What is Cyberfox?


Cyberfox is a new browser that is styled similarly to Firefox, optimized for 64-bit architecture, and offers several unique tweaks that enhance its experience.

Established in 2021 and located in Tampa, this company provides global cybersecurity software solutions for managed service providers (MSPs). Their two flagship products, Password Boss and AutoElevate are both essential elements of an identity access management strategy.

It’s a free browser

Cyberfox is a free web browser for Windows that provides users with an efficient, customizable, and secure browsing experience. Based on Mozilla Firefox’s source code and offering an intuitive user experience with familiar icons and themes from Mozilla’s library. Plus it works with 32- and 64-bit Intel/AMD processors plus offers access to its Marketplace apps as well as web developer tools!

Cyberfox boasts all of the handy features and functions that made Firefox such a popular web browser, including tabbed browsing, bookmarks, history and private browsing. Furthermore, Cyberfox supports an array of add-ons and extensions as well as synching your settings across devices – making switching easy from Firefox to Cyberfox by taking over most-visited sites, bookmarks and extensions easily. Lastly, Cyberfox portable version provides fast, reliable and safe browsing solutions.

Cyberfox differs from other web browsers in that it doesn’t monitor or send any personal information to third parties, offers customizable start pages and doesn’t display ads. Furthermore, you can disable cookies and ad blocking for increased security and privacy; additionally you can even block malicious websites using this browser.

Cyberfox may not boast as many extensions and features as other browsers, but it provides fast, customizable browsing that is both customizable and secure. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X it also boasts an open source model with an intuitive user interface; plus its latest release includes support for multi-core processors as well as an improved search bar to make navigation faster.

Cyberfox is an excellent alternative to Firefox that offers advanced features for internet users. With a focus on speed and customization, as well as an emphasis on 64-bit systems optimization, Cyberfox supports many extensions and themes from Firefox while boasting lightweight design and high performance architecture, making it an attractive alternative to other mainstream browsers; though limited cross-platform support and smaller user base may limit its popularity compared to others; nevertheless it offers several other unique benefits not found elsewhere!

It’s easy to use

Cyberfox is an adaptation of Mozilla Firefox that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, supporting most Firefox add-ons while being optimized to run up to eight times faster on AMD architectures than its original. Furthermore, you can synchronize bookmarks and tabs across different computers. Private browsing with Do Not Track can also be enabled; along with some additional tweaks available in its about:config configuration page.

Established in 2021 and with over 30 local employees, Password Boss and AutoElevate were created with one goal in mind – helping MSPs improve their security practices and customer service practices by developing cybersecurity software solutions. Their signature products, Password Boss and AutoElevate respectively provide MSPs with PAM (Privilege Access Management) and password management respectively.

David Bellini, an IT channel veteran and ConnectWise co-founder, will serve as CEO for CyberFox. Working closely with co-founder Arnie Bellini and an investor team, CyberFox aims to be an all-in-one provider for managed service providers seeking identity access management solutions.

CyberFox offers its employees a host of benefits. These include health and dental coverage, life and disability coverage, 401(k) plans, paid time off and tuition reimbursement. In addition, CyberFox promotes inclusivity and diversity within its culture.

CyberFOX’s average salary ranges between $87,970 and $98,246, but individual salaries will differ based on job title, department, and location. Higher-level positions tend to offer greater compensation.

CyberFOX team members looking for jobs can apply on the company website with just their resume and cover letter, providing the company with everything needed for further review. Applicants should expect an answer within one week from CyberFOX about whether they qualify; some applicants may even be invited in for a face-to-face interview.

It’s fast

Cyberfox is a Firefox-based browser optimized to run smoothly on both Intel and AMD processors, offering both 32- and 64-bit builds optimized to each platform. With its classic interface and Australis theme as well as numerous customizations designed specifically to appeal to power users and nerds. Cyberfox supports AdBlock Plus plugins as well as TeamViewer SplashTop Control integration enabling seamless login into remote systems without copying/pasting passwords!

David Bellini is well-recognized in the IT channel for creating ConnectWise software and cofounding Password Boss security software. In 2021, his private equity firm purchased AutoElevate for access management security purposes to form CyberFox; an identity access management (IAM) solution designed to assist MSPs monitor, manage, and mitigate risks as part of their IAM strategy.

Cyberfox has recently undergone several improvements that make it even better, such as upgrading its sharing system so users can share folders and subfolders more easily with others. Furthermore, accidental deletions can now be recovered for up to one year; and now synchronizes with Recycle Bin so items deleted on one device can be recovered on all.

Improved features include the ability to save the login page of any website – an invaluable feature for IT pros and teams that need accessing websites from different locations. Furthermore, the browser supports various password managers, including ones using custom fields; 32- and 64-bit versions are both available; your profile can easily be transferred from other Mozilla-based browsers.

Cyberfox may still be under development, but that doesn’t make it too late to begin using it! Compatible with the latest Firefox release and free to try out for yourself on both Windows XP and Vista systems, Cyberfox allows for seamless use.

It’s secure

Cyberfox is a Mozilla-based browser which leverages 64-bit architecture to maximize memory performance when visiting websites, transfer profiles from any Mozilla base browser and features numerous tweaks that enhance the core Firefox experience.

CyberFox, a new global cybersecurity company launched this week, provides MSPs and IT pros identity access management (IAM) solutions in password and privileged access management (PAM). As part of its launch, this brand unites two independent security firms–Password Boss and AutoElevate–to provide managed service providers with one convenient place for these essential elements of their IAM strategy.

CyberFOX of Tampa has over 30 local employees and is recognized as one of the premier cybersecurity software providers. Their signature products, Password Boss and AutoElevate, help MSPs strengthen security protocols by efficiently overseeing user access to sensitive data while mitigating risks associated with user authorization for such access.

CyberFOX’s solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with the security infrastructures of managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, making their use simple and budget-friendly, enabling MSPs to offer cost-effective services while protecting clients from cyber attacks. Recently, they received SOC 2 Type II certification from Sensiba San Filippo to demonstrate their dedication to data privacy and trust.

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