VX Search – A Powerful Rule-Based File Search Solution

VX Search

VX Search is a rule-based file search solution capable of quickly searching files based on type, extension, attributes, creation/modification dates, text strings, hex patterns and EXIF tags. Regular searches can be saved into search profiles to perform them easily with one mouse click.

This program includes various logging and report options as well as an ODBC interface for integration with SQL databases. Furthermore, users may select their toolbar layout preferences as well as different program shortcut settings.

File Search Server

VX Search is an advanced file search software solution with numerous innovative features to take file searching and management tasks to the next level. With VX Search’s powerful features, you can pre-configure sophisticated search operations as user-defined searches that can be executed with one mouse click or scheduled for periodic runs, automatically generate various types of file search reports or set conditional E-Mail notifications when one or more search commands produce results or create custom actions in response to finding specific results from user-defined commands.

VX Search offers a fully scalable rule-based file search engine and supports an unlimited number of nested rules, giving you maximum flexibility in creating multi-level matching patterns. Each nested rule may contain one or more second-level categories for files with extensions such as name, size, modification date or last access time as well as many other attributes that define them.

Every search operation can be customized to accomplish a particular task and can search multiple disks, directories or network shares. Furthermore, the tool enables you to display only certain results or exclude files with certain extensions; perform advanced file operations on search result files before moving or copying them; compress selected files before moving/copying; display detailed information about every search result on its results page such as its location, file size, path pathing information modification date & other data about each file search result & their pathing info etc.

As soon as your search is finished, you can easily review its results using the built-in reports database and export them in HTML, PDF, text, Excel CSV or XML formats for future reference. Furthermore, this product allows for automating generation of results for storage in an SQL database if required for future use.

VX Search allows you to easily filter file search results and visualize them in grid, list or pie chart views as well as create custom pie charts and tables. Each report can include up to eight custom fields relevant to your search and right-clicking on any file will launch an action sequence such as opening it with the default application or another program, running scripts from there or copying its content over to clipboard – giving you full control of how and what data to display for every report!

File Search Client

The File Search Client application enables users to easily search files and folders on local directories, network shares or individual computers hard disks. By default, each result lists its name, path, size and modification date – but more columns can be added if needed for more custom results. Furthermore, filtering criteria such as hex patterns, text strings, file attributes or regular expressions can also be specified to narrow your search and exclude certain files.

The client application provides users with the capability of saving their search in Search for box(es) between log on sessions. This feature can save users valuable time when looking for files again; just enable or disable this option from within Settings tab.

VX Search features an advanced rules engine to assist in easily creating sophisticated file matching rules. You can set a rule to match documents of a certain name or extension, such as Invoice_2301 or Receipt_2301, while another rule might match all documents containing Lau with regards to their size limitation.

Another handy feature is the ability to search electronic documents like PDFs, TXT files and HTML files based on their size or content attributes. This saves both time and energy as you can focus your search exclusively on documents with relevant content.

Working with this software, you will notice its clean and intuitive user interface which makes all its functions accessible quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, there is comprehensive help documentation provided that provides assistance in getting up and running efficiently.

VX Search’s server product version offers IT professionals more than just simple file search commands that they can pre-configure and execute with one click; they also enable automating search operations, creating various reports and setting conditional E-Mail notifications or custom file actions when user-defined search commands find results meeting specific criteria. It can even integrate seamlessly with user-custom shell scripts or batch files for extended usage.

Batch File Search

Windows’ built-in search function is adequate for locating programs but less so at finding files. For more thorough results, third-party software like WizTree or Everything offers superior file search capabilities; they enable users to filter files based on size or modification date while searching large folders hierarchically tree display style. Furthermore, custom search profiles can be set up instantly without any preconfiguration necessary.

The FIND command searches files for text strings, returning a list of matching lines. The command also allows for customization via various options that alter its behavior; such as using the /L option to search only literal strings rather than regular expression patterns (/R).

VX Search expands upon the standard FIND functionality by allowing you to search for specific file types and attributes as well as generate reports based on that data. Its capabilities range from searching hidden and compressed files, identifying duplicates files, finding hidden and compressed folders as well as performing other tasks. Double-clicking any result listing file opens a detailed view that offers options such as opening the selected file with an application or directory, moving or copying it or even deleting it altogether.

Add columns to the file listing and sort results according to any criteria of your choosing. This software also displays a count of found and not found files as well as highlight those matching, while its search function ignores case of characters while printing line numbers before matching lines are found; additionally it can ignore lines with non-printable characters and skip files with offline attribute sets set.

The program offers many ways to customize its layout and appearance, as well as support for multiple languages. Through Layouts and View menu items, users can alter toolbar layouts, icon sizes, file listings columns as well as adding or removing columns altogether. Furthermore, several logging and reporting options can be set, an ODBC interface enabled, program shortcuts changed as well as downloading it and testing its performance for free from its website.


VX Search is a program that makes finding files on your computer easy. You can search using multiple criteria including title, size, type, extension date or text strings or JPEG tags among many more. In addition to performing searches in one directory or all hard disks in the system at once.

This tool also enables users to classify and filter search results, copy/move/delete files, generate various types of circular and bar graphs and save them in HTML, PDF, Excel CSV or XML formats for future reference. Furthermore, users have the option of exporting their searched information directly into SQL databases.

As soon as you enter a search criteria, the program displays all matching results in its interface. Each matching result shows file name, path and size information for every result displayed; further details such as date/modification time of files found can also be displayed as can the number of occurrences within search results.

Another unique aspect of this software is that it allows you to search files based on metadata such as when they were created, modified or accessed as well as their EXIF card. Furthermore, you can set multi-level file search rules and utilize logic operators.

VX Search allows you to effortlessly scan a network for network servers and NAS storage devices, searching items on hundreds of servers simultaneously. Furthermore, it enables you to view a list of detected servers, create circular and bar graphs of search results as well as export these search results directly into SQL databases.

Additionally, this tool allows you to set the maximum search result count and generate a chart that illustrates where files reside across servers or NAS devices. Furthermore, automatic report generation and E-Mail notification on specific search operations are both possible as are various settings and preferences such as enabling an ODBC interface or changing program shortcuts.

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