VDownloader Review


VDownloader is a free video downloader that enables you to access online videos from numerous sites, and supports various video formats and conversion.

This program is user-friendly and offers many options. It can easily capture video clips from YouTube, Dailymotion and other popular websites before converting them to files compatible with mobile devices.

Easy to use

VDownloader makes downloading videos from thousands of websites simple, including YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, Vimeo DailyMotion Break and others. It supports downloading and converting videos to various other formats allowing them to be watched easily on mobile devices or DVD recorders. Furthermore, its built-in search function helps locate specific content quickly across numerous video storage websites; and can monitor clipboard for URLs of videos, automatically downloading them when possible.

This video downloader is fast and dependable, enabling you to quickly save and watch any online video you encounter quickly and without delay. It works quietly in the background so as not to interfere with other programs running concurrently on your computer while it works its magic – perfect if you use multiple applications simultaneously! Furthermore, its lightweight application does not take up a great deal of space on your hard drive and installation is straightforward.

This program boasts advanced editing features, enabling you to remove any unneeded parts of the video before downloading. This helps reduce file sizes, saving on disk space and improving notebook battery life. Furthermore, HD video (up to 4K) support gives more viewing options while its customizable video output features such as resolution, frame rate, audio/video bitrates/codecs/audio volume normalization make for even further flexibility and personalization of output video quality.

Another outstanding feature of this video downloader is its ability to bypass region filters on various websites, giving you access to content normally unavailable in your country. This can be especially helpful when traveling overseas or staying current with current events. Furthermore, the program keeps track of your download history, making redownloading videos simpler than ever!

With its powerful yet user-friendly interface, this software is an essential asset to anyone wanting to make the most of their online video collection. Easy and straightforward use mean you’ll soon be watching all your favorite shows.

Supports multiple sites

VDownloader stands out from other downloaders by being capable of saving videos from virtually any website that hosts them, not just YouTube. Vitzo Software CEO Ken Dobbelaere saw many positive reviews for VDownloader and saw its enormous unexploited potential, so he acquired it and expanded it, adding features to create an offline converter/media player compatible with over 10,000 video sharing sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch LiveLeak Veoh Break Metacafe etc.

Just one click can automatically download entire playlists and channels from YouTube or any other video sharing website, convert the videos into standard video formats compatible with mobile devices such as phones or MP3 players while retaining original quality (up to 8K for video and 320 Kbps audio). It also provides unblocking via proxy servers and allows granular editing to remove ads/captions/watermarks etc.

Converts videos to other formats

If you need to watch videos offline or convert them for other uses, a video converter could come in handy. VDownloader is a free program that makes this possible with its ability to download and convert videos from various websites before providing previewing capabilities to ensure the exact file you desire is created – plus it works on both Windows and Mac operating systems!

HandBrake is an open source program that is free and easily used video converter software, providing multiple formats of video conversion for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. HandBrake can convert almost any type of video file with various audio streams, subtitles and output options – it even supports multiple audio streams at the same time! It supports multiple output options which makes this program user friendly.

Understanding the various file formats before choosing a video conversion program is important to selecting the most suitable software for your needs. Video formats vary in terms of size and quality; not all devices support some formats like MP4, WMV, AVI or MOV; selecting one will ensure your video plays back smoothly without being lost in translation.

While many video downloading programs only support one or two formats, VDownloader gives you more choices. With its straightforward user interface and wide range of formats supported, adding links and selecting formats makes the VDownloader process seamless – the program automatically downloads videos onto your computer in HD quality if that’s what you’re after!

VDownloader can be used to easily download video from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo sites as well as search across them all at the same time – saving both time and effort in searching. In addition, it lets you select a destination folder and set download limits, helping save space on your hard drive.

VDownloader is a free download manager and video converter that specializes in HD file conversion. Additionally, it can download age-restricted videos from Facebook and YouTube without entering passwords, plus has an in-built browser to easily download entire playlists, channels, or Instagram pages.

Schedule downloads

VDownloader works seamlessly alongside your browser, detecting when you are playing a clip at YouTube or another site and instantly downloading it with one click. Moreover, it searches thousands of video-hosting websites to locate and download clips as well. After the videos have been downloaded, VDownloader converts them to standard formats like AVI (at different sizes), MPEG-4 3GP MP3, or MP4 formats suitable for portable devices like iPods or mobile phones – in addition to providing functionality such as playlist/channel downloads with automatic watermarking features as well as scheduling automated downloads using matching keywords as features of VDownloader that allows it to schedule automated downloads using matching keywords as it goes about its work with video hosting sites to locate and download clips as soon as they surface online.

VDownloader offers an excellent, comprehensive solution for downloading and converting web videos. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who enjoys watching online videos on both their PC and mobile device.

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