What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a free video chat and messaging tool that enables users to communicate with each other using text, voice or video calls across a range of Apple and Android devices.

G-Suite allows businesses to integrate Call Recorder for call recording. This enables the call recordings for later reference.

Video Calling

Google Hangouts is a communication tool that enables users to instantly communicate with any contact listed in their contact list via text, photo and video messages. Accessible on any device signed into a Google account, its chat history syncs across devices as well as phone or video call capabilities and live broadcast options (known as “Hangout on Air”).

Google may be best known for its search engine, but the company has far outgrown this one product or service. Now they offer email, online storage and cloud computing amongst many others – most popularly Hangouts as an instant messaging and video calling program which enables users to stay in contact with contacts as well as share files, photos or stickers among groups of people through video calls or hangouts.

Utilizing Hangouts is easy. Once logged into your account, simply click on the person icon and then choose who you would like to communicate with from a drop-down list of contacts. A type-ahead assist box will appear; once complete enter their name or email address into this text box and press “Invite.”

Clicking will open a window that launches a video chat session, with room for up to five participants in your chat session. To add additional participants, simply click on the plus sign in the upper right corner. When your video screen loads up, if you’d like to share your screen by using your camera icon in the lower left corner of this window or mutes your microphone so other won’t hear coughs or background noise during calls you can mute yourself for optimal communication experience.


Google Hangouts provides messaging, video calling and group calls that are free for anyone with an Google account. Users can send text messages with emoticons or stickers in chat mode. In addition to sharing their desktop screen with others in a conversation thread, Hangouts provides screen sharing option as well. Getting started with Hangouts messaging is straightforward; use any device connected to the internet.

To initiate communication, a user simply needs to click on the name or email address of their intended contact, and they’ll be brought directly into a chat window. By clicking on the person icon at the top of their chat window they can add another person and turn their conversation into a group – an extremely useful feature when talking with co-workers or groups of people.

Once within a chat, users can type messages into the text box at the bottom of their screen. They can use icons provided to insert emoji or stickers into their messages as well as attach photos from their computer. There is also a text formatting tool where users can highlight or underline text for emphasis; there’s even a drawing feature to allow for creative doodles!

There is the option of calling any phone number from within a chat, however this requires having a Google Voice phone account as calls will be placed via internet phone calls, using up calling credit as necessary. Calls can be placed to any number on Google Voice; provided your internet connection is strong it should work smoothly.

Group Chats

Google Hangouts makes communication between friends, family and coworkers simple with free video calling that lets you share your computer screen. Furthermore, this service also features group messaging enabling multiple people to text each other at the same time; send photos or videos; add emojis or stickers into messages; save message histories so they’re accessible across multiple devices with your Google account login; as well as access your message history anytime from any web browser that’s signed into it.

Google Hangouts also provides students with a way to collaborate on projects without needing to meet physically. Teachers may use it for online book clubs, while students can use its chat feature for collaborative assignments like answering questions or presenting work.

Google Hangouts for business offers conference calls and video meetings between groups of people that can be recorded or broadcast to other Google users who may not be present, with meetings of up to 100 participants at a time facilitated through G Suite, Google’s cloud-based office suite for businesses who pay their subscription fees to Google accounts.

Google recently revamped their classic Hangouts software into Chat, and started migrating all previous Hangouts conversation history onto this new platform. Unfortunately, some functionality such as phone/voice calls and creating spaces – used for creating group chats – no longer appear available within Chat; although in future this may change.

Sharing Your Status

Google Hangouts is an innovative messaging and video chat tool designed for use across multiple devices, offering features similar to its competitors (text messaging, phone calls and video conferences) but with some key distinctions: first being web-based so it’s accessible on any device with internet access; also it syncs across all of them allowing your messages to always remain accessible regardless of which device is being used at any given moment.

Google Voice, its proprietary VOIP software, is built directly into Google Hangouts for easy use in making free phone calls within the US and Canada. Furthermore, this service enables users to purchase virtual phone numbers that can be used anywhere around the globe at an economical per-minute rate. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android that can be accessed via desktop Hangouts as well as standalone versions available for devices running Chrome browser.

Google Hangouts’ ‘Share Your Status’ feature enables individual users to decide what information about themselves they want shared among members of an organisation, including when and what device they used last to log on, whether they are at work, on holiday or attending meetings. This information may be visible by all people with access to that same Google account but it can be restricted based on an admin console setting if desired.

Screen Sharing

Google Hangouts is designed for ease of use on multiple devices and platforms, from browser extensions and standalone applications to being fully integrated into Gmail itself. One of its biggest draws is how easily it works across them all; though this also ties you into using many of Google’s other services such as Drive and Calendar.

As a communication tool, Skype is immensely versatile, from video conferencing to project collaboration. One of the most useful functions is screen sharing – this enables you to share your computer desktop or any specific programs with those speaking with you during a call.

Start by selecting the program or screen you would like to share and clicking “Share.” Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this could take a momentous load up process; once done you can complete any actions with mouse and keyboard that will be visible during video call sessions.

After you have finished editing, to share it with everyone simply press the “Present to Everyone” button in Google Hangouts. Afterward, if you wish to stop sharing just click “Stop Sharing.”

If you are having difficulties with screen sharing, first check that your microphone hasn’t been muted and no other programs could be causing issues. Also make sure the correct microphone has been selected within Google Hangouts settings by selecting it through the cog icon in the top-right corner (or alternatively clicking on three vertical dots button and selecting drop down menu), otherwise clearing browser cache may help resolve problems as well as restarting program(s).

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