What is Discord?

Discord is an audio/video chat application used by millions of people aged 13+ worldwide to connect with their communities and friends, from games to art communities worldwide and even education. Discord provides servers organized around topics ranging from games to education.

Servers can be public or private, allowing users to choose who joins as friends or joins their server. Users can also adjust privacy settings in order to filter direct messages for explicit material.

It’s free

Discord is a free service that allows users to chat, communicate with other members, share media files, and join servers and channels for all sorts of communities – gaming groups to study groups. Furthermore, Discord provides various privacy and safety settings, including blocking direct messages from people not on your friends list and automatically deleting explicit direct messages that contain explicit material.

Servers in Discord are virtual places within the app that can either be private or public. Private ones are only open to your friends while public ones allow anyone who wants to join to participate. Discord servers also feature text and voice channels for separate chatrooms.

Users of Discord can use it to connect with friends and coworkers both offline and online, as well as businesses maintaining client communication. Discord offers video calling capabilities, audio calling options, group text messaging services and a search engine to quickly locate information in multiple languages – making communication with others simpler than ever!

Discord’s community has expanded beyond gaming, including people who share many different hobbies and interests – there are even Discord servers dedicated to movies, music, books and student hubs which connect students directly.

Discord offers numerous privacy and safety features that enable you to tailor who can send you direct messages and which servers you can access, scan for explicit content in all direct messages sent your way, as well as limit how long your phone or computer remains idle when browsing Discord.

Discord has created a Family Center to assist parents in monitoring the activities of their children on the platform, without providing transcripts of conversations they may be engaging in. By encouraging healthy digital habits among their kids, this feature may encourage healthy digital habits for life. Furthermore, Discord recently unveiled new community guidelines features designed to reduce harmful misinformation while investigating off-platform conduct when assessing violations against its policies.

It’s easy to use

Discord is an incredibly intuitive chat and audio/video communication platform. Users can create and join servers organized around communities or friends; servers may be public (meaning anyone can join) or private and invite-only; as well as creating text and voice channels for specific topics and purposes – providing a curated community-oriented experience on Discord.

Discord is easy to use and accessible from any device, making creating an account simple. Simply provide your username, password and email address; after which, a captcha code will appear and complete the process. From there you’ll be taken directly to Discord’s home screen where there will be various servers you can join or create your own – to do so click “Add a Server” in the left pane of the app.

Once inside a server, use the plus icons on the left side of your screen to add voice and text channels, including permissions and emoji selection for each. Furthermore, multiple administrators or moderators can be added in order to oversee its proper management.

Discord offers advanced features and configuration options, such as custom keybinds, integration with third-party apps and bots, Markdown support for text formatting in conversations quickly creating rich formatting allowing more creative communication, custom keybinds and integration with third party apps. It even supports rich formatting text using Markdown! These capabilities make Discord more productive for users while expanding communication opportunities more creatively.

Krisp noise suppression is another fantastic feature that makes Discord more pleasant to use with multiple people on one device, by filtering out distracting background noise such as lawnmowers or barking dogs from voice conversations. You can activate Krisp either from within the app user settings or via the desktop voice status panel.

Discord provides large servers with detailed insight information. This includes audience metrics, top channels by engagement rates and more – making this data invaluable for admins and moderators seeking to assess the health of their community as well as game developers and publishers who use Discord’s data for informed ad placement decisions.

It’s safe

Discord is an all-in-one communication platform designed for digital communities that share common interests. The platform integrates community forums, real-time voice/video chat, private group calls, text messaging and texting into one app – and has proven popular among gamers but also supporting podcasts, business communities, student groups and more. While Discord can be safe to use, users could still become victims of cyberbullies or scammers; to safeguard yourself against this possibility it is wise to employ two-factor authentication and avoid public servers; report suspicious activity back into the community as soon as possible.

Discord has taken several measures to bolster its security, such as increasing reactive operations and looking beyond platform behavior when determining if users have violated community guidelines. Furthermore, Discord partnered with ConnectSafely and hosted listening sessions with National Parent Teacher Association chapters; all these initiatives aim to increase awareness and adoption of Discord’s safety features and practices.

Even with these improvements, many parents remain concerned for the online safety of their children. Parents should discuss Discord usage with their children and consider using Family Center to monitor how they use it – though this feature only offers transcripts when opt-in, not all transcripts of conversations within it will be made available to you.

To help keep your child safe on Discord, it is crucial they only join servers moderated and trusted by their peers. Furthermore, direct messages must only allow contact between friends; to do this change the default setting from “Everyone” to a friend list or Safe Direct Messaging as soon as possible. Finally, using a VPN service could protect their traffic against malware infection and further ensure their online safety.

One way to stay safe on Discord is to avoid downloading links or attachments from unknown sources, even if they seem trustworthy; there’s always a possibility their account could have been compromised and contain links with malware infections that could compromise the system.

It’s easy to find

Discord is a free chat app that connects people from around the world who share similar interests into servers. You can communicate using text or voice channels and can create your own server; owner-managed servers set rules and guidelines for behavior to ensure optimal use, blocking users if they violate them; furthermore, Discord offers training materials for community moderators and spends resources monitoring and enforcing its guidelines.

Discord’s discovery page makes it simple for you to locate servers that fit your interests by filtering servers by categories like gaming, music, education, science & tech and student hubs. In addition, you can search using specific words or phrases in the search box. When you find an interesting server, tap it for more information before selecting “Join This Server” either to sign in or accept an invitation if necessary.

Discord has been around for six years and continues to experience exponential growth. It boasts a variety of communities on its platform, although gaming remains its core interest. Recently, however, more emphasis has been put on social communities for general discussion and content creation (a trend accelerated by Covid-19 pandemic) rather than gaming specifically. Other popular communities include Fine Arts, Anime and Memes groups. Furthermore, Discord has recently made strides into educational content via several educational servers as well as its Student Hubs feature that connects students privately over private servers.

Users can quickly communicate in text through the chat field at the bottom of the screen, upload images and GIFs, edit or delete their messages and use color coding to identify members of their server – for instance devs and moderators are highlighted with purple backgrounds for easy identification.

Discord provides many tools to keep users safe online, such as a filtered feed and the option to filter adult content. Furthermore, parental controls allow parents to set limits on who their children can talk with as well as what content they can view.

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