What Is Cyberfox?


Cyberfox is a Mozilla-based browser that is very similar to its more well-known counterpart, Firefox. It is optimized for AMD or Intel processors and runs both 32- and 64-bit modes simultaneously, as well as offering plenty of tweaks and options that power users will appreciate. Overall, Cyberfox makes an ideal alternative choice for existing Firefox users.


Cyberfox was designed by 8pecxstudios and allows users to navigate the Internet more quickly and efficiently. Although similar to Mozilla Firefox in appearance, Cyberfox boasts additional features that make it superior.

For instance, this software provides more options for customizing, and is optimized to work best on either Intel or AMD 64-bit CPUs. Furthermore, it can even import your profile from any Mozilla-based web browser so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Another factor contributing to its faster speed than its original browser is that it was created using Microsoft Visual Studios 2012 and Windows 8 SDK compilation, using less resources and therefore running on older machines more quickly than its counterpart.

Furthermore, this software eliminates features that collect and transmit browsing habits to third parties – this makes your browsing habits more private while making the software lighter, more stable, and faster.

This program is highly similar to Firefox and users won’t notice any major differences; however, there are numerous minor tweaks which enhance user experience, making this one of the best alternatives to the popular web browser.

Cyberfox has experienced three times growth since launching in June. The company, formed from the merger of Password Boss and AutoElevate, strives to protect MSPs.

Bellini and Slutskin spoke with CRN about the company’s rapid expansion. Additionally, they gave insight into what lies in store a year from now.

Cyberfox stands out as an alternative software solution that is more reliable when it comes to stability, while being lightweight and user-friendly. Plus, its user interface makes customization a snap, with buttons for adding or disabling buttons on the toolbar and changing themes to suit personal tastes easily accessible via extensions – perfect for people who prefer not installing any additional software! Its simplicity also makes Cyberfox an excellent option for people without enough internet bandwidth who wish to browse freely online.


Cyberfox is a web browser built upon Mozilla code, yet boasts various subtle modifications that offer noticeable performance improvements. Specifically designed to run on Windows-based computers with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, Cyberfox uses less memory than Firefox for optimal user experience without overloaded tabs or unnecessary processes running in the background; plus its free software releases under Mozilla Public License make transferring settings straightforward.

Cyberfox has also made significant advances in security. Their browser utilizes the Gecko engine’s latest version for added protection against malware and phishing sites. Furthermore, Cyberfox offers Dark Web scanning and multi-device support – perfect for MSPs looking to help their customers protect themselves against hackers or other bad actors.

Cyberfox stands out among competitors with its private browsing mode, enabling it to disregard cookies and tracking data – perfect for users concerned about online privacy. Furthermore, it features a secure cookie manager which enables them to select which websites may store their cookies and data.

Cyberfox stands out as a more secure browser option due to its extensive security features and user-friendly design, with an easy interface and plenty of customization options for personalizing it to suit individual preferences. Furthermore, it works well with other Firefox extensions such as Palemoon or Basilisk that often require fixes from Firefox in order to continue functioning correctly.

With the recent pandemic, cybersecurity has been at the forefront of people’s minds and Bellini believes CyberFox’s rapid growth over the last three years can be directly traced to this shift in perception. He hopes to keep that momentum rolling forward and expand CyberFox even further; view the slideshow above for more insight into CyberFox’s strategy and what it means for MSPs.

More Secure

At present, cybersecurity remains an evolving and ever-evolving field, making it hard for us to stay abreast of new tactics and techniques. If you are an MSP or IT service provider, however, using password management software and privileged access management (PAM) tools effectively may help mitigate breaches and security breaches in their entirety.

CyberFox was introduced as a cybersecurity company last summer with a goal to give Managed Service Providers (MSPs) one-stop solutions that protect customers against security threats by controlling user access and mitigating risks. It provides MSPs with solutions for protecting customer from security threats by controlling user access and mitigating risks.

Password Boss and AutoElevate both offer IAM solutions designed to assist Managed Service Providers (MSPs) manage customer passwords and privileged accounts more easily and have been recognized for the excellence of their technology. Combined together, these products form a comprehensive password and PAM solution that’s simple to use, scaleable easily, integrates seamlessly into an MSP’s service portfolio seamlessly and makes an MSP’s life simpler.

CyberFox browser may resemble Firefox in many respects, yet it offers additional features that make it more robust than its rival. These features include optimization for AMD or Intel processors as well as support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems; additionally it works with all Firefox addons as well as being capable of importing all settings.

Additionally, Opera removes all features that collect or send data to third-party companies, making it much more secure web browser for those concerned about privacy. Furthermore, it provides plenty of features tailored specifically towards power users and nerds alike.

Bellini told CRN that prior to the pandemic, security wasn’t high on many people’s priority list. That changed thanks to CyberFox team’s focus on alleviating MSP pain points so they can focus more on client service – and as a result of that effort, they have experienced phenomenal growth since.

More Customizable

Cyberfox uses the same source code as Firefox, but is customized for your processor so it can run more smoothly on older computers. Compatible with Firefox extensions and supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms, Cyberfox is sure to deliver exceptional performance!

Cyberfox makes customizing its look and feel easy. While it includes several preloaded visual themes, you can add your own to tailor the layout. Furthermore, you can modify settings related to performance and security – such as changing search engines, notification visibility settings, or enabling or disabling privacy mode – by easily using its synchronization feature and saving your changes into an account you own that you can import them onto other devices by entering login credentials.

The program features all of the convenient features and functions that make Firefox such a popular choice among users, including incognito sessions, viewing browsing history, adding bookmarks, enabling full screen mode and using plugins to expand functionality. Signing in with an account synchronizes tabs, bookmarks and passwords across devices – it even integrates seamlessly with TeamViewer and SplashTop so users can log into remote systems without copy-pasting passwords!

As with other browsers, Cyberfox allows users to download and play videos from online media platforms as well as create custom homepages and is compatible with most major plug-ins; however there may be certain restrictions you should keep in mind when using Cyberfox.

Though these changes may seem disruptive to some users, their goal is to improve browser stability and performance as well as address any issues caused by previous updates. Furthermore, the program features some unique elements, including dark theme support and an integrated download manager.

Cyberfox is an effective, secure web browser available for free, featuring various features suitable for beginners as well as professionals. With an intuitive user interface that runs across various operating systems, Cyberfox stands out as one of the most efficient programs on the market.

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