VideoInspector Review


VideoInspector is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting multimedia files that do not play properly on a computer. It provides information about required codecs for each file and checks whether or not software has them installed.

Users are also able to easily view a list of installed codecs, analyze multiple files at once in batch mode and export results as text files.


KC Softwares VideoInspector is an invaluable tool that offers complete information about your video files, helping to detect errors and take corrective measures to rectify them. Compatible with all common file formats, this program gives access to details regarding audio/video codecs as well as bitrate and sample rate information.

This program’s intuitive, minimalistic interface makes even newcomers to computer science easily navigate and access its contents. Each button is self-descriptive and labeled, making it impossible for newcomers to become confused.

VideoInspector lets you select any video file to inspect, and will display all its important details, including duration, frame rate/resolution/bitrate and audio track information on screen. In addition, this tool shows whether or not it appears valid and which codecs may be required (and provides links to download additional ones if they’re unavailable on your system).

Another essential feature is that this program can assist you in diagnosing why certain files won’t play (or lack sound) on your computer. By scanning your system and identifying which codecs are necessary for the video file in question, and downloading them automatically. Furthermore, you can use it to compare alternative media files and determine which one would best fit you based on quality, speed and size considerations.

VideoInspector can do more than file analysis; it also offers basic editing tasks on selected video. These include trimming, scaling or cropping media; rearranging audio tracks; changing speaker assignments; rewrapping or encoding files to add metadata (Switch Pro only); exporting options such as iTunes Store packages (MXF, IMF, GXF), QuickTime movies, Apple ProRes* MPEG-2 program streams and transport streams; as well as playing back HEVC and 4K video with DNxHD (Switch Plus or Pro).


VideoInspector is an invaluable software tool designed to give you all of the basic technical details of any audio or video file stored on your hard drive, as well as pinpoint why certain media files may be malfunctioning on your system due to missing codecs.

After selecting a file and analyzing it, this program displays its format, duration, resolution in pixels, frame rate, bitrate, quality factor and codec information. Audio present in the file is also examined and details such as channels count, sample rate and bitrate are displayed for further examination. When clicking on ‘codecs’ tab you’ll see all installed audio and video codecs; should a file require one that you don’t already own then an online database link will provide access.

This tool features an extremely minimalist and user-friendly interface, making its use accessible to anyone. Once loaded with a file, its main window will display all relevant details including its format and where it was saved on your computer.

Additionally, VideoInspector features an inbuilt player for viewing file metadata and previewing various resolutions of videos. Furthermore, VideoInspector can handle many popular formats as well as verify the integrity of video files – an especially helpful feature as corrupted videos may remain on your hard disk unplayable without showing any error messages or being playable at all.

VideoInspector should be considered essential software for anyone working with multimedia files regularly. As an easy to use, lightweight application, it should help users avoid frustrating issues like video files that won’t play or editing and saving correctly. Users can utilize VideoInspector for various purposes – its developer has provided a helpful FAQ page as well as online help center services; its regular installer comes bundled with third-party programs; however it is possible to find cleaner alternatives online that provide clean installers free from sponsors and ads.


VideoInspector by KC Softwares provides users with detailed information about video files stored on their computer system. Its main aim is to help identify which codecs are necessary to play each specific video file, thereby helping to avoid potential future issues as it’s often hard to identify why even after installing all necessary codecs the video does not play smoothly. With features like automatic content-based container detection, bitrate graphs, file integrity checks and listing of installed audio and video codecs; VideoInspector makes handling videos much simpler – perfect for anyone working with videos!

This program boasts an innovative and user-friendly user interface, making it simple for anyone to use. Furthermore, it requires only minimal computing resources and won’t slow down your system; furthermore it doesn’t require extensive training, meaning anyone with basic computer knowledge can benefit from using it.

Note that VideoInspector does not replace your video player; rather, it should work alongside it. If you experience difficulties with your video player, please reach out to their respective support team for assistance.

Video Inspector not only allows users to debug sessions created through OpenTok API, but it also provides useful insights for understanding issues during sessions or meetings. For instance, its Event Log displays participants connected to each session – helping identify problems such as connectivity failures.

VideoInspector offers another great feature in its usability testing videos: this allows businesses to observe how customers engage with their products and services, so as to improve user experiences for optimal user experiences and generate positive customer reviews. These videos may also serve to educate employees, communicate ideas to clients and generate customer retention and brand recognition.

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