VideoStitch Studio – A Fast and Intuitive 360 Video Stitching Application For Post-Production

VideoStitch Studio is a fast and user-friendly 360 video stitching application for post production, supporting all major VR camera rigs while offering various features including interactive HD real-time preview, automatic/fine calibrating calibration, PTGui or Hugin editing, synchronization, exposure compensation/color correction capabilities and much more.


VideoStitch Studio is a software application that enables users to combine multiple video screens into a panoramic view, which makes it an essential tool for anyone capturing VR videos for VR goggles. Furthermore, this real-time preview facilitates post-production work efficiently while the program supports most major formats and cameras.

The program comes equipped with various features designed to make video stitching simple for those new to it, including features that enable users to easily create 3D 360-degree videos using its simple drag and drop interface and its proprietary algorithm that combines images accurately – essential components of high-quality videos.

One useful feature is its ability to produce panoramas from single frames, especially useful when trying to capture moving objects such as airplanes overhead or cars driving along a roadway. Furthermore, this software can adjust exposure and color correction settings in video footage in order to enhance its quality.

Professional filmmakers need this software, designed to work with various camera models and even drones. Furthermore, its dual display capability enables two separate video formats simultaneously while its powerful editing engine makes clip management simple.

Automatic calibration is another key element of this software, enabling it to generate stitching templates quickly for individual images or entire sequences, as well as be fine-tuned to suit different rigs and lenses.

Software like PhotoScape can also adjust horizon lines to remove distortion and align vertical and horizontal lines of images, as well as remove unwanted elements like tripod legs and trees from scenes. Utilizing such software before making final prints can drastically decrease reprints necessary.

Integration between this software and PTGui and Hugin provides users with the ability to edit calibration files within those applications before importing them directly into VideoStitch – saving them considerable time in the process.


Video stitching market is heating up. YouTube recently offered live-streamed 360 videos, Lytro unveiled its light field camera that captures full-circle video, and Molanis VR introduced their consumer software suite for editing 360 video. European startup VideoStitch recently joined this race by providing desktop program that simplifies stitching together 360 video files – their new app costs $295 and can be found now.

This application boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is simple to learn and use, featuring advanced options for color adjustments, frame-accurate synchronization, automatic exposure compensation and file format export allowing users to upload or stream to websites easily. Furthermore, panoramic photos, spherical videos and 3D data can all be managed within this app without issues; its advanced algorithms ensure high-quality results when finished products are created using this application.

VideoStitch Studio is not only highly configurable and fast; its advanced Optical Flow Technology utilizes multiple processors to accelerate stitching processes for superior results. Furthermore, this app can even quickly create virtual tours of any location within minutes!

VideoStitch’s real-time previewing feature is another important aspect. This allows users to see the final result before exporting, saving time by eliminating manual editing processes. Furthermore, real-time previewing also enables comparison between frames and detection of any errors before creating final output files.

The app supports numerous image encoding formats, such as H.264, MPEG4 and MPEG2, allowing users to add text and audio directly into videos using its built-in editor. Furthermore, VR headset support will soon be made available as well. Furthermore, in the near future the company plans on releasing a mobile version that is compatible with iOS and Android devices; users can download their free trial version directly from their official website. Furthermore they’re planning a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro which will allow direct exporting projects onto this platform allowing direct exporting directly onto this platform from Premiere Pro directly.


VideoStitch Studio is an advanced software application designed to assist users in stitching multiple videos into one seamless 360-degree video for virtual reality use. The application automates the video stitching process, with real-time preview, automatic calibration (using PTGui or Hugin editing), video stabilization and real exposure compensation tools among its advanced features. Finally, frame accurate synchronization as well as compatibility with many established VR headsets and players are among its many benefits.

VideoStitch can create both monoscopic and stereoscopic video formats. While the former is the standard video format that can be watched with any device, while stereoscopic formats require special equipment like VR headsets for immersive experiences. VideoStitch automatically stitches together numerous video and image formats including MP4, MPG, Avi, MKV FLV flv JPG PNG GIF etc to give viewers an enjoyable viewing experience.

VideoStitch Studio features an intuitive user-interface and allows for the quick, effortless creation of panoramic images and videos in minutes. The program comes equipped with preloaded templates to get users started quickly; users may also import custom template files. Furthermore, this tool features automatic synchronization, stabilization and orientation control as well as several color correction features to guarantee high-quality finished products.

Furthermore, this program is extremely efficient, taking up less system resources than most of its counterparts in the Design & photography category. Available on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms and last updated on 4/3/2016.

VideoStitch requires a computer with an Intel processor and at least 8GB of RAM to use effectively, as it processes large numbers of frames very rapidly. Furthermore, 1TB of free storage space on their hard drive should also be considered necessary when processing larger files; otherwise, VideoStitch may crash or produce less-than-satisfactory results.


Video stitching is the practice of merging multiple videos with overlapping fields of view to form one panoramic video on one screen, making this technology applicable to a range of uses, from amateur videography to military surveillance.

VideoStitch Studio is an all-inclusive application designed to give you all of the tools needed to produce professional-grade 360-degree videos. It includes automatic synchronization, calibration, and exposure compensation functions for maximum quality productions, plus support for import/export of multiple image and video file types.

With its user-friendly interface, this app makes using virtual reality simple for even novice photographers. Import photos with JPEG or PNG extensions as well as different video formats; additionally it supports popular VR headsets and virtual reality applications such as Google Cardboard.

Professional filmmakers and photographers will find this app invaluable, as its design makes it user-friendly across various cameras. Furthermore, its convenient toolbar offers quick access to frequently used commands; with built-in presets making adjusting shots simpler. Furthermore, saving settings and sharing work between users are straightforward processes.

This program supports many video and image formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV and OGV files. Furthermore, its editors offer tools specifically tailored for editing 3D footage; you can even add sound effects as part of your final product!

Another great feature of this app is that it provides real-time preview of stitched results, enabling you to observe the effects of any adjustment before actually applying them to your project. Furthermore, this app can detect and correct lens distortion.

This feature is especially valuable when working with spherical images as achieving a seamless stitch can be difficult. Furthermore, this software makes creating more accurate horizons easier while decreasing manual adjustments necessary to produce quality stitched videos more manageable. Furthermore, all major 360 cameras support it seamlessly – the only downside being it takes longer due to large video files.

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