Valorant Game Review


Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, is currently testing out its first-person tactical shooter VALORANT with closed beta access and plans to release it this summer.

This game combines elements from Overwatch, CS:GO and Apex Legends for an unprecedented experience. Best yet? It’s free-to-play with forgiving system requirements.


Valorant is a fast-paced shooter created by dedicated fans of its genre. Riot Games carefully selected elements from popular games like CS: GO and Overwatch before adding their own distinctive spin to create something fun yet challenging, while placing an emphasis on teamwork. The result? A shooter that delivers both fun and challenge.

VALORANT takes place in an alternate version of Earth and follows an event known as First Light, which marked significant shifts in technology, life, and government; some individuals even gained special powers stemming from radioanite technology – these special individuals are referred to as Radiants.

VALORANT follows in the footsteps of other FPS titles such as CS: GO and Overwatch in its gameplay style: players take control of one of several agents in team-based matches against opponents; each agent possesses unique signature abilities which can open up strategic possibilities, from grenades to magical ice walls.

VALORANT provides various game modes besides its core gameplay, such as free-for-all deathmatch and team objective games, which allow players to experiment with characters and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Newcomers may wish to practice in its practice arena.

Riot Games has also given its players access to powerful sight-blocking abilities that help obscure players, combined with the ability to reveal enemy locations, which make the game much harder for enemy teams to win. Viper’s Pit, for instance, allows him to defend a planted Spike and almost win his team the round!

Striking the appropriate angles during gunfights in Valorant is key to finding success in gunfights. Players should hug corners and peek around them, finding an optimal line of sight to drop abilities or check on enemies. Communication among teammates is also essential when playing as part of a squad; voice chat options and an in-game map provide essential tools to stay aware of the situation at all times.


Valorant is a team-based shooter set on Earth after an earth-wide event called First Light, where major changes take place to life and technology. This game’s story revolves around these events which lead to big shifts in both technology and lifestyles. There are 21 playable characters with various abilities and play styles available – Controllers, Duelists, Initiators and Sentinels can be selected from four agent classes for your playthrough experience.

Players begin each round selecting five agents; as they progress further into the game, more will become available for selection. Each character features four unique abilities and an Ultimate ability, which serves as their final trump card during matches. Players should strategically deploy these abilities throughout a match in order to maximize success.

The game is widely known for its breathtaking graphics; with smooth, crisp visuals that are highly responsive across all settings levels. Furthermore, its excellent sound design features an impressive variety of music and sounds for players to experience.

Additionally, the game boasts a stellar cast of voice actors led by veteran actor Steve Blum who holds over 780 acting credits on IMDB, such as Sub-Zero in MK11 and Grimstoke in Dota 2. Furthermore, its visual effects have won wide praise as well as its unique story line.

Each agent boasts their own arsenal of weapons and gadgets that sets them apart from one another, such as smoke grenades, recon tools and the ability to hide from enemies. Players can even customize their arsenals in order to make them even more unique!

The game offers fast-paced and engaging gameplay with an expansive roster of characters who boast special skills and styles of their own. As players progress in their adventure, more agents and equipment will unlock as they make progress towards victory.

Riot Games consistently updates their game with new agents, weapons and maps; additionally they boast an immense daily and monthly playerbase, an expanding Twitch community and a vibrant esports scene.

Game modes

VALORANT offers multiple game modes for players to explore in its multifaceted multiplayer action game experience, all designed to provide unique ways of play. Players can experiment with core Defend/Attack mode as well as Death Squad or Recruit Squad games – each providing its own distinct gameplay experience and providing an excellent opportunity for honing skills and practicing your strategies.

VALORANT’s main game mode, the Defend/Attack mode, features two teams of five on either side facing off against one another in an effort to plant and detonate bombs at various points on the map – while their opponents must stop them doing so – each round lasts 100 seconds, with the winner of 13 rounds winning their match. This mode can be found both unrated and ranked matches.

If you are new to VALORANT, unrated game modes offer an ideal way to hone your skills without risking your MMR ranking or worrying about rankings. Not only can these casual experiences offer fun ways of learning without feeling pressured into competitions as with league-ranked games; but also offer more relaxed experiences!

Unrated game modes available to players include Spike Rush, which is a 5v5 shooter offering players the chance to unlock additional abilities by collecting orbs around the map. These abilities may range from healing and temporary movement speed increases, to increasing max leap height temporarily. Furthermore, players may participate in the team-oriented Recruit Squad mode.

Snowball Fight is another must-try game mode in VALORANT. This two-versus-five player team mode features deadly projectile-based snowball launchers which allow them to hit enemies anywhere on the map with snowballs for kills, while this mode also offers gifts with temporary abilities for players to utilize during combat.

Swiftplay, the latest game mode from VALORANT, allows players to experience its core Defend/Attack gameplay in less time than is typically required by matches of 30 minutes duration or longer. By switching on Swiftplay mode instead, players can experience focused gaming sessions within 15 minutes – Riot developed this mode to address concerns that players might not have enough free time for Valorant when time constraints make playing it challenging.


Valorant is one of the most popular shooter games out there, boasting free-to-play gameplay but allowing real money purchases of weapon skins for an enhanced gaming experience – much like other popular shooters such as CS:GO where weapon skins can enhance one’s game play experience. But Valorant stands out as having more options when it comes to choosing weapons with unique skins than its competitor – especially as an investment vehicle for personal growth!

Alongside weapons, Riot’s game features a range of cosmetic items that can be purchased using in-game currency known as Radianite Points. Players can earn this currency through completing missions or by purchasing Act Battle Passes’ Premium track; some items require multiple steps while others can be unlocked with various methods; prices of VP vary by region and Riot suggests players avoid paying with real-world currencies due to possible conversion fees.

Riot understands this challenge and has promised more transparent pricing structures to address it. Riot knows this issue is widespread, however, and has committed to make its pricing transparent. For instance, an Elderflame skin set costs over $100 when purchased together as a complete collection; further upgrades require even more spending if desired.

Valorant, developed by Riot Games and first introduced as Project A in October 2019, entered closed beta testing on April 7 2020 before going onto be officially released for PC platforms on June 2, 2021. The game may eventually come out for console platforms as well.

Although VALORANT is still in its infancy, esports fans should anticipate an expansive esports scene once it officially launches this summer. This is likely due to its similarities with both CS:GO and Overwatch as well as its high-profile player base including former professional CS:GO players who have already announced they intend to transition over and pursue Valorant careers instead of continuing in CS:GO. Several prominent CS:GO players have already expressed interest in switching allegiances and seeking professional Valorant careers instead.

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