VideoInspector Review

VideoInspector is a software program that enables users to identify and resolve codec-related problems such as audio/video synchronization issues and visual anomalies by analyzing video files and revealing any necessary codecs.

Users can quickly gain information about their video file formats without installing extra codecs; the program offers an extensive list of codecs, bitrate graph, automatic video requirements detection and more.


VideoInspector is a program created to assist users in diagnosing why some video files do not play properly, by scanning your system and identifying which codecs are required for playing a particular file. Once detected, VideoInspector automatically downloads and installs them so you can watch the video file – eliminating third-party codec packs which could cause compatibility issues or other complications.

This application provides detailed information about video files, such as their duration, resolution, frame rate, bitrate and audio track. Additionally, the tool shows all installed codecs along with their status; additionally it offers users a comprehensive list of video and audio codecs including their name, description version number path as well as their version numbers and paths allowing for verification purposes of those already installed on their system.

VideoInspector stands out from similar programs by not requiring extra codec installation to display accurate and comprehensive data about videos. Supporting AVI, MKV and MPEG formats with an intuitive user interface that’s simple to use, VideoInspector provides accurate information for every file easily.

Finding details about videos is essential when dealing with video files, particularly when trying to understand why one won’t play properly. VideoInspector offers users a handy solution for quickly gathering this information – an especially handy feature when dealing with multiple video files simultaneously.

VideoInspector, created by KC Softwares, is an accurate video information aggregator that offers users with extensive and accurate details about their video files. It identifies and displays codecs, file sizes, resolutions and frame rates to make editing and playing videos simpler for the user. Designed as a lightweight application that uses minimal resources compared to similar products on the market, VideoInspector makes an ideal solution for those in search of technical specs for their videos – as it can verify files while troubleshooting playback issues or searching for missing codecs!

User interface

VideoInspector is a tool designed to give you as much information about your videos as possible. By using it, you’ll learn why some files lack sound or refuse to play correctly; also install necessary codecs for optimal performance; inspect system to find available codecs and process multiple video files simultaneously with results being exported as HTML or plain text files.

VideoInspector’s user-friendly interface makes it incredibly straightforward and doesn’t require advanced knowledge of technical specifications and video file formats to operate effectively. Simply open a file using either its built-in file browser or by “drag and dropping,” and immediately see its duration, frame rate, size, resolution, audio channels sample frequency rate bitrate codec information and other relevant details.

The program provides you with a list of all the codecs currently installed on your computer along with their names and versions, providing invaluable information when troubleshooting video that doesn’t play correctly or has other issues like missing codecs. Furthermore, you can view a graph showing bitrate analysis along with table that lists collected data.

Add this program directly to your context menu for easy and immediate access when needed, using minimal system resources and being lightweight. Furthermore, enable it to submit anonymous statistics on which video codecs were utilized on your system in order to improve analysis results.

VideoInspector is an invaluable tool for users who frequently work with video files but lack the time or expertise to analyze them manually. Packed with features designed to save both time and effort, it provides quick results when diagnosing video clips – but is best used for basic diagnostic work only; for more advanced tools KC Softwares offers VideoInspector Professional as a paid option that offers more comprehensive tools.


VideoInspector is a simple yet efficient application designed to quickly gather information about any kind of video installed on a computer. The program displays detailed technical specs and codec details in an organized and straightforward fashion, providing a great tool for troubleshooting playback issues or file conversion/media processing issues.

Once a video is loaded into the software, various key details about it are automatically displayed; such as its duration, framerate and resolution, bitrate and quality factor. Furthermore, audio codec used (if any), chapter details, analysis of encoding process as well as preview capabilities are all offered to users. Besides these capabilities they are also able to preview individual clips and view thumbnails instantly download missing codecs directly burn video onto DVD, view online statistics as well as log files created online statistics can also be created online statistics can even create log files online statistics and even log files created online statistics as soon as their are loaded videos loaded in!

VideoInspector is an indispensable program for those who work frequently with video files, providing all the essential data needed to address any playback issues. As it can identify codecs required to play videos on-screen and avoid installing unnecessary codec packs, VideoInspector helps video file users save time when investigating why one video doesn’t open in their preferred player.

The program has been created as a portable application, meaning it does not require installation and can run from any drive. Furthermore, its weight has been kept as minimal as possible so as not to compromise performance of your computer. Furthermore, it features an interactive help section and intuitive user interface.

This program’s great advantage lies in its compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows XP. Created by KC Softwares and freely available for download.


VideoInspector is an effective and straightforward software tool designed to give accurate information about videos. It analyzes AVI, MKV and MPEG files to display their duration, resolution, frames per second rate, bitrate quality factor audio channels sample frequency rate rate codecs etc.

Troubleshoot playback issues and verify file integrity using this handy diagnostic tool developed by KC Softwares; free to use but with limited functionality.

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