What Is Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program that allows users to open PDF files. Available in several editions, Adobe Standard and Pro offer more advanced capabilities like editing, digital signing, file conversion and privacy features.

Some of these versions also support right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, featuring special TouchUp properties and ligature options designed specifically to support these languages.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is a cross-platform, free program for working with PDF documents. As the most widely-used PDF reader available today, this program comes equipped with tools for working with these files – users can read, interact with and sign PDF documents using this application.

PDF Portfolios provide users with an organized collection of documents linked together in one location – making this feature especially helpful for business professionals working with various document formats. Furthermore, an integrated search system makes finding specific words much quicker.

Acrobat Reader is available across multiple operating systems and platforms, such as Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. In addition to that, cloud services like Adobe Document Cloud allow easy access to PDF documents on any device – it even has its own mobile app for smartphone or tablet viewing!

Professionals in fields that involve large volumes of paperwork may benefit greatly from learning Adobe Acrobat. For instance, medical administrators at hospitals frequently need to organize and store important patient data – which requires extensive paperwork – using Adobe Acrobat makes this process far simpler than it would be without this software.

Creative professionals frequently learn Adobe Acrobat as part of their training in other Adobe Creative Cloud programs, since this software enables them to produce high-quality scans of physical documents and transfer them into electronic formats – which make them more accessible and useful in the workplace while at the same time protecting original materials for future generations.

Adobe Acrobat is an invaluable asset to many careers, serving a multitude of functions across many fields. Administrative professionals may find its use especially valuable; automating tedious documentation tasks for large corporations becomes simpler with Acrobat. Furthermore, its digitalization capability makes this tool perfect for archiving historical materials; creating digital copies of important paper documents can then be stored away for future reference.


Adobe Acrobat Standard is an ideal program to assist with PDF document creation and organization, offering user-friendly functionality with its wide array of features that assist in every stage of document creation, editing and organization. In addition, this program has outstanding customer support as well as being cost effective.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is an enhanced version of Adobe Acrobat Reader with additional capabilities not found in its free counterpart, such as digital signature capabilities and password/redaction tools for sensitive data protection. Acrobat Pro can also combine multiple file types into one PDF document and turn web pages into interactive PDFs – plus other advanced features like Bates numbering and instant rich PDF conversion of paper documents into instant rich PDFs!

Pro allows users to share and collaborate on documents with others by sending links via email or uploading it directly to Adobe Document Cloud, making the document accessible on any browser-compatible device. Users can add comments, annotations or fill out forms for collection of e-signatures with this program – as well as being alerted of changes made directly within Pro! Real-time notifications alert users whenever someone makes changes in a file they have access to using Pro.

Though Acrobat Reader provides basic collaboration features, Pro goes much further in this regard. You can create reusable templates for agreements as well as add company logos and hyperlinks directly into form fields. It also lets you collect group feedback on a single PDF while autofill provides faster submissions; in real-time changes can also be tracked as well as mark PDFs with approved or draft labels for faster submissions.

Acrobat Pro also boasts excellent support for right-to-left Middle Eastern scripts (Arabic and Hebrew), as well as standard left-to-right Indian scripts such as Devanagari and Gujarati. Furthermore, Acrobat Pro offers special TouchUp properties to manage digits and ligatures, and allows you to convert and edit text in both languages while maintaining their original encodings.


Adobe’s Acrobat Pro DC software is tailored towards professionals requiring advanced PDF editing and creation tools, while offering access to Document Cloud services across multiple devices for collaboration projects. This version also boasts a range of features to meet any editing need you might have in PDF creation or editing.

The Adobe Acrobat Pro version offers an array of editing tools that make editing PDF documents much simpler, including reordering pages, cropping or rotating them, adding or removing pages, splitting and merging PDF files and watermarking pages with headers and footers; adding images or audio; creating watermarks headers footers watermarks headers footers watermarks watermarks headers footers plus creating watermarks headers footers watermarks headers footers plus adding watermarks headers footers or footers; plus its optical Character Recognition (OCR) function can even recognise text within images or graphics files!

Other Acrobat Pro editing features not found in its standard edition include adding and manipulating hyperlinks, digitally signing a PDF document, redacting parts of it to make it more accessible for screen readers, merging PDF documents together from different sources into one single PDF and merging files from various sources into a single document. Acrobat Pro can also help organize your work by using its Organize Pages tools for moving, deleting, inserting or rearranging PDF pages as well as creating an index/table of contents of documents.

Utilizing Acrobat’s Web Page to PDF tool makes creating PDFs from websites straightforward. Simply select multiple pages or the entire website and Acrobat will convert them all into fully functioning PDFs with all working links, videos playing smoothly and bookmarks automatically created.

Acrobat Pro includes many collaboration features to help you collaborate on projects from anywhere. Sharing PDF documents among multiple users, commenting or annotating documents and adding digital signatures are just some of the capabilities provided. In addition, this version of Acrobat includes form creation tools so you can turn PDFs into interactive forms which others can fill out and sign.


While most mobile devices come equipped with PDF viewers that allow them to open and view files, there are more capable apps out there that go beyond simply opening and viewing PDFs. Some can perform advanced functions like filling out forms or signing with digital signatures, while others provide tools for annotating text or images. When choosing a PDF reader on mobile, consider its intended use; if signing documents while on the go is key for you, consider one that allows forms completion with your finger or stylus; otherwise if editing text or images is important, look for one with built-in editors built right in.

Another consideration when purchasing a mobile device is how much processing power is necessary. Heavier PDF readers tend to consume more resources, potentially impacting performance or battery life of your device. Furthermore, you should keep in mind what other software (e-book reader or video editor) you may already have installed such as an e-reader or video editor.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free mobile app designed to read and print PDF documents. Additionally, it can convert documents and image files to PDFs, organize pages, add watermarks and add watermarks. A premium version with more advanced features, including editing text/images/form filling/e-signatures is also available and offers more features such as editing/forming filling/e-signing etc.

Adobe Acrobat comes equipped with the Scan feature, enabling you to easily convert any picture of a document into PDF form and save or share it online. Furthermore, there’s even an inbuilt printer so you can print directly from your phone!

Google Play Books is a lightweight PDF and e-book reader integrated with Google Drive that syncs seamlessly across devices, making it simple to access a book across platforms. Plus, its built-in library can be managed using your Google account – you can star books for quick access or upload multiple PDFs for reading anytime and anywhere!

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