What Is Discord?


Millions of gamers use Discord to chat and play together. It is available as a desktop application on Windows and macOS computers, iOS/Android mobile apps for phones or in a web browser interface.

Each Discord user has their own distinct tag, usually consisting of their username followed by a number (for instance: provokedprawn#3221). You can easily identify someone from their homepage by looking up their tag and adding them as friends.

It’s free

Discord is a free communication app that enables users to create servers and communicate using text, voice and video chat. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide – gamers and game developers included – Discord boasts availability on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac Linux iOS Android. In addition, Discord features two-factor authentication that users can enable within their account settings.

Discord servers can be created for various reasons. Some are private, others public, and some based on specific games or studios. While many users use Discord to communicate as they play games together, others utilize its text and voice channels for gaming-related discussions. Setting up your own Discord server is straightforward with plenty of features available to take advantage of.

Discord can help you set up text channels where you can share GIFs and memes with your friends, or set up voice channels where you can chat about your day. Furthermore, while gaming you can even run Discord while doing so – allowing real-time communication among teammates and players while making game coordination much simpler; sharing concept art screenshots and other game-related material among friends becomes much simpler too!

Another useful feature of our app is the ability to manage your online status by simply clicking on the cog icon on the left-hand side of your home screen and choosing from “Idle,” “Don’t Disturb,” or “Invisible.” This way, your status remains hidden and prevents unwanted messages or calls.

The app also provides text and video channels that can be used for general chatting or to organize gaming sessions among friends. Users can invite others to join servers by creating links and sharing them, with options to set an expiry timer or limit how often someone uses that link.

Discord servers provide a fantastic environment for meeting people with shared interests, but it’s wise to exercise caution when sharing any sensitive data. Discord’s transparency report highlights incidents where some users were subjected to harassment and cybercrime; therefore it would be prudent to use a password manager and enable two-factor authentication on your account; additionally it might be wise to consider using VPN services to safeguard your privacy.

It’s easy to use

Discord is an easy and efficient way to stay in contact with friends while gaming, even real time. Available as both PC software, mobile application, and console beta beta version – plus connecting with game controllers so that you can chat as you go!

Discord allows users to easily create and join servers, or communities focusing on specific topics, games, or interests. Servers may be private requiring an invite or public and open to all; each server can offer text chat channels, voice chat channels and video chat channels while bots perform various tasks within its community.

Discord’s voice chat functionality is widely utilized, enabling players to easily converse through microphone. You can even react using emoticons based on what your friends say! Additionally, video calls are supported, though their performance may be affected due to low resolution and bandwidth issues.

Text chat is simple and fast, while you can also share photos and links using the Messages menu. There are various privacy settings within Messages such as Do Not Disturb (an option which temporarily silences notifications until you return to the app), or setting Discord up to scan direct messages for inappropriate material – both useful features when working with public servers.

If you want to connect with a specific user, right-click their name in the server list and choose from one of three drop-downs: send private message; add them as friends; initiate voice call with them or block/adjust their volume in voice chats.

Your server folders can also be easily managed by dragging them across each other in the left-hand pane, as well as customized to reflect their icon, colour and background settings. Custom folders can also be created for more streamlined organisation of server data.

Discord is an intuitive platform designed for gamers and non-gamers alike, offering safe and effortless communication. While some servers contain inappropriate language and images, you’re bound to find communities more family-oriented than those hosting adult content. Furthermore, Discord’s installation process makes downloading it an effortless process on phones, tablets and computers alike.

It’s safe

Discord is well known for being secure and private, yet it still presents some risks. One issue is its potential use to exchange malware files remotely – making it a prime target for cyberattacks and making the service an attractive target for cybercriminals. Luckily, Discord offers information on how to stay safe online as well as transport layer security (TLS) encryption technology to safeguard user data while in transit.

Discord servers can be either public or private, giving users the chance to chat with both friends and strangers on the platform. Users can share text and audio, and make voice calls between servers using microphones. Server owners can set rules for chat such as prohibiting swearing and hate speech as well as block users who break them; additionally users can personalize their Discord experience using an overlay that shows who’s speaking so as to avoid accidentally speaking to people they don’t wish to communicate with.

Like other social media platforms, Discord can be a dangerous place for children due to its anonymity and ability to post nudist and offensive memes. Therefore, it’s advisable that parents discuss internet safety with their child and insist they never disclose personal data online; furthermore it would be wise to limit time on Discord while regularly reviewing server list and friend list for potential risks.

Discord’s main selling point is its free use without the requirement of credit cards, yet the app still collects and sells user data. Furthermore, Discord collects details such as installed programs and hardware specifications from each computer connected to it.

Discord is a top choice among gamers due to its high-quality voice and video calls, but it’s essential that users understand what they’re getting into before downloading the app. Discord can consume significant amounts of data; its always-on voice chat feature consumes up to 28MB an hour – this could add up significantly for older devices with limited storage capacity.

It’s fun

Discord is best-known as an app with chat rooms designed specifically for gamers, but its popularity has expanded far beyond this niche audience. Communities for TV shows, regions, sports teams and memes have emerged on Discord; indeed many users spend more time engaging in conversation through this service than playing video games themselves!

Discord is a communications program with over 100 million monthly active users who enjoy text and voice channel chats. Users can create private or public servers using Discord’s home screen app; you’re sure to find something suitable. Plus, Discord’s free tier offers unlimited voice and text chat – with HD chat available if uploading files larger than 100MB is desired (for an extra $10 monthly charge, see Nitro subscription plan below).

Discord has its share of issues and it remains unclear how the company plans to make money long term, yet millions of gamers and other people have found the app enjoyable and useful – making Discord an indispensable part of their gaming lives.

With just a few clicks, it is easy to create your own private Discord server, with its default settings offering plenty of customization options to personalize its appearance. Choose from different fonts, colors and emojis to suit your preference; Markdown allows for text formatting while media sharing lets you share gifs directly through the app.

If you don’t want to build your own server, there is also the “Explore Public Servers” icon at the bottom left of your home screen that allows you to explore an assortment of public servers. There is something here for every taste imaginable – official game servers for popular titles to gaming development platforms or language learning services and even dedicated communities such as beatboxing servers and fans of Sacramento Kings NBA team fans.

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