UTunnel VPN Review


UTunnel is a VPN solution designed to protect data between devices. This secure tunnel supports various platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Users of UTunnel can create their own private VPN server by choosing from several cloud providers like Digital Ocean, Upcloud or Hetzner or their own device as a hosting partner and using their web dashboard to manage it and invite users.

Zero Trust Access

Since organizations increasingly utilize cloud apps, it’s crucial that remote workers can connect securely without jeopardizing network security. UTunnel’s Zero Trust Access solution enables seamless access to business apps from any location – with full functionality provided via mobile. Users access OneClick applications via web browser rather than needing to download and install client software, with connections going through a UTunnel application access server installed on your business or VPC network. Security policies established by an admin specify how and to whom access is granted for a given app or service, enabling fine-tuned control based on factors like location, OS version and time of day. Zero Trust Access also enforces microsegmentation to reduce attack surfaces and unwanted threats that might spread laterally across an environment.

With UTunnel, it’s easy to create a Zero Trust application access server in minutes. Deploy it in any of your private cloud environments such as AWS, Azure or GCP; or on-premise. With its user-friendly web console and access control policies for each app, UTunnel offers visibility across crucial resources networks and app access from one single management interface.

Zero Trust architectures differ from traditional VPN solutions in that they typically deny all access to services on a LAN by default, only providing access to those the user explicitly grants access for. Once access has been granted, its connection is continuously verified to ensure devices and users exhibit trustworthy behaviors, thus protecting enterprises against hackers who attempt to use stolen credentials to gain full access to an enterprise network.

UTunnel’s multifaceted security framework offers many business features to protect your network at the application layer, such as site-to-site connectivity, central management, two factor authentication (2FA), split routing and zero trust solution cloud native integrations with different cloud providers for peerless security of hosted apps. Furthermore, its simple deployment and management makes UTunnel ideal for use alongside existing VPNs while easily integrating into Identity Access Management solutions for user management.

OneClick Access

As remote working is becoming an increasingly prevalent business trend, organizations require a secure way for employees to access company network resources from home. An ideal way to ensure maximum work flexibility for employees without compromising security is with UTunnel VPN solutions like this one.

UTunnel is a software-based VPN and Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA) solution, easily deployable within any on-premise or cloud VPC environment. With features such as split tunneling, external DNS resolution, static IP addresses, 2-factor authentication, site-to-site VPN connectivity and site user management provided through its sleek web dashboard UTunnel provides flexible access control granularity while offering convenient team and user management solutions.

Create an Organization account with us and log into the UTunnel web console to manage all your VPN servers and OneClick Applications. In the OneClick Application tab, choose an application you would like users to have access to by hovering your mouse pointer over its icon and clicking on its gear icon in the bottom right corner. This will open UTunnel’s Adding OneClick Application page where you can enter a name for this OneClick Application along with selecting users by ticking check boxes next to their names or enable multi-factor authentication by selecting Enforce Authenticated Session option if desired.

OneClick Application Access provides your network infrastructure with agentless access for users after authenticating. With granular access policies that let you limit application access according to various parameters such as operating system, access time or physical location – OneClick is particularly beneficial to enterprises with distributed workforces.

UTunnel’s installation process is quick and effortless, seamlessly integrating with existing networks. Simply install your server either in an on-premise network or VPC and connect it to other sites with one click. Or manually configure a UTunnel client on each of your devices by downloading its VPN config file from the web console – our clients are available across major operating systems for easy setup and use!

Effortless On-Premise Setup

Organizations using private VPN servers will find UTunnel easy to set up with its Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA). This granular approach to remote access enables businesses to only connect applications and resources from trusted sources – thus reducing the likelihood of data breaches and cybercrime. UTunnel provides an intuitive dashboard so they can manage users and user groups on their VPN server.

UTunnel VPN service integrates with leading cloud providers like Linode, UpCloud, Digital Ocean and Hetzner. Customers using its Bring Your Own Server (BYOS) option can deploy their own servers onto any cloud platform of their choosing and set up subscriptions via the web application dashboard of UTunnel before registering using simple commands – for example logging in and providing their registration token on UpCloud to register it with them.

UTunnel VPN’s ease of deployment makes it an excellent fit for businesses, while its advanced features, such as split tunneling, 2-factor authentication, integration with identity providers (Okta/OneLogin), granular policy management and its inbuilt firewall protect networks against malware/viruses by blocking websites known to contain harmful content.

UTunnel offers exceptional support. Both their email address and phone number are available 24/7 for user support, plus there’s a ticketing system where issues and bugs can be reported. Plus, its pricing is highly competitive with other providers without bandwidth caps or traffic limitations!

Security-wise, UTunnel offers its users secure connections to the internet with military-grade encryption and AES-256 technology. Furthermore, its servers offer numerous server locations all around the globe so users can connect easily. Unlike some competitors’ services that use shared IP addresses that cause streaming services to block users – making UTunnel even more secure – in addition to offering free trial versions so people can test out its services before buying subscriptions.

Expert Technical Support

UTunnel provides expert technical support to assist users who may be experiencing difficulty when installing or configuring VPN servers or software, or who have run into problems configuring software. Their team of knowledgeable engineers works closely with managers and other teams to understand their issues while offering insights that provide relief and assistance. They run computer diagnostics, read technical manuals, and work with users directly to resolve their concerns.

UTunnel VPN was designed as an easy-to-use VPN solution for enterprises and small business owners. Offering a 14-day risk-free trial with money back guarantees, as well as advanced features like custom branding, multiplatform support and security functions designed specifically to protect the business, it comes equipped with everything needed for success.

Users can utilize its automated cloud integration feature to set up their VPN servers quickly with just a few clicks, thanks to partnerships with leading cloud providers such as Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Kamatera Hetzner and UpCloud. Simply choose your datacenter location and instance type from 30+ global locations before leaving everything else up to UTunnel!

On-Premise Option: UTunnel offers an on-premise option that gives businesses complete control over their private networks. Its user-friendly web dashboard facilitates straightforward server, user and configuration management as well as essential business-centric features like split tunneling, external DNS services and site-to-site tunneling – giving businesses full command over their private networks.

UTunnel is an excellent option for businesses searching for an easy and customizable VPN as a Service solution. Highly adaptable and customizable features make UTunnel an attractive proposition, ideal for companies of any size. Although a 24/7 live chat feature would be desirable, UTunnel remains an outstanding VPN choice that offers fast deployment with maximum security features; individuals also find this VPN suitable as they can deploy servers themselves and enjoy its flexibility; additionally, their free trial option helps make sure that the product fits with your needs before signing on long term contracts!

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