internal perimeters and instead providing users with secure tunnel-like connections directly to applications and data in the cloud or data center, enabling users to work from anywhere without being routed back through a corporate network reroute. It makes hybrid cloud environments and mobile worker enablement more manageable.

Implementing a Zero Trust security model requires careful consideration of which device will access the network. One option for doing so is an agent-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution which requires installing an agent on each endpoint device; another alternative may include service-based ZTNA which doesn’t require this step while still offering visibility of endpoint devices on one centralized dashboard.

With UTunnel, you can integrate ZTNA with our next-generation security services to create a comprehensive threat protection solution, including an inline CASB, SWG and DLP to create an environment without perimeters and protect against emerging threats.

UTunnel’s ZTNA framework-enabled network access solution works with any cloud infrastructure provider and is easy to set up. Simply access our web dashboard, setup a VPN server quickly and effortlessly without technical knowledge being needed, customize its size as needed and add user licenses from this interface – the whole experience just couldn’t get any simpler!

UTunnel’s customer support team is extremely responsive and can address all of your inquiries quickly. In addition to technical assistance, their support portal also contains a wealth of self-help articles and guides designed to help solve problems on their own or raise tickets quickly for resolution.

OneClick Access

With cybercrime on the rise, even teams that have the latest equipment may find it challenging to defend themselves effectively. Data breaches, ransomware attacks or malware infections require constant attention and time for defense; cybersecurity should never become secondary in importance. That’s why UTunnel offers comprehensive VPN as a Service solutions that include features such as access control granularity controls 2-factor authentication Single Sign On site-to-site VPN functionality split routing DNS filtering external DNS and more with its web dashboard for easy configuration and management of VPN networks.

Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA) from UTunnel authenticates users according to various criteria and grants least privilege access for resources, greatly reducing attack surfaces and threats – offering superior security compared to traditional VPN setups. Users can now connect directly to workspaces without first connecting via VPN server.

The platform supports various operating systems and devices, and enables users to easily connect to work on any device using just a web-browser. Users can quickly mark any device as safe or unsafe – once marked as safe they can instantly log into all or multiple workspaces at the same time.

UTunnel can be easily deployed in either cloud- or on-premise infrastructure and easily scaled up or down as your business requirements change. DigitalOcean integrates seamlessly with multiple cloud IaaS providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, UpCloud, Vultr, Kamatera and Exoscale for hassle-free VPN server deployment in more than 50 global locations worldwide with one click. This business VPN service also enables SMBs to maintain connectivity with remote offices and virtual private clouds via its site-to-site tunneling feature. It’s an easy solution that lets them manage users, groups, multiple VPN servers and all related tasks from an exclusive web portal; an organization account provides additional security-focused features like team management and single sign-on.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides users with an experience where they can log in to multiple applications using just one set of login credentials – for instance, Gmail users could log into multiple apps with just their email address and password before passing this data along to an identity provider who will authenticate and grant access to other services.

UTunnel supports Single Sign-On by connecting to an external Identity Provider (IdP). Once connected, any future requests to UTunnel will automatically routed through to this IdP, guaranteeing that it remains in control of authentication requests without revealing user data to third-parties.

To enable Single Sign-On with UTunnel, navigate to the Settings tab in your VPN client app and choose Single Sign-On from there. Next, click Add IdP, choose Azure from the drop-down list, enter IdP URL and valid SAML token into fields provided, click Save button to complete process and complete.

Once Single Sign-On has been enabled for your business account users, they can log into any device using their UTunnel VPN client by entering their email and password for that account. After successfully logging in they will be taken directly to the Connect page where they can select which server and VPN protocol they would like to connect with.

UTunnel offers two-factor authentication (2FA) as a safeguard to keep all your business account data safe. To enable two-factor authentication, select the Enable Two-Factor Authentication option, select either TOTP authentication using authenticator apps, or email-based 2FA; when managing 2FA in an Organization account using Single Sign On or Identity Provider (2FA), managing it from within that SSO/IdP will not work directly from the dashboard – you must log into it directly first in order to activate it.

UTunnel’s Zero Trust Network Access solution authenticates devices and users according to granular security policies, then grants access privileges on an as-needed basis; thus reducing attack surfaces and the movement of threats laterally. Request a demo tailored specifically to your organization’s unique requirements to find out why UTunnel is an ideal fit.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an extra layer of security for accounts against theft and fraud by employing secondary authentication methods – like sending one-time passwords directly to users’ mobile phones – in order to verify their identities and reduce risk. Multi-Factor Authentication can also reduce risks related to compromised or lost passwords which is key for businesses.

UTunnel provides simple MFA methods that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. These include email-based OTPs and TOTP apps from Google, Microsoft and Authy; plus its integration with Single Sign-On/Identity Providers to facilitate seamless user management.

Secure remote access to your network resources with UTunnel’s Zero Trust Network Access framework (ZTNA). ZTNA utilizes micro-segmentation techniques to create secure zones in network infrastructures, decreasing threat surface area and the likelihood of threats moving laterally; in addition, it helps businesses meet compliance standards by protecting data and applications against unapproved access.

UTunnel offers a multifaceted security solution, including endpoint protection and software inventory management. Users can utilize it to identify malicious attacks, track all software installed on devices and detect outdated apps; plus its seamless integration with Identity and Access Management solutions provides single sign-on for employees accessing VPN from anywhere around the globe.

With UTunnel, setting up a business VPN server takes just minutes, with employees connecting via client apps compatible with all major platforms. From within your UTunnel dashboard you can quickly configure user roles and assign security policies, customize the look-and-feel of the server as well as add custom DNS servers for further protection against blacklisting by internet service providers.

UTunnel offers Bring Your Own Server functionality, enabling users to host virtual and physical servers of their own on the uCloud platform. This feature is especially beneficial to small businesses seeking more customizable solutions. With up to 14-days free trial periods for either VPCs or dedicated servers available and an upgrade option to permanent plans with additional fees as needed.

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