VIPRE Internet Security Review

VIPRE Internet Security features an intuitive user experience. Users can quickly and effortlessly access its main dashboard and customize scanning and application patching accordingly at a time that suits them best.

This software can detect and eliminate zero-day attacks, rootkits, spyware, Trojans and any other form of malware. Furthermore, it protects personal files by scanning for hidden data like account passwords, home addresses or credit card numbers that might exist within them.


No matter the scale of your business or home computer needs, VIPRE Internet Security provides comprehensive protection without slowing it down significantly. Its user-friendly interface makes managing device security remotely simple; while its cloud-based endpoint solution enables businesses to easily monitor and control devices.

Antivirus scanner, anti-malware engine and firewall work together to stop outside attacks while spyware detection and cleanup capabilities help detect any existing malicious programs on your machine. Furthermore, email virus protection as well as phishing and social engineering protection helps safeguard personal data security are also included in its arsenal of features.

Although its antivirus scanner won’t always catch every piece of malware, it is quick and efficient in identifying many types of infections quickly and reliably. Furthermore, its design seeks to reduce false positives – something which may prove particularly irritating for certain users.

VIPRE’s firewall provides another layer of defense for your system and improves upon the default Windows or macOS firewalls. With granular settings that give you total control, real-time monitoring ensures your device stays protected at all times.

Under the Firewall tab, you can set your preferred response to intrusions (with options available for high, medium and low priority intrusions), ask it to log port scans, manage its Host Intrusion Prevention System as well as choose whether VIPRE sees particular networks as trusted or public and view network traffic history – among other options available to you.

Privacy controls in this toolkit are more limited than some competitors’ offerings; you can still use its Secure File Eraser to overwrite files multiple times, but that may be too intrusive for casual users.

VIPRE’s Quarantine feature, for instance, can temporarily quarantine and block suspicious files or folders while you investigate them further. Other tools include an extensive AV history database, scheduler for regular scans and pausing updates while on battery power; plus there’s even the possibility to wake your device from sleep to run scheduled scans! Available both PCs and Macs alike!


VIPRE stands apart from its competition by making clear exactly what it offers and without using pushy sales tactics that push additional products or services onto customers. Plus, signing up and purchasing are fast and straightforward processes!

VIPRE Internet Security offers several packages, each designed to secure different numbers of devices. Antivirus Plus provides basic protection from ransomware and other viruses as well as Trojans, rootkits, exploits, spyware and malware threats; unfortunately it does not include firewall protection like some competitors such as Norton do; VIPRE’s Advanced Security or the Security Bundle are better options since both feature firewall protection.

VIPRE Ultimate Security includes all the protections offered in its predecessor packages as well as a VPN and identity shield to manage digital tracks. It offers excellent value, especially during its first year when steep discounts make it nearly comparable to standalone VPN services.

VIPRE’s Business Security is an ideal solution for small businesses, offering comprehensive layered protection from malware, spyware and ransomware on both mobile devices as well as fixed systems. VIPRE Web Security in particular stands out as being particularly effective at detecting and blocking any potential malicious activity before it reaches your network – the bundle can accommodate 1-10 computers with software being monitored via one dashboard.

VIPRE’s simplicity is unquestionable, and their tech support team are among the best in the business. Their website contains helpful articles and forums are available so users can ask and receive answers from other users; though these might take longer to respond than expected. If you need urgent assistance for a particular problem it would be best to contact VIPRE directly instead; their phone line is open 24-7.


VIPRE Internet Security stands out from other security suites by offering an elegant yet efficient user interface. Its main dashboard reflects minimalism with three tabs–MyVIPRE, Account, and Manage–that give access to its main functionalities quickly.

VIPRE’s program also comes equipped with a feature called Social Watch that enables you to schedule the software to periodically scan your Facebook timeline at various intervals–hourly, every two hours, every four hours, once daily or twice daily. However, before this feature can be activated on Facebook it must first gain permission from its administrator in order for VIPRE to access it and use this feature effectively.

VIPRE is supported by a team of cybersecurity professionals that offer live customer support via phone, email and an online community. Located in the United States and having earned top scores from independent antivirus testing labs such as AV-Test for years now.

VIPRE Advanced Security earned an outstanding 100% score from AV-Test Institute, making an impressionful statement about its protection capabilities. In addition to protection, it excelled when tested against performance – scoring better than industry average when benchmarking common tasks such as opening websites or downloading standard applications.

However, one point worth keeping in mind is that Avast no longer offers lifetime licenses of its security software – this is something of a shame as this option was excellent for PC users wanting long-term protection. Now the only way to acquire such lifetime licenses are from third-party resellers but these tend to be outdated versions which won’t work with the most up-to-date version of the program. Luckily for new users there is still a 30-day free trial for Avast software before any purchase decisions need to be made; after this point subscription fees must be purchased to continue using it further.


VIPRE Internet Security’s installation process begins by downloading it from VIPRE’s website, whereupon installation and updating virus definitions, plus performing an initial “first scan,” takes approximately 30 minutes. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems alike, the program offers solid protection against ransomware attacks in an age where there have been unprecedented attacks. It offers solid protection from ransomware as well as other malware attacks. Although more expensive than many antivirus suites on the market, VIPRE Internet Security provides comprehensive defense against ransomware attacks in an age when malware threats emerge in unprecedented ways.

Cloud-based security from this company allows it to communicate with an online virus database and ensure its threat listings remain up-to-date, protecting users from web threats by blocking malicious websites and preventing drive-by malware downloads, as well as guarding against ransomware – software which locks computer files until users pay a ransom fee – spam, ransomware and any unauthorized changes made to third-party software. It detects phishing emails as well as monitors against unauthorized changes made without consent by third-party software vendors.

VIPRE offers a gaming mode, which postpones updates, scans, notifications and system performance optimization to enable games to continue uninterruptedly. In addition, it detects and deletes any unsecured login credentials found. Furthermore, VIPRE boasts an effective firewall, antispam filter as well as system performance optimizer that frees up memory for more efficient performance – protecting users against even the latest and most dangerous viruses, spyware adware or digital threats.

VIPRE Antivirus for PC running Windows performed admirably during our tests, efficiently detecting viruses. Both quick and full scans were thorough; additionally it features RapidScan which only scans files that have changed since its last scan. Furthermore, its firewall did a decent job protecting against network attacks; however it lacks some of the advanced protection offered by more sophisticated competitors like Bitdefender or NortonLifeLock.

Its user interface is straightforward, featuring colourful infographics to provide just enough detail. Mobile-friendliness makes monitoring devices remotely easier; although, like most competitor antiviruses do, an Android app would be helpful.

VIPRE is known for providing excellent customer service, yet could do better by creating dedicated hours for phone and chat support. When we called with a test question we sat on hold listening to canned music for nearly an hour before being told no one was available to assist us.

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