VX Search Ultimate Review

VX Search

VX Search is an advanced rule-based file search software which offers the capability of searching files according to multiple criteria connected with logical operators. Furthermore, this program includes options that help categorize and filter search results as well as generate pie charts and bars charts for easier data exploration.

This software makes it simple to generate search reports in HTML, PDF, Excel CSV and text formats for quick saving and use in search reports. Furthermore, the program provides a command line utility which can execute pre-configured file search commands within user custom shell scripts.

1. Search by keyword

VX Search is a lightweight utility weighing only several megabytes that makes locating any file on their computer fast and efficient using its extensive list of search criteria. The program offers multiple modes and options such as restricting searches by specific file extensions or even searching text patterns and binary files.

Users have the capability to easily categorize and filter file search results, copy, move or delete results and generate various types of pie and bar charts as well as saving reports in various standard formats like HTML, PDF, Excel CSV or XML.

This new product version provides the capability of automatically archiving old file search results from the built-in report database into a user-specified directory, enhances the default file classification plug-in, provides support for several additional file types, improves VX command line utility performance and eliminates some bugs.

2. Search by company

VX Search Ultimate is an advanced file search program, giving you the power to quickly locate files based on various criteria including file type, directory pathnames, filenames, size and location; text/binary patterns as well as JPEG EXIF tags etc. Setup and usage are very straightforward.

Power users have the capability to create multi-level file matching rules by combining various criteria with logical operators, providing highly accurate search queries capable of finding specific types or groups of files across numerous disks, directories and file systems.

VX Search Server may be managed using both a full-scale client GUI application and command line utility locally or over the network, giving users the power to review file search results, generate HTML, PDF, Excel, text XML CSV reports and export search results from one or multiple servers into a central SQL database.

3. Search by location

VX Search is an advanced software application developed to assist with searching files across various locations on your computer. It enables you to build multiple search profiles, each of which may include specific filters (filename, extension, creation date, text string hex pattern hex pattern or JPEG EXIF Tag) and folder exclusions. Furthermore, VX Search allows users to categorize or filter search results before copying or moving or deleting them as well as generate various types of pie and bars charts before saving reports in HTML text Excel CSV or XML formats.

Power computer users and IT administrators can take advantage of a range of advanced options available to them, including pre-configuring file classification plug-ins, scheduling periodic file search operations, automatically creating search reports, and setting conditional E-Mail notifications when user-defined search commands generate specified numbers of search results.

Other features worth noting include the ability to display error messages in the system tray, set keyboard shortcuts and abort operations when critical errors arise. Furthermore, users can modify tab-delimited reports’ delimiter character or customize file search results’ last modification date formats to meet individual needs.

4. Search by industry

VX Search is an automated and rule-based file search solution. It enables a user to locate files based on file type, category, extension name, filename regular expressions and regular expression patterns such as binary or text patterns as well as regular expression regular expressions and binary and text patterns in locations, sizes, creation/modification dates as well as JPEG EXIF tags.

IT administrators can take advantage of a full-scale client GUI application or command line utility to efficiently control file search operations locally and across networks, saving their search results into a built-in reports database with formats like HTML, PDF, text, Excel CSV and XML reports for future reference.

Users of VX Search v15.4 can also categorize and filter search results, copy, move or delete file items as desired, generate different types of circular and bar graphs and export search results directly into SQL databases for future analysis. Furthermore, automated scheduling of periodic file searches as well as sending e-mail notifications of their results is also supported; finally this release also adds archive functionality from VX Search reports database along with improving its command line utility and fixing any bugs that arise during use.

5. Search by date

VX Search is a rule-based tool that enables users to locate files across an entire network based on file classification, name, size, location, creation/modification date or other filters. Furthermore, users can set and search relative periods of time such as years/months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds.

VX Search includes an ODBC database interface to store file search results in SQL databases. This feature applies both to its GUI application and command line utility.

Create and save multiple search profiles that can be reused in later sessions, saving time. Each profile may contain various filters such as filename, extension, creation/modification/last access dates, text strings, hex patterns, JPEG EXIF metadata, file attributes, file size or full path as well as wildcards, regular expressions, begins/ends with and contains comparison types.

6. Search by price

VX Search provides advanced file search capabilities to both power computer users and IT administrators. This includes scanning networks to quickly discover all available network servers and NAS storage devices; automatically discovering them all when possible; as well as running one or more pre-configured file search commands against hundreds of network servers simultaneously. Moreover, search operations may be scheduled periodically, with their results stored either in an SQL database or delivered as E-Mail reports.

Users have the capability of categorizing and filtering file search results, copying, moving or deleting search results as desired, generating various pie and bar charts, saving searches as HTML, PDF, Excel files or text/XML documents, as well as exporting search results directly into SQL databases.

VX Search Server features both a full-scale GUI application and a command line utility, both designed to execute preconfigured file search commands or integrated into user shell scripts and batch files. In addition, IT administrators can remotely control file search operations and view reports via the network.

7. Search by currency

VX Search provides a powerful, full-scale search client GUI application and command line utility that can be controlled locally or remotely via the network. This enables power computer users and IT administrators to pre-configure, save and execute file search operations with one mouse click.

File search results are saved in an internal reports database and can be exported into HTML, PDF, text, Excel CSV and XML formats for further use and review. Furthermore, search results may be imported into a central SQL database for analysis later.

VX Search allows the user to filter or convert financial data in any search table into any currency selected from the drop down menu, making this feature particularly helpful for companies using different currencies on RFPs, POs and Invoices. Alternatively, this data may also be displayed in its original “native” currency in search results.

8. Search by type

VX Search Ultimate allows individuals to set sophisticated multi-level file search rules, potentially searching files by various criteria associated with logic operators. Searches may involve file type, category names, file sizes and locations as well as formal expressions, text patterns and binary expressions or binary attributes such as JPEG EXIF cards and other attributes.

Frequent file search operations can be pre-configured and saved as user-defined search profiles to be executed with just one mouse click. It’s also possible to set periodic search operations, automatically generate various types of file search reports, schedule them at set intervals or trigger conditional E-Mail notifications or custom actions when the search returns a set number of results.

Filter search results, manage files and perform file management activities; generate circular and bar charts for analysis purposes, export reports to HTML, PDF, Excel, text and XML formats and even consolidate search results from multiple servers and NAS storage devices into a central SQL database for review and further investigation.

9. Search by category

VX Search allows users to conduct highly customizable, automated file search operations using rule-based searching technology. Users are able to locate files according to file types, categories, file names, sizes, locations, extensions formal expressions text patterns as well as JPEG EXIF tags. Furthermore, this tool may be used to categorize, filter and classify search results while managing files such as copying moving deleting etc.

From the main search dialog, one can create and save a search profile, pause or stop the scan task, select various options to optimize performance, as well as use file name wildcards or multiple disks/directories with complex matching rules associated with logic operators for searching purposes.

VX Search allows users to simultaneously search files across multiple servers and NAS storage devices simultaneously, use Windows Task Scheduler to execute pre-configured file search commands periodically and receive E-Mail notifications when search operations locate specific numbers of files. Furthermore, there is also a command line utility built into VX Search which allows for direct file searching from OS shell windows.

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