What Are the Unique Features of Telegram?

Telegram is a secure messaging application with many unique features, including end-to-end encryption that ensures only sender and recipient can read messages sent between two parties, creating channels, broadcasting text, photos, videos and files simultaneously, and much more.

Simple to use and accessible on multiple platforms – iOS, macOS and Windows alike. Also a great way of communicating with remote employees!

End-to-end encryption

Telegram provides end-to-end encrypted messaging service, ensuring your conversations remain private from spy agencies or outsiders. The app uses encryption keys that are never shared, to encrypt messages to protect your privacy and ensure no outsider can read them. In addition, Telegram features a self-destruct timer which deletes messages after an assigned period – providing added assurance against strangers reading your conversations if your phone gets lost!

This app also offers various features, such as group chats and video calls. Its user interface is user-friendly, while security features are straightforward to implement. Furthermore, the app can be downloaded free from most devices. Furthermore, multiple languages make using it convenient for people from various regions around the globe.

Telegram’s security features are one of the primary reasons behind its immense popularity. Though not as secure as WhatsApp (owned by data-harvesting Facebook), Telegram still provides an effective alternative. Its privacy policies are straightforward and it offers many useful features – like being able to delete messages in both regular and secret chats as well as two-factor authentication and enabling you to set a recovery e-mail address.

Telegram’s security measures stand head and shoulders above other messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp, which do not provide end-to-end encryption for all chats. Unfortunately, group conversations do not benefit as much from this encryption as individual conversations do, while only end-to-end encryption can be found for messages sent in secret chats.

This feature has been widely criticized for its potential privacy risks and hacker abuse, though some may find it useful in protecting privacy. While it can provide valuable protection, it also exposes users to malware and spam. Furthermore, not all devices support using it as it requires microphone and camera access, making malicious individuals potentially exploitable. Lastly, Telegram stores user data including usernames and IP addresses on its servers; claims indicate it would only share this with law enforcement when necessary but this has yet to be proven.

Self-destruct timers

Self-destruct timers are an invaluable feature for those who want to ensure that messages they post online will be deleted after a set amount of time. They also can protect sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers from becoming public knowledge. Available exclusively on Telegram, this feature can be added to a chat with two or more participants – it will encrypt everything as usual before deleting itself after an agreed upon period has lapsed.

Telegram self-destruct timer is easy to use. First, be in a secret chat with the person you wish to send a message to. Next, click on the clock icon (input box on iOS/Android or top bar on Windows Phone) and set an expiry timer from one second up to seven days; your message will then automatically disappear from both devices once its duration has expired.

This feature works on a device-specific basis, limiting access to only its original device that contains a chat. When another device accesses it, a notification will be sent out, as will any screenshot taken on it from within its own device of origin. Please be aware that this only applies to new messages; existing ones remain intact.

Telegram’s self-destruct timer lets you send photos and videos that will disappear after a specified amount of time has elapsed, making this feature available in its Secret Chat mode, which provides end-to-end encryption. To begin a secret chat with someone you wish to communicate with, tap their profile name and select three dots at the top.

Telegram provides its users with a feature called Secret Chat that enables them to exchange completely private and real-time messaging, as well as several useful functions like deleting conversations and filtering by sender. Furthermore, should your account become inactive for over six months Telegram will delete all messages, contacts and media automatically.


Telegram is a secure messaging platform which uses end-to-end encryption and self-destruct timers to keep user’s messages private and will delete automatically after a specified amount of time has passed. With its cloud storage system and support for third-party apps, this secure messaging service has quickly become one of the top choices among those looking for privacy protection.

Telegram goes beyond secure chat features to offer additional protections that help safeguard user data and prevent unwarranted account access. These features include password-protected screen locks and two-factor authentication (requiring phone number and verification code for access). Furthermore, Telegram provides a safe environment for businesses by supporting private channel creation within teams.

Telegram’s security features do have some restrictions, notably its inability to guarantee users’ messages won’t be intercepted by third parties. This issue arises from its app collecting metadata like IP addresses, device IDs and different Telegram apps you’ve used – data which could potentially identify you and be stored up to 12 months. Furthermore, this leaves Telegram vulnerable to spam and malware attacks.

Telegram suffers from another major shortcoming – it doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption for group chats. This makes them vulnerable to surveillance from governments or other entities – an issue highlighted by German authorities who used an unencrypted Telegram group to plan a hate crime!

This app offers users various features to manage their privacy, such as creating folders for specific topics and setting permissions to determine who can add them to groups. Users can also create block lists to block certain people or organizations. In addition, payment information can be deleted after purchases – an especially beneficial feature for businesses looking to keep financial details private.


Telegram Channels are designed to deliver messages to a large audience at once. They may be public or private, with their creator/admin having control over who can view posts made to these channels, including videos, audio or polls. Channels differ from groups which serve as places for conversations.

To create a channel on Telegram Web, log into your account. Next, click on the pencil icon in the left sidebar near the bottom, select New Channel, enter a channel name and optional description before choosing whether your channel should remain public or private.

If your channel is private, only people you invite can join it; otherwise anyone searching the app’s search feature can locate it. Furthermore, subscribers cannot save content onto your channel; this prevents spammers from filling up your feed with tons of digital garbage.

At any time, you can switch your channel type between public and private – or vice versa – at will. To do this, open the channel you wish to edit and click on pencil icon in top-right corner. From here you can modify name/photo/default photo as well as withdraw any channel invite links at will.

Once your channel has been created, members can join by sharing an invitation link; this link can be copied, shared or generated as a QR code for easier sharing. Furthermore, in the Member section you can see all your members listed alphabetically.

Channels provide you with an avenue for business promotion and community building, by sharing news of products, special offers, industry cases and your insights. They can also send out important notifications such as stock arrivals or promotions – something which can strengthen customer bonds while increasing loyalty among your target market. Moreover, groups provide excellent customer support by answering customer questions directly.

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