What Are the Features of the Crypto.com App?

Cryptocom App

The home screen enables you to browse available coins and tokens that you can sell for cryptocurrency or fiat, while also setting an anti-phishing code to block potential scammers from accessing your wallet.

Other features include trading CFTC-regulated crypto derivatives, using a Visa debit card to spend your cryptos and earn rewards, and an “Earn” section which offers up to 18% annual interest.


There are various crypto trading platforms, each with a range of features to help traders buy and sell crypto. From advanced trading tools, to margin accounts and futures contracts. The best platforms also feature high liquidity storage solutions and offer additional services such as staking rewards as well as crypto lending – these features all contribute towards making trading crypto easier than ever!

How you select the ideal crypto exchange depends on your trading needs and risk tolerance, but some popular options include Gemini, BitMart, Kraken and Bisq. Gemini was established by the Winklevoss twins to offer support for multiple cryptocurrencies and has also earned SOC 2-certification from third parties; an outstanding feature is hot wallet insurance which safeguards user funds against theft.

Kraken is another highly reputable cryptocurrency exchange run by San Francisco-based financial giant SBI Investment Partners and boasts 13 order types as well as advanced chart analysis for traders based within the US looking for CFTC-regulated crypto derivatives to trade on.

Public is an ideal choice for beginner investors as it provides articles covering an array of investing topics and hosts the daily live show Public Live which provides market updates from analysts, journalists and experts. Public is available both desktop and mobile platforms and its fees vary based on trading volume and CRO staking; users who accumulate more CRO receive discounts in trading fees. It even has a debit card so users can spend their cryptocurrencies while earning cash rewards!


Supercharger is a crypto asset staking feature offered by Crypto.com that allows verified users to passively earn by locking up utility tokens for an extended period. This works by decreasing token velocity (how often utility tokens change hands) which helps maintain average network value. During Supercharger events, a rewards pool is created that allocates rewards based on your allocation relative to total pool size; once Charging Period ends you can claim your reward allocation from your Crypto Wallet.

Deposit at least 100 CRO per event you would like to participate in. To view upcoming events, simply navigate to the Supercharger page and click on “Charge Now”.

Once an event concludes, you have 30 days to collect your rewards and accept them in your Crypto Wallet. Your rewards will be distributed evenly each day during this period and once accepted will continue being eligible for future Supercharger events; if however you withdraw CRO from the Supercharger pool prior to its end then future rewards won’t apply and new depositing of CRO will be needed for participation in future Supercharger events.


The Rewards section offers many ways for users to earn cryptocurrency. Some rewards can be instantaneous while others require a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in order to unlock. Vested rewards may also be redeemed at certain thresholds and referral bonuses can also be found here; when someone uses one’s Referral Code and signs up with us both parties will receive $25 worth of crypto!

CRO Wallet allows you to instantly pay friends and merchants with cryptocurrency of your choosing; even gift card sales.

Buy specific cryptocurrencies from selected merchants to earn bonus rewards – these offers may only last for a limited time!

The App also enables you to stake or lock cryptocurrencies and earn interest rates based on which tier they’ve been allocated to, taking into account factors like currency type, amount locked in CRO staked/locked, duration and other considerations. More details regarding these rates can be found within Crypto Earn section of App.

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