What Is Document Scanning?


Document scanning involves digitizing paper documents for storage purposes using either a dedicated scanner or cloud service, with several factors to take into consideration when choosing one of these solutions.

Your scanner and file formats should both be supported, while optical character recognition (OCR) should allow for the transformation of scans into editable documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR software transforms paper documents into editable digital files that make reviewing, verifying and analyzing easier while saving time by eliminating manual data entry. Furthermore, digitalized documents can now be accessed easily from anywhere – for instance a credit report once stored in an office filing cabinet can now be easily viewed online by any visitor – providing companies with greater efficiency while improving security by decreasing physical copies of documents stored by them.

OCR (optical character recognition) is a computer program that reads text from a scanned image or document and converts it to digital form for editing in word processors, translating Chinese, Japanese and Arabic into digital format for further use. OCR technology can also translate various languages including Chinese, Japanese and Arabic into digital format as well. OCR technology has numerous applications across industries like banking and real estate as well as improving productivity by eliminating manual checking of documents manually organized.

OCR used to only work on one language. Now, with recent advances in technology, OCR can support multiple languages and even recognize misspelled or written-in words using an extensive library of characters and phrases compiled into an OCR program database for comparison with original document content – this feature known as named entity recognition (NER) is one form of machine learning which helps increase accuracy.

PaperScan’s latest release includes several features designed to simplify document scanning and management, such as support for multiple languages, an improved OCR engine and automatic file naming based on day, month and year. Furthermore, PaperScan can detect blank pages automatically during scans before automatically removing them; in addition it recognizes most 1D barcodes, convert images scanned as PDF, BMP TIFF JPEG files.

This program provides an all-in-one solution for managing scanned documents, with tools for controlling any scanner or camera via TWAIN or WIA and network scanners and multipage documents supported. PDF/A, TIFF, PNG and JBIG2 file types can be saved directly as PDF documents for future viewing or saving to them directly as files for PDF/A, TIFF PNG JBIG2. Furthermore it offers autodeskew, image rotation, border removal, punch hole removal as well as post image processing functions like color adjustment, cropping and filters among many more features for managing documents scanned by TWAIN or WIA scanners and cameras using either WIA or TWAIN/WIA protocols allowing full control over them all for maximum image processing & filters effect & JBIG2.

Batch processing

PaperScan is an advanced TWAIN and WIA scanning software with one aim in mind: to make document acquisition as effortless as possible. With just a click, PaperScan can control any scanner (TWAIN or WIA), network camera or acquisition card – including network ones! All capabilities will automatically be negotiated and handled by the program itself.

This program lets you import any image/PDF files and arrange them in any single-page or multi-page configuration you can imagine, perform image adjustments and enhancements as desired, annotate them with sticky notes, rubber stamps, highlighter arrows or sticky notes before saving your work in several file formats such as JPEG TIFF PDF etc. Additionally, encrypted PDF documents can also be read/written.

PaperScan’s impressive capabilities also include its ability to automatically detect blank pages during scanning and remove them automatically, saving time by eliminating unnecessary scanning sessions. You can add various post-processing steps – despeckle filter, image size reduction, color adjustment, whitening and cropping are just a few – for extra personalization of your document.

Document scanning solutions allow businesses to digitize and store important information in a centralized repository for easy access. Furthermore, these applications can automate workflows and improve productivity by eliminating the need to manually manage files; an invaluable asset for companies with large volumes of paperwork across multiple locations.

Laserfiche is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution with advanced features such as document scanning, OCR recognition and workflow automation. It enables organizations to capture information from paper documents and electronic forms and convert it to digital formats for storage, analysis and distribution purposes. Laserfiche can also store documents, emails and other pertinent data securely within its central repository for easy retrieval at a later date.

PaperScan Free displays ads and is limited to batch TWAIN/WIA scanning or importing up to 10 pages at once per document. PaperScan Professional costs $149 and provides additional features, such as support for PDF-OCR in over 60 languages and image editing tools. For more information about PaperScan visit ORPALIS website where there is a comparison matrix which may assist in choosing an edition suitable to your needs.


PaperScan Free is a lightweight yet powerful scanning software program which allows users to make modifications to scanned images, PDF files and photos before connecting with online services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Users can create PDF files with password protection as well as sort the pages according to size or color mode mode; users can adjust colors, correct page surfaces and remove fingerprints all simultaneously! PaperScan can even scan multiple documents at the same time before converting them into different formats for viewing or storage purposes.

PaperScan can detect blank pages and automatically adjust contrast, brightness and saturation levels for high-quality documents. It can detect edges of documents then use various filters to enhance clarity of images; further reduce document sizes by eliminating unnecessary information; convert scanned documents to editable text files with OCR capability for reading texts as well as import data from DOC, XLS or TXT file formats and convert those documents to PDF and TIFF documents for storage purposes.

Add annotations such as sticky notes, rubber stamps and arrows to image and PDF documents with this software program. Create custom pre-set annotations for easy access as well as customize colors of individual annotations while using a polygon ruler for customized shapes for them.

An all-in-one solution designed to handle all forms of scanning and OCR tasks. Its intuitive interface makes it simple for even novice users to pick up and start using, while advanced features enable users to automate processes and optimize scanning workflow. In addition, users can track documents for conversion using “watched folders,” with FineReader engine also recognizing numerous languages allowing for fast conversion into PDF, JPEG or TIFF files – plus add watermarks or logos onto documents and create image editing filters!

File management

Document-scanning software programs can be an invaluable asset to businesses of all kinds. From increasing efficiency, strengthening security, document sharing across teams and organizations and helping prevent physical damage to reducing storage costs – such programs also make document scanning into PDF and TIFF format easier for companies that require large amounts of storage capacity.

PaperScan is a TWAIN and WIA scanning software with features for image correction and enhancement, annotations, file management and file storage management. With support in thirty languages for easy navigation and customization capabilities, PaperScan makes for an intuitive experience on either laptops or desktop computers alike.

This software offers several scanning options, such as multi-page TIFF and PDF (also PDF/A), in addition to JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and EPS file formats. Furthermore, the program features image adjustments such as autodeskew/autotrim/black border removal/cropping/deskewing as well as deskewing. Furthermore, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), page layout configuration options and multi-page preferences can all be implemented easily for added efficiency.

Most document-scanning software programs feature integration capabilities with other programs, like email clients, to make accessing and sharing digital files simpler. This can be especially helpful for large businesses with multiple employees as it allows them to manage all files from a central location while creating an organized database of documents which can easily be retrieved when necessary.

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