What Is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of applications that allows users to produce, edit and publish content quickly and efficiently. This software has applications across numerous industries – video production, photography, graphic design, web development and marketing are among those using it regularly. Furthermore, this cloud version allows access to new features faster while offering additional storage and collaboration features.

Adobe Creative Cloud provides subscribers with access to an assortment of apps for digital imaging, design, video production and web use – as well as online services and storage – with various subscription plans that meet individual needs. Included are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Dreamweaver After Effects Premiere Pro along with social media post creation tool Adobe Spark; depending on which plan a subscriber chooses they may also gain access to Adobe Stock photos footage and templates for social media posting purposes.

Before opting to utilize Adobe Creative Cloud, potential users must understand its different applications and how they work together. Some Adobe Creative Cloud apps share similar functions; this may make some easier to switch out depending on user needs and workflow. Some users may prefer Photoshop’s graphics editing abilities over those found in After Effects/Animate for instance.

As of 2013, Adobe no longer sells traditional software licenses for their Creative Cloud stack; instead they now provide it as a subscription service with major feature updates only available through full license purchases. Furthermore, this subscription model makes it simpler for Adobe to roll out new versions of each app quickly.

Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to collaborate in real-time on projects with other individuals in real time. For instance, one team member could ingest and edit captions while another person works on video sequences – this real-time collaboration helps reduce project completion time while making sure all team members have access to the most up-to-date versions of apps and services.

Adobe Creative Cloud’s tools enable users to easily export and share their work. For example, videos created in Adobe Premiere Pro can be directly uploaded to YouTube; images or files created with other Adobe apps can also be instantly shared within iPhone/iPad apps for instant sharing. Adobe Creative Cloud makes an ideal solution for students and professionals who require comprehensive creative tools.

Private training sessions for Adobe Creative Cloud can come in various formats and delivery methods. Adobe itself offers first-party books to teach its software at your own pace; third party providers such as American Graphics Institute offer courses that teach various Adobe applications before leading students through how they are used for projects.

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