VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is a nonlinear video editing program that allows you to apply picture-in-picture and split screen effects, in addition to supporting various video and audio formats.

VSDC provides users with ready-made filters, 3D charts and text effects that they can add to their video clips, along with advanced chroma key functionality that enables them to make green screen videos.


Content creators who focus on video often face the problem of shaky footage, caused by either hand jiggling or other factors, which renders their videos unusable. When this occurs, video stabilization software can help eliminate jittering jitters, making your clips appear professional and smooth; ultimately enhancing how effectively they convey their message – whether creating promotional videos for an organization or YouTube videos more engaging.

If you’re in search of an efficient video stabilization tool, VSDC Video Editor offers many helpful features that will allow you to do just that easily. Not only that but this free-to-use video editing suite comes complete with features that help stabilize videos easily such as masking, motion tracking, multi-color Chroma keying, real time voice-over recording and hardware encoding; not forgetting compatibility across operating systems which makes downloading it from its website possible!

VSDC makes video stabilization an incredibly straightforward experience. Simply drag a shaky video clip onto the software interface and click analyze, after which you can choose between various types of stabilization to apply, as well as configure any needed settings accordingly. When finished, compare before and after video to see the results!

Once your results are satisfactory, click on the Export Project button and save your file in an appropriate location. From here, select format and quality settings before clicking “OK” to complete this step of the process.

VSDC Video Editor is one of the easiest-to-use video stabilization tools on the market, compatible with all major operating systems and freely available for download. This compact but advanced tool offers features to edit videos with visual or audio effects and export to multiple devices easily, as well as convert video speed rate. Moreover, it enables reversing of either video or audio content for enhanced versatility.

3D Charts

In addition to 3D charts, VSDC boasts numerous other features that make it a top video editing software. These features allow users to add audio and video effects as well as image overlays and watermarks – adding professional touches to any video project! Furthermore, users can take advantage of text effects for adding subtitles into videos easily.

VSDC’s 3D chart feature is particularly helpful for creating presentations that require visual representation of data. An animated chart can help your audience better comprehend information, making your argument more convincing. Furthermore, 3D charts can also be used to visualize business growth or market trends or predict development projections.

Once your chart has been added to the timeline, its appearance and layout can be modified by customizing its settings on its “Chart Properties” tab. Here, you can edit axis titles as well as range/autorange changes for both ranged axes; font size/angle adjustments may also be made according to individual needs; finally the program allows you to decide between horizontal or vertical orientation for your chart animation and automatic animation options.

VSDC Free Video Editor is one of the premier free video editors available, packed with features suitable for any project. Highly stable and fast while using minimal resources – making this an excellent solution for editing personal videos or creating slideshows with its drag-and-drop interface making clip addition easy as well as its built-in audio/video converter!

VSDC stands out among free video editors with its color blending function, which enables you to alter the temperature or add filters like those found on Instagram in just one click. Furthermore, contrast and grayscale levels can also be adjusted quickly with this tool.

VSDC may lack an extensive selection of export formats; nevertheless, it still merits exploring.

Color Blending

VSDC Video Editor’s latest release offers some useful color mixing features that enable you to easily create various video effects. For instance, this program now provides LUTs that make replacing colors effortless; these are especially handy if you want your footage to have a professional appearance.

Color gradients are another new feature, giving your videos an artistic touch and making the video more colorful while maintaining brightness and contrast levels. Just a few clicks can adjust its tone from bright and lively to darker and somber, even adding Instagram-esque filters with ease!

Color Grading has quickly become one of the most sought-after video editing techniques among filmmakers. Like photo editing, color grading gives your videos a distinct edge from others in their genre. VSDC Video Editor supports various gradient formats including linear and radial gradients which can be adjusted in terms of angle, intensity and angle change; also included are multiple blending modes so that you can find exactly the effect you are seeking.

VSDC Video Editor features an innovative Chroma Key tool that operates in HSL (Hue Saturation Lightness) mode to quickly identify and remove coinciding colors of the background from videos with exceptional precision. Furthermore, the software offers tools to reduce noise in audio files as well as Beat Synchronization features which automatically synchronize video effects with music beats.

As well as these features, VSDC also features enhanced support for high-resolution videos. Now allowing lightweight proxy media copies during editing to reduce CPU load and hardware resource utilization. Plus it lets you save projects as high-resolution image or video files!


VSDC supports most popular file formats for importing and exporting video and audio files. With its wide array of built-in effects, this software enables users to produce high-quality videos without using additional programs or services – this includes 3D transitions, overlays, filters that enhance videos as well as adding music and images for their videos. Furthermore, there is even an automatic stabilization feature built into this software which helps stabilize any footage shot from mobile bases or drones – an invaluable feature if using footage shot by either side.

The VSDC Free Video Editor features another helpful feature – adding different charts and diagrams. This makes the program ideal for creating business presentations. Use it to add pyramid 3D charts, scatter lines, bar charts or even Gantt charts! The software includes a masking feature to conceal or emphasize specific aspects of a video, making it possible to censor faces or remove unwanted marks from photos and videos. Software also comes equipped with a motion tracking tool that enables users to track objects moving within videos and then apply their trajectory to elements like images, captions, icons or more. This makes censoring moving objects, creating memes or making captions follow specific elements more straightforward than ever.

The VSDC Free Video Editor features a non-linear editing program that enables multiple layers of footage to be combined into one composition. It can record from any camera connected to your PC – webcams and tuners alike – as well as capture what’s happening on your monitor screen for use as video tutorials or just taking snapshots.

VSDC is an impressive video editing software, boasting tools for both beginner and advanced users alike. Unfortunately, however, its interface could use an update; nevertheless, its useful features such as being able to capture audio from an online radio and its video converter that supports various file formats make this editor worth trying out; indeed it provides a good alternative to free editing programs like Filmora.

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