Viber – Stay Connected With Friends and Family

Viber makes staying connected easy by offering an array of calling and messaging features, fun stickers to express yourself with, and communities where like-minded individuals can gather.

Viber’s Business Platform helps brands increase customer engagement and retention through mass messaging. In addition, this innovative app offers a payment feature allowing payments to be sent through Viber.

1. Free voice and video calls

Viber is one of the world’s most popular instant messengers, providing free voice and video calls as well as text messaging and file sharing on iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows devices.

Viber requires users to register with a phone number that’s associated with their account regardless of which device they access it from, which could raise concerns among those searching for more secure messaging options – especially since there are messengers out there which function without requiring users to share personal details such as phone numbers.

Viber allows users to make free voice and video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi connections, with its Payments feature enabling money transfers between individuals. Payments is currently being launched in Germany and Greece before becoming global this year and next.

2. Send free text messages

Viber is one of the best apps for texting with friends and family when there is no internet connection available, sending instant voice messages and GIFs, creating group chats for free, making voice and video calls, creating free group chats as well as free group video calls.

Viber offers business messaging options like Channels and Communities that enable companies to reach a massive audience not utilizing Telegram or WhatsApp. Channels allow brands to distribute engaging and useful content with followers while communities automate communication.

Viber allows users to create newsletters with non-personalized messages similar to corporate blogs or newsfeeds, though mass mailings that discriminate, discredit competitors or contain adult material will be blocked due to violations in content rules – it’s therefore wiser to follow its rules when crafting messages for mailing.

3. Send free photos

Viber provides various ways of sharing photos and other media files. When sending pictures via Viber, they’re downloaded directly into your phone’s memory where they can then be accessed by other apps capable of handling images files.

Viber’s new “secret messages” feature allows recipients of messages sent with photos or videos for an unspecified period, similar to Snapchat. After this viewing period has concluded, it will disappear from chat archives.

Viber stands out in a crowd of messaging apps due to its privacy features (it can display contacts who use and don’t use), creative perks (including drawing on text and changing background messages), and excellent sound quality (although some call quality issues have been reported). Families can read Common Sense Trend Alert about messaging apps to learn more and discuss with children the potential advantages and risks associated with sharing private information online.

4. Send free stickers

Viber has long offered its users thousands of curated stickers that have been sent over 30 billion times annually. Now, users can create customized sticker packs as part of Viber’s first revenue-generating feature – creating personalized sticker packs is now possible through this messaging app!

Start creating stickers by tapping on the sticker market icon inside any chat. Next, choose an image to transform into a sticker; resize and decorate it using doodles, text and other stickers before sharing or downloading with friends. Sticker packs created under this royalty-free perpetual license must comply with Viber’s terms of use and content policy and will be deleted automatically after six months have elapsed if no use has been seen by them.

Sticker Market is now live on Android devices and will soon roll out to iOS and Viber Desktop as well. These features come complete with Push-to-Talk technology which reportedly delivers voice messages in four to six seconds.

5. Send free GIFs

GIFs can be an excellent way to convey emotions or capture memories, and now users of Viber can send their own customized GIFs directly into chats.

Users can record a short video or choose one from their gallery to create a GIF. From there, they can select different play modes – such as boomerang (endless looping), reverse mode, slow play or fast-play x2 or 4 fast play – before customizing their GIF with text of various colors and fonts and decorative touches like doodles or stickers.

Today’s update for iOS and Android users introduces an innovative new feature allowing them to send money directly from Viber via Western Union, as well as cloud backup for conversations on either iCloud or Google Drive. All messages stored by Viber on its servers remain encrypted until they reach their intended destinations, without the company having access to any conversation data.

6. Send free video messages

Viber is an innovative chat program that gives users numerous ways to stay in touch with friends and family. Additionally, this application serves as a valuable platform for businesses, providing communication through its Channels and Communities features.

Users can send video messages by tapping the “Video” button within a chat window – just like when sending instant voice messages – similar to how they send instant voicemails. This new feature allows them to share short video clips with their contacts.

Viber recently unveiled a “secret messaging” feature similar to Snapchat that enables users to send photos that will disappear after an amount of time, like Snapchat. This new addition to Viber was acquired by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten in 2014 and serves both group and one-on-one chats on Android devices. This welcome addition rounds off an already impressive app offering.

7. Send free international calls

Viber is an increasingly popular messaging app with plenty to offer its users, including group chats, colorful messaging (with free and paid sticker packs), international calling features like Viber Out and its own international calling feature called Viber Out.

Viber provides free messaging within its network as well as cost-effective plans to make calls worldwide – something which has contributed significantly to its rapid user growth, particularly across Eastern Europe and Asia.

To call someone outside the Viber network, send them a click-to-chat link that either opens up the mobile version of Viber when they click it or directs them directly to its desktop version, depending on your settings. You can also create a QR code so it is easier for them to contact you; just remember they need to message first before being able to use this link!

8. Send free private messages

Messages are encrypted so that only you and the intended recipient can read them, depending on your privacy settings, you may also opt to have messages disappear when read or prevent others from adding you to groups.

Users appreciate Viber’s reliability and stability for voice chat communications. Furthermore, this app makes a fantastic tool for business communications by offering free calls, texts and photo messaging services over Wi-Fi or your mobile data network.

Viber’s popularity has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in Ukraine and Russia where businesses can utilize its community features and direct marketing techniques to reach a wide audience. Businesses can also set up channels with updates and information for their customers that can either be public or private depending on your needs and ideal for increasing brand recognition or create them under your name or custom name.

9. Send free group messages

Viber offers multiple group messaging options – Groups, Channels, and Communities.

Alongside free text messaging, you can now also send photos, stickers, GIFs and video messages. Plus you can @mention group participants so they can join in the discussion!

Viber allows you to form groups with anyone in your contacts list or outside it – even those without Viber! Groups can be public or private. Furthermore, you can set up Channels that reach an international audience – only admins and Superadmins may post in such channels while regular members can only like posts.

Viber Business Messaging allows brands to easily communicate with multiple customers simultaneously via an omnichannel inbox, making communication simpler while remaining organized. You can label conversations according to customer needs.

10. Send free SMS messages

Viber offers free SMS messages for one-on-one and group conversations between users, voice, and video calls to landlines or mobile phones in over 200 countries, using your data plan rather than Wi-Fi if using internationally. Keep an eye out for roaming charges if using the app abroad!

Viber also allows businesses to send mass texts for free by creating a business profile and broadcasting up to 50 user lists at once. This method works well for promotional campaigns and transactional notifications; just be sure to follow their messaging guidelines!

Viber messages are six times more vibrant than regular SMS and include images, buttons, text, emojis and clickable links – making them ideal for business messaging purposes. Get ahead of the game today by streamlining your business messaging strategy using SleekFlow – free trial available for 14 days without credit card requirement!

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