What is DivX?


Circuit City launched DIVX to compete with Blockbuster by offering $4-5 rentals without late fees.

Today, DIVX players and discs are mostly obsolete; their phone home service that allowed them to function has long since been dismantled. Although they still play standard DVD format movies, that is about all they are good for.

DivX is a digital video format

DivX is a renowned video codec that allows for compressed video segments with high visual quality while maintaining relatively small file sizes, as well as DVD-like features in portable form. As opposed to lossless compression that completely erases every detail from an image file, “lossy compression” used by DivX allows it to reduce file sizes without altering any original visual quality – competing against Microsoft Windows Media WMV files, Apple QuickTime MOV files and RealNetwork RMM files while being owned and marketed by DivX LLC.

Circuit City first created the DIVX codec as part of an unsuccessful DVD rental system they attempted to launch using special players and discs branded “DivX.” However, its name became associated with its MPEG-4 video compression technology rather than any failed rental scheme that might use DIVX compression technology in future.

DivX codec has quickly become an industry standard, particularly for long videos distributed online as it can be played by almost every player imaginable; even smartphones and digital TVs support it! Furthermore, this format is often used to rip DVDs for playback on personal computers.

There are two types of DivX available; regular MPEG-4 Part 2 DivX and high-definition H.264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX Plus HD codec. The latter allows users to enjoy high-definition, full-screen video up to 1080p with its support for MKV/Matroska multimedia containers and AC3 or MP3 audio encoding formats.

DivX software is free and included with many media players, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. It is very user-friendly, enabling users to easily inspect video metadata as well as convert DivX files to more widely supported MP4 format files.

DivX format’s flexibility allows it to store large amounts of data on small storage devices like flash drives. A 16GB USB drive can hold an entire movie with plenty of room left over for more movies or music; this can come in very handy when traveling long distances with family or friends as it provides entertainment during roadtrips.

DivX is a video player

DivX is an efficient video compression format that can reduce multimedia files by 8-12 percent without losing quality, with options to add subtitles and interactive menus to videos. Compatible with most DVD players and easily downloaded through high-speed lines like DSL or cable modems; making DivX an excellent way for users who want to watch movies online while saving bandwidth with P2P networks.

The DivX codec compresses long videos into smaller file sizes, making them suitable for online streaming. It can reduce MPEG-2 file sizes used by DVD videos by 10% of their original size compared to CD media; additionally it’s compatible with MPEG-4 which offers higher resolutions and improved image quality.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is one of the top DivX players, compatible with most DVD players as well as providing all media playback solutions in one program – not only does it support DivX files but it can also play them on PC using its dedicated player software. Leawo’s free DivX player Leawo Blu-ray Player contains not only all your DivX needs but also supports Blu-ray, DVD, HD (4K), ISO files with DivX/Xvid/AVI as well as MPEG, WMV ASF FLV MKV/MKA formats!

DivX is a DVD-ROM format developed and promoted by major movie production companies like Disney, Dreamworks SKG, Paramount and Universal to help protect copyrighted material against piracy by adding copy protection security. Rental was available, meaning movies could only be watched for a set timeframe (usually two days) before having to be returned. Players would connect via telephone with a central server that handled billing information exchange. Movies could be re-rented for another two days by paying a fee, making the format very popular among DVD rental stores. Over time it was replaced by Xvid which offered similar features while being licensed under GNU General Public License for free use, modification, and distribution of its codecs.

DivX is a codec pack

A DivX codec pack is software that allows you to reduce video file sizes for easier transfer over the Internet and streaming viewing without compromising original video’s visual quality. Furthermore, these packs allow for multiple audio and subtitle tracks – which makes DVD creation much simpler!

DivX file format is an MPEG-4-based multimedia compression technology which can reduce file sizes to a fraction of their original sizes, supporting up to 1080 HD resolution and high-speed Internet connections like DSL or cable Modems. Furthermore, it has become a popular choice for online streaming.

DivX(r) is a trademark owned by the DivXNetworks LLC and was developed by Jerome Rota in 1999 with the goal of fitting full-length movies onto CD or DVD media without losing quality or file size. Using this video codec has proven extremely successful; file sizes have been reduced by about 10% while visual quality remains unaltered; additionally AC3 and MP3 support is supported as well as being available via the media format itself.

As a file format, DivX is similar to AVI; its video stream is placed inside a Matroska media container that supports additional XML-based attachments defining chapters, subtitles and meta data. Noteworthy here is that unlike its AVI counterpart, this format does not include RIFF headers or other tricks used to support multiple audio and subtitle tracks.

Though not intended as a replacement to the AVI format, DivX provides more features for users than its competitor – including better video editing tools, advanced upscaling technology and support for XSUB subtitles. Furthermore, its codec can be integrated with other video editors.

To install the DivX codec pack, follow the on-screen prompts to complete setup. The DivX installer may warn that it will overwrite existing codecs; this is normal and should not cause any issues. Likewise, any digitally unsigned driver warnings you might get are also non-threatening; once installed you should be able to play DivX videos using Windows Media Player as soon as you restart.

DivX is a software

DivX software provides everything you need to enjoy digital videos on your computer, from conversion, playing, media server support and the latest HEVC resolution up to 4K support. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems and featuring video and audio editing tools as well as tagging system for organizing files by genre/title; additionally it comes equipped with an integrated media browser and supports all DLNA-compliant devices.

DivX is an MPEG-4 Part 2 codec designed to compress lengthy video segments into small file sizes without compromising visual quality, making it suitable for high definition (HD) displays as well as streaming over the Internet and for copying DVD movies directly onto hard drives. It is often the go-to format when it comes to ripping movies onto a hard disk drive from DVDs.

In 1999, Jerome “Gej” Rota of France established the DivX video format. Utilizing an MPEG-4 codec he modified for near DVD quality video at much smaller file size, Rota’s work was widely recognized for making full-length HD video transfer over the internet possible – something unheard of at that time.

Once DivX was introduced, numerous consumer electronics manufacturers quickly produced products compatible with it. Over 1400 devices currently hold certification – HDTVs and Blu-ray players included; mobile devices including tablets and smartphones as well as computers can play back DivX movies!

When it comes to video conversion, there are various programs that support DivX formats that you can choose from. AnyMP4 DivX Converter is one such application which offers lossless video conversion for both Windows and Mac systems – it also handles other audio/video formats seamlessly!

DivX Plus HD is an upgrade of DivX video format supporting up to 4K resolution. Unlike previous versions, this new format uses Matroska as its media container with H.264 video bitstream, AAC audio track and several XML attachments defining chapters, subtitles and meta data defining chapters, subtitles and meta data attached as separate attachments. In addition, millions of DivX Certified devices support this format for playback.

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