VideoInspector Review


VideoInspector is a free program that offers users invaluable diagnostic data. Furthermore, this tool enables you to find and install any missing codecs in your system.

Easy and portable software solution designed to quickly provide information about the format, FPS, resolution and codec used by a file.

It is a portable application

KC Softwares’ VideoInspector is a portable application designed to quickly retrieve information on various video file types. Additionally, the program can identify and resolve codec issues within media files by informing you which codecs are needed to play them – regardless of their installation status on your system – while providing information such as duration or other pertinent details of these videos.

This program is an invaluable resource for anyone working with large video files. With its user-friendly interface and quick information retrieval process, its simplicity enables quick analysis of each video file quickly – including information such as its channels and audio/video frame rate as well as bitrate/quality factor ratio and even movie completion/incompletion!

This tool supports numerous popular formats, such as AVI, Matroska (MKV), QuickTime, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files. The user-friendly interface makes detecting codec issues with videos simple. Furthermore, batch mode lets you view data for multiple video files simultaneously; plus it’s easily portable as it runs off a USB drive or hard disk!

VideoInspector can quickly diagnose any type of video file issue. It can detect whether the file is corrupt or broken and what codecs are required to play it; additionally it shows which ones are installed locally on your system and will download any additional ones that might be required from the Internet.

VideoInspector is a small application designed to quickly analyze video files and provide essential details on their format, FPS rate, resolution and codec. Easily integrated into Windows Explorer for context menu access on any file, this tool enables you to also create bitrate graphs and download missing codecs; making it ideal for people having trouble playing multimedia files with older Windows Media Players such as Media Center.

It is free

VideoInspector is a free software program created to give you more insight into your video files. This tool offers detailed information such as codec usage, frame rate, resolution and bitrate; plus it shows whether required codecs are installed on your system – even helping identify why certain videos don’t play properly or don’t produce audio or sound!

Video codecs are digital signal encoders and decoders used to transform digital signals into formats compatible with various devices, including media players and programs. You may encounter MP3, WMA, AVI or MOV video codecs; some require additional software installation on computers in order to function properly – VideoInspector can assist in finding these codecs for you!

This program is easy to use and features an attractive, intuitive user interface. It supports various video formats and displays all relevant details about them such as compression codecs used, audio codecs used and file compression formats used. When integrated into Windows Explorer it will also detect which codecs were needed and direct you towards websites where you can download them directly.

One feature that makes this software particularly helpful is its ability to pinpoint why videos don’t play properly on your system (no sound and no video). Additionally, this software lists all codecs installed on your computer, burns video files onto CD/DVD media and processes multiple files at once.

KC Softwares, known for their SUMo, DUMo and KCleaner programs, has introduced another brilliant free application with no advertisements to download: Easy Install is completely ad-free; setup takes mere moments; no extra features that may cause conflicts are added without your approval; it runs safely without using too many system resources; however, for your own safety it is advisable that regular malware scans with utilities like sfc/scannow are run to ensure no issues arise from using it on your system.

It is easy to use

VideoInspector is a multimedia tool created to provide as much insight into your video files as possible. This multimedia utility will tell you why a particular video file doesn’t play correctly or doesn’t produce sound, and install any necessary codecs (coder/decoder software) needed for optimal performance. Compatible with Windows 10, this user-friendly program features an elegant yet straightforward user experience while using minimal system resources.

This program analyzes each video file and displays relevant details such as bit rates, frames per second, resolution and audio codec. Additionally, it identifies which codecs are needed to play your file and allows you to download them from the internet if required; additionally it checks for completeness and any potential errors with media files.

VideoInspector can easily analyze multiple video files at once and export their results in HTML or plain text file formats, providing convenient results export. Furthermore, Windows Explorer integration enables direct access from context menu of any video file directly into VideoInspector for analysis and file comparisons. Moreover, new codecs may become available while existing ones could be upgraded automatically while anonymous statistics about usage could even be submitted anonymously to an online database of codec usage statistics.

VideoInspector stands out among multimedia tools by providing detailed information about each video file format, as well as detecting which codecs are necessary to play that particular file and displaying them on screen. Furthermore, this tool can help identify issues with video files like missing or broken codecs and can even detect potential conflicts between videos on different formats.

VideoInspector is an ideal solution for those experiencing difficulties with their videos or media players, thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful features that make troubleshooting much simpler. In addition, its user-friendly nature also makes troubleshooting easier, while keeping your computer clean by uninstalling unnecessary programs, running malware scans and cleaning the hard disk with SFC/scannow; monitoring autostart programs if needed and uninstalling if required – plus many other useful tools which save both time and effort!

It is compatible with Windows

This software can search the system memory for video files and extract their format and audio codec information, while also detecting whether a file is complete and error free. Furthermore, it helps users install all required codecs for optimal performance. This feature is essential in helping avoid issues related to media files that don’t play well on Windows operating systems as well as detect when an incomplete or damaged file exists on disk.

People frequently have problems with their video files that they’re unaware of how to solve. Their media player won’t play them or there may be no sound when trying to watch them, possibly due to missing codecs on the computer. VideoInspector is an invaluable resource that provides detailed information about each video file and provides access to download the required codecs.

When running this software, a standard window will appear and allow you to select the file you wish to inspect. Once selected, the program will scan system memory for that file and display its contents using an easily understandable interface. It provides details such as its format, total duration, resolution in pixels frame rate bitrate quality factor as well as number of audio channels sample rate and bitrate of audio tracks.

Another key advantage of this program is its ability to inspect video files and verify if they contain any errors, while also checking if all necessary codecs have been installed on your system or not; if they’re missing, this program can assist with downloading them online and installing them onto your PC.

This application boasts numerous features that make it a worthwhile investment, including a Bitrate Grapher and the capability of simultaneously analyzing multiple files at once. Furthermore, you can add it directly into a video file’s context menu for easy access; additionally it’s multilingual support is included for AVI, Matroska, MPEG I and MPEG II containers as well as QuickTime containers.

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