War Thunder Review

Gaijin’s massive WWII combat flight simulator delivers its promise with fierce battles that span all countries involved in World War II, featuring planes and tanks from various nations that participated. Although some interface issues and microtransaction issues arise occasionally, Gaijin’s military simulation delivers on its promise.

This year marks the 10th season of WT, which was somewhat disappointing but better than its recent predecessor WOT.

Air Combat

War Thunder enables players to reenact historical battles using accurate aircraft models from World War II, with realistic simulation. While not attempting to reach the level of realism found in hardcore World War II simulators, most players will already possess some knowledge about both Allied and Axis aircraft from real life; this should translate well to their virtual cockpit experience.

As with any flight, flying either a fast turn-fighter, heavy bomber, or attacker requires careful consideration of many aspects, and every machine has both strengths and weaknesses that must be considered when using it. A Heinke may excel in close combat dogfights but be easy prey from distance, while a slow bomber with its impressive arsenal might lack the agility needed for tight fights.

Boom and zoom tactics, popularised by aircraft such as the Spitfire and Hurricane, are one of the most effective means of defeating opponents. This involves climbing to high altitude before diving on an enemy below before using their speed to catch up and take them down before they can evade your approach. Successful execution requires precise navigation skills as well as knowledge of your aircraft’s limits: any turns, evasions or dives require energy that will deplete over time.

As well as mastering your aircraft’s strengths, it’s also crucial that you recognize those of your enemies. Checking which kind of plane they’re flying – and where on the map – is of vital importance, particularly if you prefer more asymmetrical style of combat.

Light fighter pilots will find their skills being challenged regularly by experienced players who prefer more dynamic attack runs. Learning to perform the low Yo-Yo is an invaluable asset in these instances; using steep slice turns to reduce range and improve angle of attack, you can put the squeeze on opponents without losing too much momentum.

Ground Combat

War Thunder is a free-to-play multiplatform MMO military game featuring combined arms battles on air, land and sea. Featuring over 2,500 aircraft, ground vehicles and warships from various nations crafted from historical documents and sources across 100 maps depicting key military theaters of world history, War Thunder offers unparalleled aerial battle realism!

War Thunder offers endless entertainment – whether that means blasting enemies away from a bomber turret, protecting your tank against an air raid, defending with anti-aircraft guns or trying to sink an enemy warship with torpedoes from fast attack boats – there’s always something new and challenging in this esports title. While it might not be for everyone, War Thunder can certainly provide hours of joyous gaming experience!

If you’re new to War Thunder, Arcade battle mode provides an accessible starting point, offering help in terms of firepower and mobility mechanics. Once you feel more at home with how the game works, Realistic and Simulator modes provide greater challenges with increased rewards after every match.

Remember when playing ground attacks that the number of enemy ground targets destroyed doesn’t simply serve as a measure of your vehicle’s success; each enemy ground target represents team tickets and eliminating them will cause your opponents’ team to lose. So it is wiser to focus on taking out high-value targets like tanks, artillery pieces and aircraft that represent team tickets than simply counting their destruction as success or defeat.

As when attacking ground units, remember they can be damaged in much the same way as other enemy vehicles – so take special care and consider their position when planning your attack strategy. Also, since most ground vehicles can be repaired after taking low levels of damage (the repairs appear as black bars in the upper right corner of your screen), keeping a repair kit on hand could save time and effort when your Sturer Emil or Panzer IV gets destroyed by enemy fighters.


War Thunder features hundreds of maps that are faithful recreations of historic battlefields, each one depicted with astounding graphic fidelity and boasting thousands of aviation, naval and ground vehicles from major world powers – as well as stirring orchestral background music and realistic sound effects to complete the experience.

War Thunder has long been revered for its vast selection of vehicles and its emphasis on historical accuracy – not to mention its impressive battlegrounds that feature highly accurate combatant placement and accurate battleground simulation. Many players consider War Thunder the most authentic military combat game ever developed.

Most maps in the game are based on real world locations, though their level of detail and accuracy varies widely. There are also “artistic” maps which feature more bizarre terrain or landscapes to make gameplay more entertaining – these typically only appear during special events or tutorials or user-created missions.

This game provides multiple game modes and classes of aircraft and tanks for players to compete against each other or AI controlled aircraft or tanks. AI control options also enable AI controlled aircraft or tanks to join human competitors on the battlefield. Available on computers running Windows, macOS or Linux OS; PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Oculus Rift as well as Android/iOS mobile devices for multiplayer battles!

War Thunder’s ground battles differ from other military games in that they rely less heavily on team tactics and more on individual skill, due to its excellent aiming mechanic which enables players to track moving targets with incredible precision. Unfortunately, however, this system can often be exploited by cheaters and exploiters who fire from across an objective-free map through thick brush.

The game is frequently being updated, with new vehicles and maps regularly making their debut. But some recent updates to the game have drawn criticism from players; issues have included unreliable aiming systems (which often takes weeks to reset after moving turret), difficulty hitting moving targets, glitches that cause trees or buildings to vanish then reappears in scenery, and glitches which cause trees and buildings to appear and vanish from scenery altogether.


War Thunder is an innovative military vehicular MMO that provides players with a diverse collection of vehicles from throughout history. The game includes over 2,000 aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles and naval vessels that players can utilize in highly realistic combat scenarios. Bomber turrets provide players with the chance to blast away enemy aircraft from an aerial battlefront; flamethrowers allow teammates to protect each other and try sinking an opposing battleship can all contribute towards defeating an adversary battleship in naval battles.

Alongside standard XP and Gold Lions earned from battle, the game offers various rewards from simple decals to fully unlocked premium vehicles. These prizes can be obtained through special events that run for limited periods of time and often tied to fulfilling specific tasks (e.g. destroying certain air or ground targets).

One can find various awards in-game that are displayed on one’s profile and offer small boosts of XP or Gold Lions as well as various bonuses depending on which award was received. Awards usually occur after each match and can include bonus rewards if players manage to destroy enemy units with assistance from team mates; such as planes destroyed while being assisted by friendly fighters will get the “Destroyed by Friendly Fighters” award.

An enemy kill of three or more is rewarded with one reward, while four or more will earn two. Destroying enemy tanks using artillery also results in one reward provided all shots hit their intended targets. Players who win several games and earn enough trophies will receive a premium vehicle as a thank-you gift!

Another way of obtaining premium vehicles is through special events that last a limited amount of time, each featuring its own requirements and rewards that include both free vehicle(s) as well as Gold Lions as rewards. Some events even provide commemorative decorators or player icon rewards which are unrelated to completion, like extra Gold Lions!

Players who complete five or more matches during the Summer Extreme event will earn the M4 Sherman tank, an affordable mid rank heavy with 75mm guns and great frontal armor. Furthermore, watching Enlisted streams on Twitch channel earns players additional rewards such as Destroyer Hatsuzuki tank or Player icon.

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