War Thunder Review

War Thunder

War Thunder by Gaijin Entertainment is an MMO in which players control over 1,900 aviation, naval and armoured military vehicles from multiple nations – each one meticulously modeled to perform with exceptional historical fidelity.

Unfortunately, the game’s slow pace and realistic gestures often interfere with gameplay. For example, American tree has an over-replica Sherman tank; and their M4 model is mistakenly identified as M4A1.


War Thunder is an online multiplayer military-themed game with air, sea and land combat elements. Players can select aircraft, ground vehicles and warships from ten nations–mostly coming from USA, Russia, Germany and Japan. Gameplay ranges from arcade-style frag-fest action to more delicate simulation gameplay; making it accessible yet also rewarding for those willing to put in time learning the ropes.

The game offers plenty of customization options for each vehicle type. Players can select their ammo type – some types have better penetration, while others are better at longer ranges – as well as elevate or de-elevate certain turrets depending on the situation, giving players greater control and making use of each vehicle type in combat situations. This enables them to customize their fighting style and get maximum mileage out of every vehicle they own.

One of the key components of War Thunder is knowing how to work as part of a team. This is especially crucial in air combat mode, where each plane plays an essential role: attackers may bomb targets on the ground while fighter planes excel in close-quarter battles. By learning to operate each type of plane correctly, players can increase their odds of victory and achieve victory more often!

Understanding which vehicles are the most suitable in each scenario is another crucial part of gaming, and this can be determined by looking at their Battle Rating, which measures their efficacy against different types of matches – the higher its Battle Rating is, the more effective its vehicles will be.

War Thunder’s latest update (1.88), was filled with exciting new features and capabilities, such as an updated Swedish aviation tech tree for aircraft as well as numerous ground vehicles and weapons, along with an innovative Rewind feature for replays and improvements, new missions as well as updates to existing missions.


War Thunder is an in-depth free-to-play cross-platform MMO military game, available for Windows PCs, Linux PCs, Mac OS computers, PlayStation(r)4 PS4 Pro Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S systems that focuses on aviation, armored vehicles and naval craft from early 20th century combat units to today’s most advanced combat units. Join millions of other players around the world in epic land, air and sea battles using aircraft, helicopters, tanks and warships designed based on historical documents or living sources!

War Thunder’s Sky Guardians update brings with it several quality-of-life improvements for pilots. Now they can see which ammo type was used to shoot down their vehicle and developers have implemented an animation for ejection from cockpit.

War Thunder also supports NVIDIA Ansel, enabling players to take professional-grade 2D and 360deg screenshots with GeForce GTX graphics cards and the latest version of War Thunder’s free client. This new feature is now available.

Use the screenshot tool to select one of several presets or use camera controls to fine-tune camera settings – tilting, panning and zooming can all be accomplished in addition to adjusting resolution and frame rate settings. Your screenshots will then be stored to your desktop.

The settings are easy to use. Resolution and fullscreen options are easily identifiable; options for vsync, sound and graphics presets are also readily accessible. Finally, there’s a gear button which opens advanced settings; here you can set framerate, select an AA type such as Mip or FXAA and customize both terrain and cloud details to your preference.

The game features stunning graphics and realistic realism. The attention to graphical detail makes the experience feel completely real, making the experience immersive. Unfortunately, due to older hardware resource consumption is relatively high; however, developer has worked tirelessly on making the game as resource efficient as possible through changes in settings that reduce CPU/GPU usage; any notifications of changes are given via game.


Gaijin’s soundtrack is an integral component of its experience, setting the mood and drawing you closer to each battle, characters, and events in-game. It demonstrates that their developers care deeply about creating an enjoyable gaming experience for their players as it shows up in every note in its soundtrack.

While immersing you in the characters and events in the game, this app also helps you feel immersed in its environment. For instance, you’ll hear the sound of your turret firing or hear vehicles’ engines revving, adding another level of realism and immersion. Plus, we remastered its soundtrack for improved quality and clarity!

War Thunder’s gameplay mechanics have also been enhanced. Notable changes include more lethal overpressure damage and an improved ejection system for helicopters that allows pilots to be pulled out when an explosive charge detonates nearby engine rooms.

NVIDIA GameWorks effects have made an enormous difference to the game. They allow for new gameplay possibilities while adding visually impressive Physically Based Rendering visuals that create more realism overall – this upgrade will be especially noticeable to those with a GTX 10 series GPU.

This update marks one of the biggest modifications since its initial launch in 2013. As well as adding several new features, the developer has introduced a brand-new Soviet Union vehicle: Pershing tank. You’ll find it in the US tech tree and serve as a great counter to German Panther tanks with great armor and firepower; plus its quick reload speed makes it suitable for playing more strategically against rival tanks.


War Thunder has long strived to be one of the most realistic games available. Its developers have gone to great lengths to ensure all vehicles in War Thunder are historically accurate and offer various combat capabilities; players can control almost all military platforms from aircraft and armored vehicles all the way down to warships! Since its initial release in 2012, its emphasis on realism has earned War Thunder an enthusiastic following and dedicated fan base.

Players in this game can engage each other in air, ground and naval combat. As well as traditional random battles, Enduring Confrontation (EC) mode offers more realistic gameplay with aircraft and ships being able to use their weapons more naturally than usual.

Realism is also evident in the game’s physics; when a tank is hit by an explosive shell, players often witness its impact ripple across its side based on its calculated explosive charge sensitivity; furthermore, explosions may even damage target tanks depending on their size.

War Thunder’s realistic gameplay comes through in its varied ammunition types. A tank may use anti-proliferation (AP) shells to penetrate a target’s armor, though their effectiveness depends on fuse sensitivity and thickness of side armor.

The game also allows players to customize the appearance of their tanks and weapons to display their personality while making themselves feel at home within certain vehicles.

There are also multiple free ways to play the game. One such method involves collecting Golden Eagles and Silver Lions as in-game currency – these can be used to advance crew training, purchase vehicles or enter premium matches.

This game offers great entertainment and has options that cater to players of all types, making it highly engaging and highly addictive – it can even help pass time! However, its downsides can sometimes become frustrating; such as its realistic graphics that may irritate certain individuals.

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