VIPRE Internet Security Review

VIPRE Internet Security

VIPRE is unlike some suites in that it only includes essential functions. These features include edge protection that works with Microsoft Edge, web filtering and an on-premise document scanner.

Vipre also features an effective ad blocker and tracking data remover, while offering an effective privacy shield feature which securely stores documents on your hard drive while wiping their traces from browser history.


VIPRE Internet Security can protect both home computers and business networks against cyber threats with cutting-edge technology that detects viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and more while simultaneously reducing system load. Plus, cloud-enabled feedback on new threats allows VIPRE to become smarter every day!

Independent labs consistently give this antivirus high ratings, with few false alarms reported by it. For instance, AV-Comparatives reported it detected over 99 percent of their test malware with only three false positives being recorded – plus it didn’t interfere with system performance at all!

As I tested VIPRE, I found its quick scan and full scan to be effective at quickly eliminating threats. VIPRE also offers RapidScan technology which only scans files that have changed or been added since your last scan – significantly reducing scanning time and saving memory resources!

Privacy Shield is another useful feature, concealing files with sensitive personal data from hackers who gain control of your computer. In my tests, Privacy Shield correctly recognized documents containing sensitive data and promptly stored them away in a vault to keep hackers at bay.

VIPRE is dedicated to offering unparalleled customer support, featuring an expansive knowledge base. Additionally, its forums enable users to exchange experiences and express any issues, as well as lobby for additional features that they would like included in future software updates.


VIPRE is one of the lighter internet security suites on the market, providing top-rated antivirus protection without incurring the higher premiums associated with other suites. That may make VIPRE an appealing choice for people looking for top-rated protection without breaking their budgets.

VIPRE comes equipped with both an antivirus program and firewall to safeguard against network attacks and allow for the control of what apps can do online. The firewall features expert-level settings that can block specific apps, services, ports, gateways and traffic types as well as prevent malicious scripts from running on your computer by intercepting and scanning them – it even detects hacking attempts like heap spraying, DLL injection, executable stacking and process hollowing!

One feature we found particularly impressive was its ability to allow users to create custom rules for certain programs and folders on their computers, then monitor and scan for malware infections regularly – alerting them if anything suspicious was found. This provides a convenient way of keeping an eye on programs which could pose threats but don’t have time for daily scanning sessions.

VIPRE’s internet security suite comes complete with a VPN to help protect you online activity from hackers and data thieves. This VPN was one of the better bundled ones we tested, providing security while still accessing popular websites. However, VIPRE lacks some key tools found in competing suites like performance optimizer or gaming mode that might come in handy for gaming / performance optimization optimisation purposes.

Parental Controls

Parental control features are among the most essential features of any security suite, as they monitor children’s online usage. Parental controls monitor usage on computers or the Internet by children under 18, blocking specific websites or programs or restricting usage at certain times of day or restricting usage to specific times. Parents must remember that these controls only function correctly when configured and applied consistently across all devices the child uses; as hackers could potentially hack these controls. It is wise to monitor changes or suspicious activity closely and contact technical support services if any arise.

VIPRE can do more than block specific sites; in addition to deleting web browsing history and social media activity logs, and protecting microphone and camera access from unauthorized use, VIPRE also scans local networks for documents with sensitive information such as financial records in order to prevent targeted advertising and identity theft profiling as well as scan for passwords leaked during data breaches or offered for sale on dark web.

Although this feature can be useful, its parental controls don’t match up to those found in competitors such as Norton 360 or Avira Prime. Still, it provides basic parental controls without extra costs attached to them.

Other features typical of premium security suites include an antivirus with automatic updates, a firewall to stop malicious network traffic and spam filter. VIPRE’s firewall settings let you manage rules for both incoming and outgoing traffic based on high, medium or low priorities – in addition to offering an intrusion detection system as standard in many security systems. It comes in both home version for up to 10 computers as well as business version for 249 computers.


VIPRE Internet Security’s cloud-based protection communicates constantly with an online virus database, making it quick to identify and block new threats. In addition, it stands out from some competitors by quickly detecting ransomware attacks (which lock a computer until a fee is paid) as well as protecting users from accidentally downloading harmful files from Facebook or social media websites like Reddit. Furthermore, it will update third-party programs automatically as well as remove unsecured login credentials from computers.

Another nice feature of VIPRE software is its ability to scan removable media before opening or saving them, pause updates and scheduled scans when your laptop is on battery power and quarantine files and rename directories as part of an anti-virus scan, wake your laptop up for scheduled scans as scheduled, as well as delete suspicious files when rebooted. VIPRE also includes classic antivirus features such as an AV history log with quarantine files capabilities as well as auto removal upon rebooting of suspicious files from hard drives.

Antivirus programs typically feature web filtering functionality to block malicious websites, although you may already have multiple types of virus software installed on your system. They also detect and prevent ransomware attacks as well as provide firewall protection; you can even customize anti-phishing policies based on device types or usage levels depending on individual preferences.

The interface for this product is uncluttered and straightforward – which is exactly why its simplicity is a good thing! It reflects the company’s belief that malware protection shouldn’t be complicated. There’s a dashboard, Account tab and Manage tab where you can manage and control the program with just a few clicks.

Hiding Sensitive Documents

VIPRE Internet Security makes staying safe from hackers easy with features like personal profile protection and local document scanning, plus its robust anti-ransomware and antivirus protection backed by 24/7 customer support, while malware remediation services are free for anyone with a valid license key. Plus its flexible pricing options and great reputation make VIPRE an excellent choice for both home and business users alike!

The software’s Behavioral Determination Engine and remote browser isolation environment make it possible to check suspicious attachments in an isolated space to observe their actual behavior before opening them, giving you a heads-up about potential threats even before they become an issue and decreasing clicks on malicious links – an effective measure against phishing and ransomware attacks.

VIPRE provides another helpful feature by hiding sensitive files and folders within its vault, meaning hackers won’t gain access even if they gain control of your computer. I tested this feature successfully with documents containing addresses, credit card numbers and signatures containing confidential data; contracts or tax forms that contain such details were also detected by VIPRE.

Vipre provides additional tools to secure your devices, including its Privacy Shield tool that scans for traceable login credentials on computers, removes them and prevents their reuse by hackers, detects and removes unsecured personal data such as address, phone number and credit card details, as well as blocking hackers from recording you without your knowledge using webcam and microphone shielding technology.

While the program provides reliable malware protection, it doesn’t offer device optimization tools or a password manager. For an additional fee you can purchase a premium version that provides these features; additionally you can add plans covering three, five, or ten devices at the same time.

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