Vivint HomeGuard Pro Review

Vivint stands out from its competition as an industry-leading smart security provider thanks to professional monitoring and its dedication to customer support. Vivint’s cutting-edge technology and integration with popular home assistants makes personalizing security setup a simple task.

However, its app can sometimes become annoyingly disjointed; often losing contact with sensors and remembering their previous state (a recurring problem). That being said, its overall functionality remains impressive.

Activity Monitor

HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring solution to ensure family and child safety both online and off. It will automatically block all pornographic and inappropriate content online while recording details about website activity such as time spent per site. HomeGuard features built-in keylogger, activity-based screenshots, chat monitoring & filtering functionality, program/game blocking time restrictions & Internet usage time restrictions along with email notifications for maximum protection.

While the Internet can be an invaluable educational resource, it also contains adult content and prohibited websites which could lead to embarrassment for children as well as legal ramifications for parents or businesses. Instead of trying to monitor what your kids are doing on the computer, take advantage of today’s discounted HomeGuard Pro software promotion!

HomeGuard Pro stands out from other Internet blocking and monitoring programs by operating at the deepest system level, rendering it virtually unhackable or bypassable. Running stealthily it cannot be bypassed via proxy servers or uninstalled without an administrative password – you can even configure this software to run in hidden or stealth modes and show alerts only when certain blocks have been activated.

The program includes a large list of pre-censored websites which should trigger a block, and this list can be tailored to include users’ favorite websites, keywords or phrases. Users may also set web blocking and allow lists as well as filtering files based on type to monitor specific programs or games. It can even capture screen shots based on events as well as track active usage time, bandwidth consumption and mouse clicks/keystrokes to provide a comprehensive report of all activities taking place on any computer network.

HomeGuard can also block removable devices like USB thumb drives in order to block sharing of pornographic files, illegal application installs and file theft. Furthermore, this device protects against viruses and spyware transmitted via thumb drives as well as monitor deleting, moving and printing of files. HomeGuard alerts recipients with current alarm statuses as well as detailed event logs via text or GSM text alerts.


ERA HomeGuard Pro is an easy and lightweight piece of software that helps users monitor how computers in their network are being utilized. It records various elements such as private chat messages between employees, web browsing history, emails sent/received, USB devices connected, bandwidth usage and mouse clicks on various programs. Furthermore, random screenshots can be taken at random from desktop screens for review of activity at any given moment.

This program operates in stealth mode, hiding its presence on a computer and preventing users from closing or uninstalling it. However, warnings can be configured whenever certain actions are taken, blocking certain programs, games and websites from the network or restricting usage time of certain websites; and monitoring both online activities as well as local files with this tool.

HomeGuard Pro provides comprehensive parental control and activity monitoring tools for families, businesses, and educational institutions. It features a pornography filter, website blocker, keylogger and more to assist parents, employers and educators keep an eye on children and employee online activity as well as protect sensitive data from being stolen or misused.

This program is easy to install and set up with minimal configuration required, compatible with most popular browsers and operating systems, and features a built-in firewall to prevent unauthorised access from outside your local network. This feature is particularly beneficial in business settings where productivity may be hindered due to employees wasting time online or downloading inappropriate material that consumes valuable time and bandwidth.

Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) are frequently installed along with free software downloads. To combat this, it’s essential that users select either Custom or Advanced installation when installing free programs from trusted sources and scan any downloaded file for viruses and malware before proceeding with its installation. Furthermore, users of Microsoft Edge browser can remove Homeguard PUA by clicking its menu icon at the upper right corner and choosing “Extensions”, once all suspicious extensions have been deleted they should be able to access all their desired websites without issue.


HomeGuard Pro is an easy and straightforward DIY kit for protecting your property with security alarms, sensors, cellular connectivity, backup batteries and an unfailing backup battery – plus additional cameras, water or vibration detectors as well as lights or smart devices can easily be added on for greater peace of mind.

If you’re shopping around for a smart home security system with monitoring capabilities, choose a provider who provides professional installers and completes background checks on all employees. Also look out for ones offering money-back guarantees should the system not fit with you perfectly.

HomeGuard monitoring software runs as a Windows service on each client computer (client) it monitors. It keeps an aggregate database that synchronizes automatically between computers, supporting compression and 256-bit strong encryption of all network traffic, as well as remote accessing of this main database to view records for individual client computers.

HomeGuard can be set to take screenshots periodically or based on specific activities like visiting websites, finding keywords in chat messages/instant message/Email, programs being run, printer/USB device monitoring/blocking and Internet time restrictions, as well as warning users before blocking certain actions. Furthermore, HomeGuard can also be configured so as to be uninstallable/invisible/stealth mode running completely unseen by users or even run in stealth mode, with full hiddenness from view of users.

Home security systems that offer 24/7 live guard monitoring tend to be costly; their equipment costs could reach hundreds of dollars while monthly monitoring fees range between $25 and $35. If you’re on a tight budget, look for systems without monthly fees but still provide features you need; for instance Abode Security offers a basic starter kit without monthly charges so that payments are flexible as opposed to binding long-term contracts.

Stealth Mode

The ERA Homeguard Pro Smart Alarm system offers you the power to monitor your home, office and garage from one account with ease. Simply set it up via smartphone without wires being necessary and firmware upgrades via the cloud; upgrades can then be easily performed when necessary. Expandable kits may include additional sensors (PIR sensors, IP cameras), water and vibration detectors and more depending on your security needs; its alarm hub comes equipped with a lithium backup battery to ensure continued protection even in an outage situation.

HomeGuard Pro will automatically block access to any site displaying inappropriate images or content, while also warning your administrator. This feature can be particularly beneficial for families as it will shield children from accessing sites which might lead them into danger zones.

HomeGuard’s screenshot feature is another unique and versatile aspect. You can set events such as visiting certain websites, searching for keywords within instant messages or instantaneous communication platforms or when a program starts that can trigger this capability and take snapshots for later review – saving, emailing or printing out screenshots can then take place automatically.

Teaching children the rules and expectations for online safety can be helpful, but having additional digital security measures in place is always recommended. This is particularly important if you own or work from home since distractions such as video games or sharing inappropriate material online could easily result in reduced productivity or costly harassment lawsuits from staff members.

Hollie Guard provides peace of mind while working from home or traveling by monitoring and recording in real-time the location of your device, sharing this with emergency contacts to assist them in finding you during an Alert situation. Journey, an additional feature, can track your journey from its start point to end point while simultaneously sharing it with emergency contacts as well as saving it to the cloud for future reference.

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