VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor


VideoPad Video Editor offers an easy-to-use suite of tools and features designed to retouch videos, from visual effects and overlays to transitions, basic audio tools, sound effects libraries and atmospheric background music libraries. In addition, VideoPad provides options for fine-tuning color by fine-tuning its hue or hue saturation levels, adding digital images, creating subtitles or changing playback speeds of video clips.

This software’s user-friendly interface enables filmmakers of all skill levels to start work quickly and effortlessly. Importing media files is a quick and painless process: simply drag-and-drop them into its media file bins for processing; they will appear in your timeline ready for editing!

VideoPad features not only a trim tool to remove unnecessary footage but also offers useful visual effects like blurring and fading clips, templates to create title text animations that reflect narration or lyrics, logos or custom watermarks; as well as recording voiceovers to produce audio-to-text subtitles – ideal for those with impaired vision or hearing.

Importing Videos

VideoPad offers many powerful video editing tools and features, the first step is importing your videos. Once done, you can begin making edits such as applying effects and transitions, cropping/trimming clips as well as captions/overlays of text.

Import audio files into the program and apply any audio effects you desire before dragging them onto your timeline. When your video looks just right, click “Export Video” in the main toolbar to export it.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this program is that rendering HD or full HD videos takes an extremely long time, due to all of the data it needs to process at once, potentially slowing down computer performance. On the plus side, its user interface is very straightforward and it offers various plans suitable for individual needs as well as powerful features that help create stunning videos.

Trimming Video Clips

Once your video clips have been imported, the editing can begin! Use the media bin to drag and drop clips directly onto the timeline or use the media tab to locate your files directly.

If you want to trim down a long video into smaller clips, drag the playhead at the start of each clip to where it needs to start and click ‘trim start to playhead’; click “trim end to playhead” again when finished and repeat this process for each end of your clip for optimal length control.

VideoPad Video Editor offers another useful feature – trimming audio files – which makes for efficient use if you need to reduce an audio track in order to fit in with the rest of your video. The audio edit window gives you access to edit both Start Time and End Time of each clip for editing purposes.

Once your video editing project is complete, click on the Export button to save it in various formats or burn your project onto DVD if desired.

Adding Transitions

VideoPad offers a range of transitions that you can add between your clips for a professional finish. Simply click on the X icon between two clips in the timeline to add one, and select from among its many available options.

Once you’ve added a transition, you can adjust its duration by dragging an orange bar across it on the Video Track. The longer you drag, the longer your transition will last. Additionally, use either of its side arrows to change direction if necessary.

VideoPad provides more than just transitions – it has several additional useful features that will enable you to craft the movie of your dreams! For instance, Text can easily be added into videos – this makes adding things such as lyrics for Karaoke or translations from foreign movies easy! You can also use VideoPad to remove backgrounds and change color of clips; direct uploads are possible to YouTube and Facebook without leaving behind an unsightly watermark! This program is completely free for noncommercial use; watermarking won’t even appear when uploading.

Adding Text

Video clips should speak for themselves; however, sometimes additional text may be required – for instance a title screen or credits at the beginning of a movie and captions describing scenes within your video. You can add text in many forms: overlays, titles, subtitles or even as watermarks!

VideoPad makes adding text to videos easy. Simply click the Add Text button in the Home tab toolbar and choose Simple Text Overlay option; this opens a Text Editor window which enables you to choose font size, style and color as well as set features such as shadow or transparency.

Once your text editing is complete, just click OK and it will be added as an image clip at the cursor position on your sequence timeline. From here you can move or add effects like any other clip in your sequence timeline. My only criticism was with its voice recognition which had a lot of errors compared to Google speech engines like Dubbing Pad; other than that VideoPad was an exceptional free video editor offering fantastic fonts and text options for videos.

Adding Audio

Music can add tremendously to the success of your video or movie production, whether amateur or professional. A good soundtrack not only conveys the mood and enhances viewer experience; but can also shape how viewers respond.

VideoPad makes adding audio to videos straightforward. Simply import files directly or use the Audio button on the main toolbar to import music from CDs or other media. Or record yourself narrating over the video!

Once your audio has been added to the timeline, you can use all of the same features available for video clips to trim and crop it. You can also apply various audio effects like amplitude, fade in/fade out lengths, EQ settings, echo volume levels, speed changes and noise reduction – among others!

Audio Ducking allows you to automatically lower background music when you speak over it, which can be especially helpful for interviews or narrations. Furthermore, multiple audio tracks may be added if desired so as to layer together and control their volume levels independently.

Exporting Your Video

VideoPad Video Editor makes it easy to import videos in various formats such as avi, wmv and mpeg as well as images (bmp, jpg and png) and audio (wav, mp3, m4a and mid). Furthermore, its intuitive design offers users access to an extensive library of visual effects, transitions, text and music options for use when editing a video project.

Users can apply various editing functions, including split, crop, trim and rotate to videos as well as adjust their speed. They can add text, overlays and captions while customizing their video using filters, motion graphics and special effects such as choral/echo effects built-in to the software.

To export your video, select File>Export in the main menu and a pop-up window will allow you to specify both file name and destination folder for your export task. Multiple export tasks can also be queued in the background so that other projects may continue while one or more videos are edited or exported in parallel. Furthermore, the software allows users to record DVDs that they can upload onto YouTube or social media websites.

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