Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive is a freeware program that emulates an actual CD or DVD drive on Windows computers, enabling image files to be “inserted” with just a double-click.

This tool works on all versions of Windows without requiring an complex installation process and features an intuitive, straightforward user interface that should help users to get up and running easily.


Virtual Clone Drive is a freeware program that enables users to mount ISO files on their computers without burning them onto a physical disc or DVD. This provides a more convenient method of installing software and can prolong the lifespan of existing CDs and DVDs. Compatible with Windows computers, Virtual Clone Drive can mount image files of most popular formats.

To use the software, first create a virtual drive on your computer. After doing so, the program displays a list of files which can be mounted to it and you can access them just like you would any physical disc – all without needing advanced technical knowledge! It is easy and requires no advanced skillset.

This tool allows users to mount images in ISO, BIN, IMG and CCD formats as well as support a wide array of file types – making files accessible from Windows Explorer or any other program on their PC. Compatible with most versions of Windows and consuming very few system resources – plus its history feature makes retracing drives an effortless task!

Another useful feature is its ability to mount image files from a network drive, making it possible to share files among network users. This makes it ideal for people working with multiple programs but needing more storage space on their hard disk. Furthermore, the software is extremely lightweight and uses minimal memory resources; therefore it won’t affect system performance negatively.

Another advantage of using CD and DVD authoring software is saving money, by testing discs before burning them, or loading multiple files at the same time which would otherwise be difficult with physical media. If you would like to try this software out for yourself, download a copy from an established website ensuring its safety as you download.

Works on Windows

Virtual CloneDrive is a free software tool for Windows operating systems that enables you to mount disc images without burning them, creating virtual DVD or CD drives you can access files and programs through. This can extend the lifespan of physical CDs and DVDs while helping reduce wastage due to scratched or damaged discs.

This program is simple to install and offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible right away. Compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows, ISO Mounter supports ISO, IMG and BIN images while being fast and consuming minimal system resources.

After installing the program, it will be necessary to configure some settings before beginning use of it. First you must set a drive letter from within the settings menu – this will be assigned when mounting virtual drives – followed by providing the path for image files you would like mounted through file explorer or by right clicking and choosing “Open with/Mount (Virtual CloneDrive F:).”

Once you have configured all the settings in a program, it should be ready for use. To mount an image, simply locate it in the file explorer and select it to open with the program – after mounting an image will show as a drive in the list on the left of file explorer; double clicking can then access its contents easily by double-clicking it!

This program has been extensively tested to work on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, and with most computer hardware. Its intuitive user experience doesn’t require in-app purchases or subscriptions – making it a perfect solution for lightweight image mounting needs. Furthermore, portable versions allow it to run on any Windows-compatible device.

Supports ISO files

If you own many physical CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays, keeping them organized may be difficult. Virtual CloneDrive makes this task simpler by mounting disc images on virtual drives – similar to how physical drives function but much simpler in terms of use and accommodating multiple file files at the same time – making it a fantastic solution for people who work frequently with optical discs.

The program allows you to mount ISO, BIN, CCD and IMG files on virtual drives without the need to burn them onto physical discs. Furthermore, you can access files directly by right-clicking in Windows Explorer; its simple and intuitive interface works across many versions of Windows; additionally it uses minimal system resources while needing no special hardware for operation.

Start using Virtual CloneDrive today by simply downloading and installing it on your computer. When installed, right-click an ISO file in Windows Explorer and select “Mount (Virtual CloneDrive).” It will appear as an ordinary drive allowing for simple use; simply drag-and-drop files onto it to access them easily.

This software supports numerous file formats and can mount up to 15 virtual drives at the same time, making them easily accessible through Windows Explorer shortcuts. Furthermore, the virtual eject button and automount previous image file functions provide convenient features; additionally, its logo will appear prominently on all drives for easier identification.

Virtual CloneDrive is an excellent alternative to physical disc burning; it’s free, straightforward, and compatible with almost all Windows systems – you can even use it on laptops or tablets, although a third-party application may be needed in order for it to function.

Doesn’t burn disc images

Virtual CloneDrive stands out from a sea of virtual disc programs by being both simple and quick, offering quick mounting capabilities of ISO files and accessing them just like physical CD/DVD drives without burning them onto disc. Furthermore, its history log stores all mounted files for later reference while being fully integrated into Windows Explorer context menus for easy use – all at an economical download that runs well and consumes minimal memory resources.

Virtual CloneDrive is an invaluable application that is capable of working on all versions of Windows, from 32-bit PCs up to 64-bit machines, providing companies with more space saving solutions for their software distributions. ISO image files allow them to be downloaded and mounted within Windows without taking up additional disk space – increasing product longevity while saving disk space. But they can be difficult to manage without third-party tools – which makes Virtual CloneDrive such an indispensable choice. It works across 32 and 64 bit computers as well.

Daemon Tools has long been a favorite choice for mounting ISO files, offering lightweight performance while remaining up-to-date with industry changes. While not as lightweight or fast as Virtual CloneDrive, Daemon Tools features DRM circumvention software as well as multi-session ISO image support. Unfortunately, Daemon Tools comes equipped with spyware called WhenU Search that results in annoying ads as well as personal information tracking unless disabled during installation – not an ideal feature.

ImgBurn is another fantastic ISO file manager, enabling you to mount multiple virtual drives at once and support an array of file formats. While its user-friendly design caters for newcomers, advanced users may appreciate its configurability and versatility. Furthermore, unlike many software packages it does not require internet connectivity to operate and is very straightforward; free for home use across Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista operating systems with no subscription or in-app purchase costs attached – perfect!

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