WebSite Auditor Review

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is an on-page SEO analysis tool for professional marketers and SEO managers, designed specifically to assess technical SEO issues on websites. With its array of settings and features, it makes for an ideal option when it comes to evaluating technical SEO problems on a website.

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Page Analysis

WebSite Auditor offers website owners and SEO specialists many advantages. For instance, it allows them to perform macro level site analyses to detect major issues and identify opportunities; additionally it offers a complete technical and on-page optimization report which you can share with clients or print out in PDF form; additionally it gives an easy-to-navigate workspace featuring bulk overview of technical SEO issues as well as in-depth data from Page Speed Insights.

Additionally, this tool features a visual analysis tool which lets you visualize how the site architecture connects and helps uncover issues quickly for quick corrections to be made in its architecture. This can be particularly beneficial to website owners who are planning new content or link building activities. Furthermore, its comprehensive internal linking strategy feature lets you plan and optimize internal links efficiently in an organized fashion while its visual representation of internal linking will impress clients with high-quality reports.

WebSite Auditor makes creating Google-compliant XML Sitemaps easy with just a few clicks, making the platform an integral component of effective search engine optimization. Submitting your XML Sitemap to search engines ensures they can index your website content more effectively; WebSite Auditor can quickly generate them in both HTML and JS formats for quick indexing by search engines.

This tool also enables you to verify your internal linking structure, an integral component of SEO. It quickly and efficiently identifies all internal links with their destination URLs in a rapid fashion while detecting broken links and other issues that could hinder SEO efforts. Furthermore, the tool recommends the best internal linking strategy for your site.

The software offers several other SEO tools that are valuable to your marketing campaign, including tools for checking for duplicate meta descriptions and page titles as well as content issues like duplicate articles on pages and social media accounts, mobile-friendliness of designs and if keywords match audience targetting. It can even detect whether local searches have optimized pages.


As part of website SEO, creating and updating a sitemap is an essential step. Search engines use it to understand all the pages in a website’s hierarchy, while having an effective sitemap can improve search engine rankings, increase traffic levels, and drive more sales.

WebSite Auditor offers an excellent feature: it can generate XML sitemaps of every page on your website – saving both time and preventing mistakes that could prevent Google from recognising it as a valid sitemap.

Not only can the software create sitemaps, but it can also check whether or not your XML sitemaps have the proper structure. Furthermore, it can locate duplicate XML sitemaps. If any errors arise the software will notify and suggest corrective actions accordingly; additionally it can even identify 301 redirects and remove them from your XML sitemap.

WebSite Auditor software is invaluable in detecting broken links and optimizing page titles, while also helping identify broken links and optimizing meta descriptions, content length and other factors essential for SEO. Furthermore, it can recommend keywords as well as provide advice for improving meta descriptions, content length and other key factors of SEO. Furthermore, it can show how your competitors rank for certain keywords, suggesting ways to boost your rankings as well as help create a website map by analyzing URLs and linking structures of competitor websites.

WebSite Auditor offers both a free version of its site analysis tool as well as paid versions for professional users, making installation quick and simple on any operating system. While setup may take some time, once set up it can be run from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Other online tools that can be used for website analysis and optimization aside from WebSite Auditor include SEMRush, Ahrefs, BrandOverflow, DareBoost and Site Analyzer. Each of these has their own specific limitations – Semrush is one of the more well-known digital marketing tools that offers an impressive set of SEO tools as well as offering a free trial version so users can test before committing.

Robots File

The robots file is an essential element of any website. It determines how search engines crawl and index pages as well as whether a page should be excluded from being indexed. Though not overly complex, its configuration must be done with care.

WebSite Auditor is a free tool designed to detect problems on websites. Its software scans for SEO errors and compiles a report that can be saved as PDF format or shared via social media channels such as email.

Link-Assistant offers another convenient method for downloading the tool entirely: installation via its installer. The installer will guide you through setup, and ensure your computer has enough disc space to support this software. Once it’s installed, use its shortcut on your desktop to access it quickly; its intuitive layout makes this program easy and enjoyable to use.

WebSite Auditor provides another feature useful in monitoring websites: it allows users to quickly detect broken images that could compromise user experience. In addition, SEO website audit software checks for JavaScript errors which might prevent Google bots from accessing your website properly.

One of the most essential aspects of any website is its speed, as Google prioritizes faster-loading pages in its search results. To boost its speed, implement optimization strategies. For instance, remove unnecessary scripts or reduce image sizes; increase internal links; or improve website structure.

SEO website audit software can also assist with fixing on-page issues like duplicate content, keyword cannibalization and long or short meta descriptions. Furthermore, it can analyze the internal linking structure of your site and detect broken links as well as detect any errors within HTML code to suggest improvements – an invaluable resource for SEO professionals that saves both time and effort!

Google Analytics

When it comes to SEO tools, you have many options at your disposal – some free while others require subscription. One tool that stands out is WebSite Auditor from SEO PowerSuite bundle – specifically it helps on-page optimization by finding keywords appropriate for your site while improving search visibility and increasing SEO rankings.

This software works by monitoring and analyzing a website’s metadata and technical parameters, using its powerful crawler to detect pages requiring improvement, providing detailed reports with recommendations for doing so. It can also analyze competitor pages and keyword performance so you can determine the ideal keywords for your website.

Page speed is one of the key elements to any successful website, with visitors and crawlers both quickly abandoning it if it is slow or unresponsive. Therefore, it is vital to test and optimize your site’s speed accordingly. WebSite Auditor offers an intuitive workspace which quickly identifies any page speed issues before providing solutions to fix them.

Another useful aspect of the software is its capability of tracking changes in SERPs and how they affect your site rankings. This feature can help track progress of SEO efforts while helping avoid common pitfalls associated with bad practices.

WebSite Auditor can connect automatically with your Google Analytics account, giving you access to key details about a client site’s performance and understanding how you can improve it. Furthermore, this feature helps track progress made towards improving it – helping ensure all the work being put in is having its intended effect on return on investment.

WebSite Auditor is an ideal solution for SEO professionals, bloggers and small business owners. The user-friendly program can quickly be tailored to different types of sites; furthermore it supports various plugins and extensions for extra functionality. Plus it comes at an affordable price, supporting most browsers and available in three paid license packages: professional, enterprise and unlimited.

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