VIPRE Advanced Security Review

VIPRE Advanced Security employs an intuitive user experience with impressive firewall power. The product excels at protecting against ransomware attacks and outperformed some top competitors in AV-Comparatives real world protection tests.

But, unlike top-rated internet security suites, it lacks important tools such as performance optimization and password manager.

Virus Protection

VIPRE Advanced Security uses cutting-edge machine learning technology and real-time behavior monitoring to guard against ransomware, viruses, Trojans, zero-day threats, phishing sites infected with malware and other online threats that evade traditional antivirus solutions. In addition, it offers anti-malware scanning of USB flash drives or removable devices when they’re plugged in – giving VIPRE Advanced Security an edge against malware infiltration that may get through other types of protection software.

Our testing revealed that this program performed admirably, scoring quite highly in independent virus detection tests conducted by AV-Comparatives. Furthermore, it scored very highly when we conducted our simulated ransomware attacks, blocking 65%. Unfortunately, however, real-world simulated phishing attempts didn’t perform as well for it.

Like modern antivirus software, Trend Micro lets you run full, quick and custom system scans as well as schedule them at specific times and without RapidScan, with the default being to run full scans without RapidScan on Sunday and quick and custom scans every day – but these settings can be changed as needed. In addition to scheduling scans at specific times of the week and altering applications or folders that get scanned at specific intervals when not at your computer you can also save power by delaying updates or scheduled scans when not there as well as enable second layer protection which automatically searches quickly for threats if the initial full or quick scan misses something during full or quick scan.

This software comes equipped with a spam filter capable of scanning POP3 and SMTP email accounts, and includes direct support for Outlook through an add-in. You can set the filter to automatically delete junk mail, as well as viewing a log of all spam that it’s blocked or captured. In addition, its dashboard offers other security-related settings, including managing how the firewall protects against network attacks as well as creating rules to cover specific services, ports, gateways or traffic types.

VIPRE is more than just antivirus and anti-malware software; it features a password manager, parental control feature to limit screen time for children, personal profile scanner, system performance optimization tool, as well as Wi-Fi network detection with warning of known threats.

Ransomware Protection

VIPRE Security’s anti-ransomware technology can assist businesses that rely on electronic records for business operations by helping prevent data loss. It works by quickly detecting and eliminating ransomware once detected, then purging all files that it touched without leaving traces behind, helping ensure that deleted data cannot be recovered even with advanced computer forensic techniques.

VIPRE also contains an anti-malware feature to protect system backups from becoming corrupted, making sure users always have access to their most up-to-date files and can restore if necessary. In addition, its powerful ad blocker serves a crucial purpose by blocking advertisements which often serve as gateways for ransomware or other forms of malware distribution.

VIPRE is capable of protecting businesses against ransomware attacks by rewriting file headers with nonsensical information that makes deciphering encrypted data impossible for cybercriminals to extract and decipher. This feature should be taken note of.

Finally, this software can prevent ransomware from infiltrating business networks by detecting network vulnerabilities and exploits. This includes attempts at unauthorized entry via heap spraying, DLL injection, executable stacking or process hollowing among others.

The cybersecurity tools offered by this company are user-friendly and don’t take up much space on your computer, yet would benefit from being combined into an easy-to-navigate interface, similar to what most competitors provide with their internet security suites.

Web Protection

VIPRE combines inline antivirus and antispyware protection, reputation-based threat defense and cloud sandboxing technology to defend computers against malware. Furthermore, it provides ransomware protection by blocking access to computer data by malicious software and decrypting it if necessary. VIPRE’s most recent version ( boasts significant upgrades that significantly enhance its effectiveness against newer forms of attack such as ransomware.

VIPRE is distinguished by its robust real-time protection that consistently scores highly in independent virus detection tests conducted by AV-Comparatives. Furthermore, VIPRE utilizes relatively few system resources so as not to compromise other applications running on your computer or hinder running them smoothly.

VIPRE also comes equipped with other useful security tools, including an effective file manager to quickly locate, move or delete files quickly. It can help organize sensitive documents by finding their location on your computer so you can decide whether to keep, remove or move them to an encrypted vault. In addition, its tracker blocker helps detect tracking data used by websites to target advertising – blocking tracking requests while simultaneously clearing away unwanted cookies from your browser.

VIPRE is known for its user-friendly central management console that enables users to set web usage policies across an organization with ease, as well as an advanced monitoring system which keeps an eye on every device and application used within it to detect suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary activity. Offering free trial sessions as well as multiple payment methods including credit card, PayPal, PayNearMe wire transfer as well as checks/money orders VIPRE is an ideal choice for businesses in search of comprehensive multi-device protection.

Email Protection

VIPRE Advanced Security provides multi-layered protection from zero-hour threats such as ransomware, viruses, Trojans, phishing sites and malicious websites. Its layers combine next-generation machine learning, real-time behavior monitoring and heuristic analysis to create a strong defense against today’s most sophisticated online threats.

At its core is cloud-based heuristic analysis that is constantly updated in order to detect and block new malware attacks quickly. Furthermore, this program uses cutting edge sandboxing technologies that inspect suspicious attachments or links before blocking them before reaching your desktop computer. Furthermore, it comes equipped with comprehensive email protection features and optional add-ons like phishing scanner, image analyzer, encryption or email archiving if additional protection is desired.

Social Watch is an effective tool that monitors Facebook and other social media accounts for any suspicious activities, as well as alerting you of any changes that might indicate security breaches. Unfortunately, however, Social Watch may not always be successful at detecting breaches.

Another useful feature is its password vault that securely stores all your important passwords in an encrypted database, accessible either through its dashboard or manually configured within the program. Furthermore, the program has the capacity to scan files and folders for known malicious software or suspicious behavior, repair damaged files automatically when possible and backup your registry to protect from future issues.

VIPRE Advanced Security is an impressive program, taking many of its best features from more established internet security suites while adding some exclusive tools and services of its own. Furthermore, it has an affordable annual subscription price and avoids some of the gimmicky or user-unfriendly practices common among antivirus programs.


VIPRE Advanced Security’s firewall may not offer as many features as some competing suites do, but it provides enough options for some users. Here you can manage which apps can make outgoing or incoming communication; set rules based on high, medium, or low priorities of intrusion attempts into your network; as well as ask VIPRE to monitor and learn your network traffic to help better tailor its firewall rules to you.

VIPRE’s anti-tracking feature helps safeguard your privacy by blocking web trackers and their associated advertisements, managing boot time protection and reviewing its firewall history – a useful feature indeed!

Privacy features within VIPRE include a password manager and file shredder to quickly and safely erase files and other forms of data. There’s also a social watch, which scans Facebook timelines at an interval you set – such as hourly, every two hours, daily or twice daily scans – though giving VIPRE access will require giving access to your account.

VIPRE Secure Backup offers another useful feature that sets it apart from its competition, enabling you to store all of your sensitive files safely even if you forget to back them up manually.

Overall, VIPRE Advanced Security is an impressive and straightforward suite that’s straightforward and user-friendly, providing comprehensive protection from ransomware, viruses, malware Trojans rootkits zero day attacks phishing malicious websites. Produced and supported in the US it regularly receives top ratings from independent antivirus testing authorities worldwide and available as a subscription from their website – giving it an edge against today’s malware threats!

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