What Is Baidu Browser?

Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser gives users access to a range of web-based applications, including Sina news and videos from Youku and Qiyi; music services Xiami FM and Douban FM; as well as E-commerce from Taobao.

Citizen Lab recently found that both Windows and Android versions of Baidu Browser send large quantities of personal user data directly to its servers without or with easily decryptable encryption, as well as failing to use digital code signatures when downloading software updates.


Baidu Spark Browser, powered by Chromium (the same engine behind Google Chrome) is an attractive and user-friendly alternative for those seeking a great online experience. Offering plenty of tools that distinguish it from its competition – including customizable features and social media integration – and supporting multiple languages seamlessly, as well as enabling users to sync desktop bookmarks easily between desktop and mobile versions with its built-in bookmark manager, Baidu Spark Browser provides plenty of tools that make its usage exceptional and user-friendly.

Users will quickly notice that when first opening the program, a simple and user-friendly start screen features popular websites as speed dials along with their local weather. Users may replace or add other websites at will; new ones can even be added at any time! In addition, there’s also an easily customizable feeds page which shows any news or images the user desires to see.

Baidu Browser makes multimedia content easily accessible through social media integration and customizable tools, but its ease of use also extends to downloading videos from any website and converting them to mp3. Furthermore, this software also allows users to take screenshots of any webpage while its torrent search feature makes finding suitable sources easy.

This software is highly configurable, with users being able to adjust font size for every website they visit and display only text to save on data use, zoom pages to fit their screen perfectly or reopen accidentally-closed tabs when they accidentally close them. Users may also customize their toolbar with any additional functions they want available and enjoy browsing in incognito mode without leaving a trace behind them online.

Another useful feature included with this web browser is a built-in “Browser Doctor,” which helps detect and fix any issues while browsing. This function can especially come in handy when struggling with certain websites or experiencing crashes as it allows them to quickly troubleshoot any potential issues and get them resolved faster.

Social Media Integration

Baidu Browser is an innovative web browsing program with many built-in tools not found elsewhere, including Facebook integration, gesture control and torrent downloads. Furthermore, this browser features save/restore tabs which is useful if accidentally closing them accidentally occurs; can mute all audio/video automatically; open Web videos in another window; take screenshots for reference purposes when necessary and an account sync feature for account syncing (transferring history plugins bookmarks settings etc)

Baidu Browser has long been revered in China for its close alignment with the government and ability to comply with censorship restrictions placed upon citizens. A key example is how it proxies traffic from users across the Great Firewall in order to enhance performance and bypass network inefficiencies; however, our analysis of Baidu’s Windows version revealed that its proxy feature transmits significant personal user data directly back to Baidu servers without encryption or easily decryptable mechanisms in place.

Therefore, any in-path actors are able to gather this information and use it for malicious ends – an issue made more concerning by China’s strict surveillance policies and its reliance on internet companies to supply sensitive user data for intelligence and law enforcement use.

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Re-Opening Recently-Closed Tabs

Accidentally closing a tab can be frustrating. With Baidu Browser, however, you can reopen that tab quickly.

This functionality is built right in, unlike most web browsers that rely on extensions for such features. To reopen recently-closed tabs in a new window, just click the Reopen Recently Closed Tabs button located in the top bar or hit Ctrl+ Shift+ T (Command + H on Mac) keyboard shortcut to reopen all previously closed tabs from this session.

Baidu Spark’s internet browser provides users with several useful tools to enhance browsing speed and protect privacy, such as an antivirus scanner that blocks malicious downloads or websites modifying privacy/security settings; plus ad blocking capabilities which help reduce annoying online ads.

Screen capture functionality of this browser can also prove invaluable for quickly sharing interesting photos or web content with others without opening an image editor specifically to do it.

Baidu Browser not only boasts all of the standard features associated with modern web browsers, but also provides some unique add-ons that set it apart – gesture control being one of them; you can perform different actions by simply swiping or right-clicking to achieve desired effects.

A great aspect of this web browser is that it is free and user-friendly. Google Chrome users will recognize its similar interface; additionally, customizing the browser to suit individual tastes is made straightforward by adding or subtracting features from its default configuration.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, Baidu Browser’s beta version could be just what you’re after. Lightweight yet fast, Baidu’s browser won’t drain your resources while offering advanced features to maximize your browsing experience – especially its handy “reopen recent tab button”, as well as its built-in antivirus scanner for protection from threats like malware and viruses.


Baidu is an established Internet search engine and browser for Windows and Android devices. Offering unique features not available from other web browsers, Baidu allows users to take advantage of gesture control to navigate between websites and applications easily using gesture controls; additionally it has a pop-up button which opens Web videos as separate windows in another tab; allows drag and drop capabilities between tabs or windows and offers account syncing so bookmarks and plugins can be synced across devices;

Baidu Browser may be popular among potential users, but there are security risks they should be mindful of before installing and using it. A study published by Citizen Lab revealed that both Android and Windows versions of this app send personal data directly to Baidu servers without encryption – including GPS coordinates, search terms and addresses of websites visited; device IMEI numbers with easily decryptable encryption are transmitted as well. Meanwhile, Windows leaks even more personally identifiable data including hard drive serial number models/MAC addresses/URL/title of all pages visited/CPU model numbers/ID’s/CNPSIPDII numbers etc.

Baidu’s security concerns are understandable given its Chinese roots and current business strategy. To combat China’s inefficient, censorship-heavy network, in 2014 Baidu partnered with CloudFlare to offer “Baidu Cloud Acceleration”, commonly referred to as Bai Du Yunjiasu in Chinese data centers & CloudFlare traffic management services to increase website loading speeds for businesses operating within China.

This software includes an inbuilt virus scanner to protect users from downloading any harmful files, while also protecting privacy or security settings from being changed by online programs. Furthermore, Adware Block eliminates advertisements to increase browsing speed.

Baidu Browser may be user-friendly and offer various features, but its competition from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox remains fierce. Users who value privacy may want to consider other alternatives as an alternative browser option.

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