Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Review

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security utilizes cloud technology to detect threats with minimal system impact, supporting Windows, Mac, and iOS devices and requiring at least a dual-core CPU and 140-150MB of RAM for optimal operation.

This software features an accessible and straightforward user experience with all features accessible on one screen, plus standard settings working well. A 14-day free trial can be obtained by providing basic personal details and entering a license key.

Protects PCs and Macs

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security offers cloud-based protection from online threats for PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices. It identifies unsafe links and search results, stops malware, viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, password stealers, hacker attempts, password thievery attempts and more. Proactive protection proactively scans for new threats as they arise by real-time scanning malicious files in real time delivering fast accurate reliable protection; additionally it blocks spoofed websites encrypt username password and credit card data before automatically filling forms across devices while synced passwords across devices automatically synced across devices delivering fast accurate reliable protection against emerging new threats like those emerging threats such as new viruses which appear while proactively scanning new threats emerge by scanning real time scanning malicious files in real time providing fast accurate protection and reliably fast protection; finally it also blocks spoofed websites while blocking them proactively protecting from emerging threats by scanning in real time scanning malicious files real time and providing fast accurate protection delivering fast accurate protection against new emerging threats like this while simultaneously blocking them proactively protecting from new emerging threats by scanning real time and scanning for malicious files real time providing fast accurate reliable protection; as well as blocking spoofed websites while blocking spoofed websites while encrypting username, passwords encrypting username passwords credit card info as well as automatically filling forms and synced across devices in forms when needed as well s synced automatically filling forms and synced password synced across devices while automatically filling forms and synced across multiple devices as soon as they emerge providing fast accurate protection as soon as they emerge providing fast accurate reliable protection delivering fast accurate reliable protection delivering fast accurate protection delivering fast accurate reliable protection in real time! delivering fast accurate protection spoofed websites while blocking spoofed websites blocking spoofed website blocking. blocking encrypting credit card info across devices synced s with multiple devices simultaneously filling forms while autofills forms while automatically filling forms data across devices simultaneously as synced password synced across devices simultaneously with multiple device password synce s online password synce s and synces online password synces across devices! delivering fast, accurate protection delivering fast reliable protection delivering fast accurate protection delivering fast, accurate delivering fast accurate reliable protection blocking s delivering fast accurate protection while blocking s delivering protection delivering fast c.

This product leverages both a cloud-based malware library and heuristic analysis to detect and block attacks, with minimal system impact – even on older computers – without slowing them down. A full scan takes just one to two minutes while deep scans typically require three to five minutes; both times faster than rival products. Furthermore, scheduled scans are offered and backup files created as it scans them.

As is typical with Webroot products, Webroot Scan offers an intuitive user interface with minimal navigational complexity and intuitive understanding. The left-hand pane provides statistics, configuration options and other tools, while its right-hand menu contains an “Scan Button”, with graphic representation of current status; making this system very accessible even to those unfamiliar with security applications.

All plans feature behavior-based detection, which leverages previous patterns of malware activity to provide more proactive virus and malware protection than other antivirus features. It is integrated into every plan level for all platforms and includes a vulnerability scan which examines file systems or applications to identify which components may be vulnerable to future attacks.

Uncertain of whether there are competitors with similar technology, its performance in third-party tests has been very strong. Comparable with Norton in terms of performance yet boasting lower system impact and better money back guarantees; moreover it offers more affordable packages than many of its rivals.

Protects mobile devices

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security protects Android smartphones and tablets against malware, identity theft, phishing attacks, malicious apps and more with cloud-based detection that requires less memory and processing power than traditional antivirus software. Furthermore, it syncs online passwords across devices so they’re accessible from anywhere – in addition to offering 25GB of secure online backup storage space – as well as remotely locking, wiping or emitting loud sounds remotely using its Lost Device Protection feature – plus its Antivirus Scanner and Secure Browser features to keep personal data safe.

Prevx cloud threat intelligence powers this product’s innovative cloud-based detection technology, using an extensive library of continually updated malware files and other malicious files to analyze suspicious ones. Instead of comparing signatures or behavioral patterns locally on clients consuming lots of resources, Prevx creates unique hashes for each file it analyzes that is then compared against predefined hash databases on Prevx servers – saving processing power and speeding up scan times while keeping its footprint to an absolute minimum.

Apart from its excellent performance in our antivirus tests, this software is also user-friendly on both Windows and Mac computers, with its user-friendly interface featuring an intuitive layout for easy navigation and an easily identifiable “Scan My Computer” button in its console. However, the software runs more in the background than competing products – potentially hindering productivity tasks on laptops.

Webroot stands out among anti-virus programs by offering protection to both iOS and Android devices, but their security suite doesn’t compare to Norton or McAfee in terms of features; nonetheless, Webroot offers comprehensive mobile protection features including antivirus scanning, secure browsing and Wi-Fi network monitoring on Android apps as well as password managers on iOS ones.

Provides secure password management

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security is an advanced suite designed to keep all of your devices free from malware, ransomware and other threats. Powered by cloud technology for fast scans without impacting system performance, as well as automatic updates of new threats, Webroot SecureAnywhere offers password management and smart firewall functionality – as well as password manager functionality powered by LastPass that offers advanced 2FA functionality as well as autofill/save functionality. Overall the package offers plenty of features but I found its password manager somewhat lacking; LastPass itself offers more advanced 2FA functionality as well as autofill/save functionality compared to Webroot SecureAnywhere’s built-in solutions – though LastPass itself powered my password manager was powered by LastPass rather than LastPass’s third-party solution; I found LastPass powered lastPass to have greater functionality for password storage options for password storage versus lastPass’s built-in option backed by LastPass; LastPass being powered by LastPass’s platform offers advanced 2FA functionality along with auto fill/save features, auto fill/save functionality than its built-in password storage solution offered autofill and save functionality and auto fill/save functionality provided courtesy of its third party password manager capabilities provided some em.

As an added benefit, this antivirus software can scan and detect hidden files, something other anti-virus programs don’t always catch. Furthermore, it identifies unknown threats by analyzing their behavior, an excellent feature. Furthermore, its heuristic analysis and cloud-based malware database allow it to identify and block even advanced threats, with various scanning methods including Deep Scan, Quick Scan, Custom Scan that users can schedule daily or weekly scans with.

Webroot offers another outstanding feature – monitoring and eliminating spyware/keyloggers used by hackers to gain access to personal data, as well as blocking snoops from hijacking webcams on computers.

Cloud-based approach enables it to detect emerging threats more rapidly than competing products, scanning a device in under 20 seconds with minimal resources usage and prevent threats that other products miss from spreading further.

Webroot’s premium version features an effective password manager and VPN that are essential components of its internet security suite. Their password manager, powered by LastPass, ensures all logins are encrypted for added protection against phishing attacks, hacking attempts and other threats; additionally making accessing them on multiple devices – like tablets or smartphones – simple and effortless.

Their VPN is among the best available, providing secure browsing on public WiFi networks such as hotels or airports, while blocking malicious websites or phishing attempts that might compromise your safety by accidentally installing viruses or other forms of malware.

Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Webroot offers more comprehensive security tools than most antivirus packages do, protecting both PCs and mobile devices from all forms of digital threats – viruses, spyware, password stealers and unsafe websites among them – using cutting edge techniques to thwart hacker attacks, identity theft and phishing scams. In addition, it boasts top-of-the-line password managers like some of its industry competitors as well as flexible cloud storage space options and system optimizers – providing maximum protection.

Webroot excels at protecting computers and mobile devices against malware by employing an intelligent threat intelligence platform that’s continuously updated, which allows it to quickly detect new threats without draining computer resources during scans. Webroot’s small footprint also makes it ideal for Mac computers which often become victims of ransomware attacks.

Parental controls and email scanning and filtering further support this protection, along with cloud-based threat detection to help stop phishing attacks by blocking suspicious links in emails sent from you or blocked from being shown search results that redirect to potentially dangerous sites.

Though this software is easy to set up and use, it does have some drawbacks. For instance, its firewall doesn’t monitor outbound traffic as Windows Defender does; while Norton offers more advanced features like man-in-the-middle attack prevention. Furthermore, unlike its competitors it doesn’t offer the ability to manage application rules; another feature which most competitors provide.

Webroot SecureAnywhere remains one of the top antivirus suites, thanks to its low CPU and disk usage that won’t slow down your machine, its accurate antimalware protection verified by SE Labs and fast threat stopping capabilities; compatible with Windows, macOS and Android operating systems.

The company provides an exceptional 30-day money-back guarantee for its plans, far outpacing many of its competitors’. Furthermore, it provides free trial periods so users can experience its product risk-free.

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