VDownloader – More Than Just a YouTube Downloader

VDownloader is more than just a YouTube downloader: it also functions as a video converter and search tool, supporting all major websites – even 4K video – while providing closed caption support.

Free and without advertisements, but with premium upgrades that provide advanced video conversion and automatic updates.

Downloading videos

VDownloader is a program that enables you to easily download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram, among other sources. Furthermore, this versatile application enables users to convert multiple formats of video files to MP4 – the standard video format on most devices – ensuring their videos can be watched without losing quality on any device.

This program’s interface is very user-friendly; all it requires to download video clips is copying and pasting their link into the field provided; once recognized by the software, downloading will commence immediately and you can select a folder where to store the file(s).

VDownloader not only allows you to download individual video clips, but can also download entire playlists and channels from websites. In addition, VDownloader has features to automatically schedule downloads or automate them, trim videos, convert files into different formats, support Ultra HD (4k and 8k) videos with up to sixteen times more pixels than regular HD video, support for video editing features such as turning the clip into audio file output with watermarks added and custom resolution/frame rate options for video output as well as support for Ultra HD (8k video support. Finally, support for Ultra HD (4k/8k videos offers upto sixteen times more pixels than regular HD. Finally, VDownloader supports Ultra HD (4k & 8k) videos which offer 16 times more pixels than traditional HD. Besides being capable of handling large volumes of data transfers through its video editing features as well.

Note that the free version of this program only downloads videos very slowly, making it unsuitable for those with slow internet connections. Furthermore, it will repeatedly remind users to upgrade to premium in order to unlock full functionality – an unacceptable practice from any free program! To stay safe we advise avoiding it.

The paid version of this program offers superior value as it delivers ad-free downloads and faster download speeds, along with greater compatibility than its rivals and an inbuilt video browser to make browsing YouTube and other sites simpler. Furthermore, it comes with numerous video conversion options and is easy to use.

Converting videos

VDownloader downloader is an effective multifunctional tool that lets you easily convert any video URL into a video file, and save it directly onto your hard drive. Compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Vimeo videos and entire channels/playlists/subtitles and watermarking functionality (where available). However, free users have certain limitations with its functionality; upgrading to Plus version unlocks additional features like batch download feature, download/conversion scheduler and advanced editing features – along with some limitations as noted above.

VDownloader can download videos in all popular formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV and WMV. Furthermore, this software features an intuitive user interface for easy use; supporting multiple languages as well as having its own browser can make finding what you need easy!

Once the video is downloaded, you can enjoy watching it on any media player or mobile device of your choosing, share it with family and friends or customize its quality by setting custom resolution and bitrate parameters – with a convenient feature allowing you to set its destination folder as well.

VDownloader goes far beyond providing just YouTube downloads with its range of features that go far beyond just that – such as being able to automatically download new videos in specific channels or adding watermarks when uploading, as well as being compatible with Android and iOS devices and searching for matching keywords to download.

VDownloader features an extensive blog with helpful articles, tutorials, and blog posts, as well as an FAQ page with answers to frequently asked questions. Furthermore, its developer, Vitzo, regularly updates VDownloader in order to fix bugs and enhance functionality – offering paid subscription services which include support and maintenance of this software application.

While this tool allows for the download of copyright-free content, please be aware that in some countries this may not be legal. Therefore it is advised to seek professional legal advice prior to downloading copyright-free videos.

Searching for videos

VDownloader stands out as an innovative, versatile program in an otherwise monotonous field of downloaders that simply provide basic functionality. As Editor’s Pick at Windows10Download, SoftwareInformer, Brothersoft and FileCluster for free software download sites Windows10Download, SoftwareInformer, Brothersoft and FileCluster free download websites; VDownloader goes beyond basic video downloading to provide users with all kinds of tools for managing YouTube and similar websites – it can download videos up to Ultra HD (8k video resolution and 320kbps audio), save playlists/channels completely or automate searches or even unblock YouTube with proxy server access!

The program can simultaneously search through various other video services at once, sorting results automatically based on relevance. Furthermore, it can access RSS feeds of websites, copy a video URL to save to a folder, extract videos from pages with one click, play downloaded videos without opening their original browser window and sync videos between iPhone, iPod and Android devices as well as most portable computers.

VDownloader is compatible with many major video sites, including YouTube, Google Video, TED and DailyMotion. In addition, it can search content streamed via RTMP protocol – such as CBS, MTV and Rtve content streams – automatically detect and download videos uploaded by popular channels such as PewDiePie, creating custom YouTube playlists just for you!

This software accomplishes all this without showing banner ads – an unusual feat among free programs! There is, however, an upgrade which removes functional limits for one-time payment of $29. This includes unlimited downloading and conversions, the option to schedule or automate downloads, running on AC instead of battery power and more. We advise against using it to download copyrighted material without prior consent from either its owners or for fair use purposes.

Saving videos

VDownloader stands out in an otherwise similar field of video download and conversion tools by considering user intent and needs. Created by Vitzo Software CEO Ken Dobbelaere, VDownloader is a free ad-supported program supporting over 10,000 video hosting websites; its primary function being saving videos online quickly while also converting them to formats suitable for viewing on mobile devices or portable media players.

Users can select from various video file types and quality settings when downloading videos with this tool, including automatic video downloads from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo with just a single click. In addition, search keywords or monitor clipboard input to detect videos to download. Once saved in their desired formats they can be easily converted with just a few clicks from within their dashboard account into another format of choice.

Free and ad-supported versions of this program provide basic functionality, but users can upgrade to the paid pro version for additional features. Available on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms and directly available through the company website, the pro version provides extra capabilities such as downloading ultra HD (UHD) videos with up to 16 times more pixels than regular HD.

VDownloader makes downloading playlists or channels from YouTube in MP4 format simple with just a few clicks, including video clips and audio. It can even download HD-quality videos up to 8K and rip and convert YouTube videos for offline playback on any device. Plus it automates downloads based on matching keywords; unblock YouTube using proxy servers; add watermarks; automate downloads for matching keywords; unblock YouTube using proxy servers; edit videos by choosing sections to download, adding or removing subtitles, as well as selecting resolution levels, frame rates, codecs etc… to ensure its look best across devices!

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