What is Driver Magician?

Software that makes managing device drivers on Windows computers simpler, enabling you to back up, restore, and update system drivers easily.

Your hardware’s driver release dates are identified and compared against its own database, then updated drivers are offered to you as options.

Backup and Restore Drivers

Computer hardware drivers are an integral component of your software system that ensures hardware works optimally on your PC. As such, most troubleshooting guides online suggest regularly updating drivers in order to prevent problems with hardware and software. Unfortunately, doing this manually is a tedious process requiring considerable technical knowledge – however there are tools available which make backing up and restoring drivers easier.

Driver Magician from GoldSolution Software is an essential backup and restoration program, designed for Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems that allows for the easy backup and restoration of device drivers easily and swiftly. Driver Magician supports sound cards, video cards, network adapters, printers and other types of devices as it backs them up or restores them quickly and reliably.

This tool can automatically identify all drivers installed on a computer and present them in a list for easy selection, while also showing their dates of installation for tracking purposes. Furthermore, the program can back up and restore these drivers as well as many other important parts such as registry files and folders as well as create self-extracting archives of them that you can then install one by one after reinstalling your operating system.

This program can also assist with uninstalling drivers you no longer require from your computer, detect unknown devices and help locate their appropriate drivers, save you time and money with driver updates while disposing of outdated ones, as well as providing an online live device driver database with which you can download newer versions without manually searching the internet for them.

Overall, this tool can be an extremely helpful asset to computer users who frequently reinstall or upgrade their operating system. Furthermore, it can be used as a system image repository in order to facilitate troubleshooting purposes.

Uninstall Drivers

System drivers are software programs designed to ensure hardware components work with a computer operating system in an effective and seamless manner. Hardware manufacturers or third parties usually release updates of system drivers to address bugs, add functionality or improve performance – though troubleshooting guides on the internet often suggest performing an update which includes updating OS system drivers as one way of fixing an issue.

Driver Magician allows you to safely back up all the hardware drivers installed in your computer and restore them when reinstalling Windows OS, eliminating the hassle of searching online and finding compatible drivers to download, especially if this is your first experience with installing and uninstalling drivers on computers.

Its interface is user-friendly and takes little time to become adept with it. Furthermore, there’s also an option for advanced users who need an automated way of backing up and restoring driver files, and supporting various devices like printers, scanners, webcams as well as any unlisted devices not present in Device Manager. Additionally, this software detects any devices not listed there too!

When running this program, it will automatically scan for all currently installed drivers on your computer and give you the opportunity to choose which ones to back up, saving them to either a folder, compressed file, or auto-extracting setup file for safekeeping. Furthermore, you may select which drivers need installing instead of backing them up.

Automatic Driver Downloader will download the most up-to-date driver from its database and install it for you, saving time. Furthermore, this program will inform you if more recent drivers can be downloaded directly from their manufacturer’s website.

This program is an ideal option for those who need to keep their system drivers up-to-date but don’t have time to manually do it themselves. With features that include detecting unknown devices, as well as backing up and restoring drivers, Driver Updater Pro makes keeping drivers current easier than ever – however there may be certain restrictions which limit its utility.

Detect Unknown Devices

Driver Magician will help Windows to recognize new hardware more quickly by automatically downloading and installing all required drivers for it, so that it can function normally within your computer. Its automatic process ensures the correct drivers will always be installed for every device so you can use it normally on your system.

Driver Magician will automatically back up all drivers on its first run, saving them to an archive location chosen by the user such as a folder, compressed file or auto-setup package that will install them upon execution. Should your operating system need reformatting/upgrading later on, these “saved” drivers will restore as if they had originally been installed.

The program includes a feature to allow users to update drivers. It scans for outdated or obsolete drivers before automatically downloading and installing their updated counterparts – guaranteeing all devices function efficiently and seamlessly. Furthermore, this software can identify corrupted or broken drivers that require recovery efforts as well.

This program is a lightweight yet efficient application designed to make driver management simple and straightforward. With its intuitive user interface and straightforward approach to driver configurations management, this tool makes life easy for anyone trying to keep their Windows computer performing at its peak performance.

One drawback of this program is its requirement of a more powerful computer to run smoothly, but you may still be able to use its basic version on lower-end machines; though you might experience slowdowns if this is done. Overall, though, this tool deserves your consideration and trial.

GoldSolution Software’s free program can be downloaded and used immediately; however, for continued use it requires purchasing a license from GoldSolution Software Inc. which can be done online or with their 15-day trial version of the program. Furthermore, technical support is offered through their website where users may submit support requests or search their FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions.

Update Drivers

System drivers on a computer running Windows play an essential role in ensuring hardware functions correctly with the operating system. Updating driver files regularly to prevent problems with hardware, software and security is advised; however many users overlook this recommendation due to time and knowledge requirements for downloading and installing them manually. A tool like Driver Magician may come in handy here: it offers backup, restore and update capabilities specifically tailored for devices running on a Windows OS operating system.

Driver Magician quickly scans a system to reveal all drivers which may be outdated or no longer installed, providing a list. By clicking on the Update button, a scanning process may take up to two minutes before showing all available updates for drivers that were discovered during that scan process. Unfortunately, however, it won’t provide details such as versions and release dates right away; you must choose an individual driver to get these details.

Once your selected driver is downloaded, you have several options for hiding its update so it doesn’t show up again in subsequent scans or unchecking “Show updates also for this device”. Furthermore, the program won’t install them automatically but rather provide standard installer files so you can do it yourself if desired.

One great feature of Driver Magician is its auto-setup package feature, enabling users to restore all drivers silently without first needing Driver Magician running – ideal for advanced users looking to automate this process after each system reboot.

Overall, Driver Magician is an intuitive tool designed to manage Windows device drivers efficiently. The program enables users to back up and restore drivers, update them as needed, clone files or detect new devices on the system – with its comprehensive library of the latest drivers sourced directly from the internet for easy access.

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