What Is Driver Support?

Driver Support is a tool designed to give you access to the latest device drivers for optimizing Windows OS. It features an expansive database and offers outstanding 24/7 customer service support.

OptimizeMyPC also locates drivers specific to the make and model of your computer to increase optimization. At just $9.99 a month, this investment should pay dividends.


Driver Support offers many features to assist computer users in keeping their drivers up-to-date. It scans for outdated drivers and helps find updated versions, helping prevent crashes caused by out-of-date software. In addition, this program offers helpful tips and information regarding PC drivers as well as providing customer service that’s quick and responsive.

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are technological features designed to increase safety and improve human-machine interaction in vehicles. ADAS systems may either come factory installed into a car or be purchased as aftermarket accessories; according to LogisFleet these features can help decrease accidents by decreasing distraction and improving response time to potential dangers on the road, and can prevent vehicles from drifting out of their lane or colliding with one another.

Driver Support stands out from its competition by not including any bloatware or adware in its database of over 26 million drivers, featuring an intuitive UI, multiple operating system support including Windows 10, and providing affordable driver updates. Furthermore, it boasts excellent customer support with an expansive knowledgebase.

Driver Support is a full-featured driver updater for desktops and laptops. Both its free version, with limited capabilities, as well as its paid counterpart, offer many of the same features; its paid counterpart, priced at $9.99 monthly subscription fee offers additional functionality such as progress tracking, device drivers alerts notifications – making this product an excellent way to maximize computer performance.

PC Drivers Headquarters LP launched PC Drivers Office as a comprehensive driver management application in 1996 to address common PC issues. Its automated software detects out-of-date drivers and replaces them with updated versions, saving computer users hours of frustration in searching manually for appropriate drivers. In addition, its unique feature matches drivers to specific makers/models of computers rather than using generic versions.

Driver Support One is one of many alternative driver support programs available, but many users have reported negative user experiences with them. Driver Support One was found to be malware/scumware during investigations by antivirus companies; its installation can often be achieved through spyware installations or stealth installation by legitimate apps; once installed it can only be removed through system add/remove feature as it often leaves behind remnants that prompt users to reinstall it again and again.


Driver Support offers cost-effective pricing plans suitable for organizations of all sizes – from startups to enterprises. It features unique key features such as Progress Tracking, Device drivers, Alerts & Notifications, Help & Support services and many others.

Pricing is an essential element of driving recurring revenue growth, yet can be challenging to balance affordability and perceived value. Customers may have preconceived ideas of what a Support program should cost based on their experiences with other vendors, so it is crucial that baseline pricing benchmarks are set based on entitlement type and level.


Driver Support is an automated software program that saves computer users hours of frustration caused by outdated drivers. The program optimizes PC hardware functions and offers backup options; its user-friendly interface makes identifying and correcting errors effortless; all Windows versions, including Windows 10, can use this software; customer support can be reached via phone or email; there’s also an extensive knowledgebase online for further help.

Driver Support stands out from its competition by scanning and analyzing user PCs to identify the appropriate drivers for hardware devices, its database contains 26 million drivers and can quickly identify those needed to meet specific PC models’ specific requirements. This feature is particularly important as different hardware devices from various manufacturers can have slightly differing configurations when it comes to drivers.

Additionally, this program can locate and download the ideal driver updates for a device owned by its user. In addition, the program scans for outdated drivers automatically to update them automatically as well as recommend settings which will optimize PC performance for maximum benefit.


Device drivers serve to instruct an operating system how to communicate with individual pieces of hardware. Without proper drivers installed on your computer, devices may cease functioning correctly or even cause other programs to stop working properly; Driver Support works diligently to locate and install only those drivers necessary for optimal performance on each machine.

Contrary to some other programs on the market, this program can actually scan your computer and identify all available drivers; then inform you as to which are optimal or need updating or replacement. This saves time by eliminating having to find these files manually on your own – an often time-consuming and laborious task!

Additionally, this program will inform you if there are updates available for your Dell device. Search by keywords, operating system and category before downloading and installing any necessary updates or drivers. Note that updating can take some time so ensure a reliable internet connection during this process.

This program also comes equipped with an in-built feature to detect hardware errors and notify you. By taking swift action before they worsen, these alerts allow you to address problems before they worsen and save both money and improve PC performance in the long run.

Finally, this program features an auto-update function to keep drivers current. This ensures that your device runs smoothly without experiencing any issues and also gives you the option of immediately downloading new updates when they become available. The program will notify you when updates become available so you can download them right away.

Alternatively, if Driver Support is no longer appropriate for your needs, uninstall it with ease by opening Windows’ Add or remove programs settings and searching for Intel(r) Driver & Support Assistant among the list of programs. Once found, simply click Uninstall button to complete removal from your computer. Just follow prompts until all traces of it have been erased!

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