Wallpaper Engine – Create and Share Animated Wallpapers for Windows and Android

Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine allows users to easily and collaboratively design animated wallpapers for Windows with its free companion app for Android devices, featuring 2D or 3D animations, websites, videos, or applications as backgrounds.

The Workshop tab feeds user-created content directly into the program, offering outstanding performance settings – including pausing Wallpapers when playing full screen games – making this a top alternative to Lively Wallpaper.


Wallpaper Engine, launched in 2016, allows Windows-based users to easily create animated and interactive desktop backgrounds with animated effects using 2D and 3D models available, along with its particle systems editor for adding effects like fire, rain or leaves falling to their desktop backgrounds. Users have fullscreen or borderless windowed mode options available as well as numerous performance tweaking settings allowing for performance optimization; Wallpaper Engine automatically pauses when games or other applications run to ensure optimal user experience.

Users can share their creations via the in-app Workshop feature or browse a selection of user-created wallpapers to use as backgrounds. The interface is straightforward with minimal menus and settings to navigate. Multiple monitor support is supported along with ultra-wide screen displays. Users can set schedules to change wallpaper at specific intervals such as when they log in or launch certain applications; Corsair iCUE/Razer Chroma RGB hardware can even be controlled to sync LED lighting to their wallpaper!

Wallpaper Engine can be purchased directly through Steam for an upfront payment of $3.99, though cracked versions of this program may also exist online and should be avoided as these may lack Workshop functionality and even contain malware.

The software was designed to run quickly and efficiently with minimal CPU and GPU usage, with an automatic pause feature when power saving mode kicks in, as well as configurable quality settings for video. It supports all monitor resolutions and aspect ratios as well as notebook computers; its user interface is straightforward as well. Furthermore, users have the choice between traditional fullscreen mode or borderless windowed viewing.

This software is optimized to work on iOS devices and includes a mobile companion app that lets users transfer wallpaper collections directly onto their iPhones. Furthermore, users can utilize custom animations on lock screens and home screens to add depth.


The Workshop tab offers users an effortless shopping experience by feeding community-made wallpapers directly into the app, offering them one place to browse and download them all at once. It’s an effective way of discovering new wallpapers as well as learning about their creators.

Workshop makes creating wallpaper simple by uploading GIF or MP4 files, selecting an aesthetic color scheme and assigning a project name. Users can add custom text, clocks or scrolling text layers for their wallpaper projects as well as customizing text with customizable fonts or a preview feature on mobile devices to view their creations before publishing them to Workshop.

Advanced users have access to various tools that enable them to customize existing wallpapers and create new ones with greater ease, using Wallpaper Engine’s tools for adding layers, textures, adjusting lighting levels and changing colors of scenes – as well as changing opacity levels of certain objects or elements for more dynamic designs.

Once they’re satisfied with their creations, users can either apply them directly to their desktop computers or upload it directly to the Workshop. Unlike Lively Wallpaper, this app provides more advanced controls that allow users to personalize settings and the look and feel of their wallpapers.

Once a wallpaper is published to Workshop, it can be used on any iOS device supporting the Animated Wallpaper feature – this includes iPhones, iPads and Mac devices running macOS. Compatibility ensures that wallpapers will continue working as intended without being interrupted by changes made to Apple’s software.

Wallpaper Engine’s free companion application enables wireless wallpaper transfer onto Android devices wirelessly. Users can connect both devices by entering a 4-digit PIN in the mobile app and selecting their computer from the list of available devices; once connected, wallpaper will pause automatically when power saving mode or other programs run on their computer.

Users can create playlists of wallpapers that will automatically change at set times or upon application launch, using Corsair iCUE or Razer Chroma RGB hardware to coordinate your LED lighting setup with their wallpaper choices. Wallpaper Engine also lets users control Corsair iCUE or Razer Chroma RGB hardware in order to seamlessly match LED lighting setup with wallpaper selections.

Mobile Companion

Wallpaper Engine provides you with the opportunity to take your desktop wallpapers with you wherever you go, via an Android device and use them as live wallpapers. In addition to that feature, this free app offers playlist support, power usage settings and other special functions – it even pauses wallpapers when an app full screen mode is activated – with best-in-class performance optimization for optimal use.

This app comes equipped with an incredible library of stunning videos and animations to get you started, or create your own. There is also an array of tools to allow for customization of video wallpapers as well as creating 3D scenes and models with ease. Please note: At least 2048MB RAM is recommended in order for optimal use; however if your computer falls below that requirement it still allows access to this software.

Create video wallpapers quickly and effortlessly using Wallpaper Engine’s app is quick and straightforward. Start by finding a high-resolution image or video from Unsplash, upload it, edit it in-software with its editing tools, add filters or effects, then upload and share.

Download and use other people’s creations from the Workshop. The program is compatible with multiple monitors and can adjust to various resolutions; frame rate and quality settings can also be modified easily for videos; you can even pause wallpapers when playing games or using maximized applications.

Wallpapers created with this program can be shared on Steam’s Workshop for free or at a price you choose, while playlists allow you to set automated changes at specific times or when logging in, with Corsair iCUE or Razer Chroma RGB hardware used to coordinate LED lighting with your wallpapers.

Wallpaper Engine offers an ideal way to update the aesthetics of any computer in your home or workplace, making a dramatic difference with just a click. With hundreds of themes and colors to choose from as well as wallpapers from popular games and movies – this simple software should give your desktop PC a lift! Give it a try now to bring life back into your desktop!


Wallpaper Engine is a desktop application that enables users to personalize their computers’ screens by adding animated wallpapers – providing a new level of personalization. It comes complete with premade animated wallpapers as well as tools for creating their own customized animated wallpapers.

The desktop application works by allowing users to select a video file, GIF or animation as their wallpaper and then the software will take care of everything else, adding movement and visual interest. Customizable features include setting specific sprites or creating particle systems which are fully under user control.

Once installed, Wallpaper Engine runs silently in the background and loads new wallpapers based on certain triggers. This makes it ideal for users who want a different background every time they play a game or launch an audio visualizer, setting multiple monitors to display different wallpapers at the same time, or using its tray icon to select an individual wallpaper for each screen. Furthermore, this software automatically pauses wallpapers when applications go full-screen or maximized and can even be configured to save power and performance.

Wallpaper Engine offers another useful feature in its ability to edit basic videos into live wallpapers, along with an inbuilt photo editor featuring blur, brightness, contrast adjustment effects as well as text insertion capabilities.

Wallpaper Engine’s Particle System Editor allows users to easily create and edit complex particle systems for effects like fire, rain and falling leaves. They can further fine-tune these systems with sprites, custom effects and various options until achieving their desired effect. Moreover, users have complete control over how audio-responsive sprites and particles appear – an additional control option!

Wallpaper Engine can create stunning wallpapers which can then be shared and downloaded from Steam Workshop free of charge. It doesn’t require additional installation or registration and even connects wirelessly to mobile devices to transfer wallpapers directly. Furthermore, power saving mode can pause wallpapers automatically while providing taskbar display of FPS and quality settings.

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