What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is an advanced chat, call, and video calling application which offers features such as drawing doodles or creating emojis for easy communication between colleagues or clients.

Calls made via Skype are free on both computers and mobile devices, and calling almost anyone in the world at extremely cost-effective rates; only calls made to landlines incur a charge.

Video Calling

Google Hangouts allows users to easily communicate through video and text chat as well as audio calls. Users can access this software online through Gmail, Google+ or via smartphone apps/mobile websites; or use it with just a browser and webcam/microphone combination on a computer – ideal for students, teachers or anyone needing remote communication with others.

Google Hangouts allows for face-to-face video conversations between up to 25 individuals at once, making it ideal for business meetings or lectures at school. It is accessible on iPhone and iPad as well as computers running Google Chrome or any Chromium-based browser like Firefox or Edge, with photos, videos and stickers shared between contacts being automatically saved to a cloud service and accessible from any device signed into with a Google account.

To initiate a conversation, open the app and select who you wish to speak to from its list of users. If you’re uncertain of their name, use the search bar at the top of the UI to search. When you’ve selected them, tap their name to initiate video calling – once started, the UI will prompt you to enable camera by tapping on its icon at the bottom of your screen.

While on a video call, you can mute your microphone to prevent any micro-noises from disturbing the speaker. Additionally, the UI will notify you that you are engaged in a video call and allow you to change camera view so everyone can easily see your face. Furthermore, voice or text chat options can be selected using buttons in the UI.

Smartphone users with either Android or iOS operating systems can easily access Google Hangouts by downloading its app or Chrome extension and setting it up without needing additional hardware or plugins. Furthermore, it works seamlessly with other popular communication services like Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – for PC use you will require an HTML5 compatible browser with webcam and microphone support as well.


Google Hangouts is an instant messaging service from Google that enables you to communicate with others in your circle of contact quickly and efficiently. It supports video chats, voice calls and text messaging – as well as sharing files between contacts – from any mobile device or web browser – with messages saved on Google servers that can be accessed anywhere you sign into your Google account. Hangouts is also great for business use with group video conferences and team messaging capabilities available as features of this messaging application.

Hangouts is available free to any person with a Google account and can be easily accessed on computers, smartphones and tablets using the appropriate app. Designed for easy use and packed with features such as video calling, group messaging and file sharing; additionally emojis and stickers can be added into chats; plus sharing your location is even an option!

Google Takeout makes taking backups of Hangouts messages easier than ever; just choose how often and in which folder. Plus, Google lets you select which chats should be included and will create a ZIP file of all of your data!

DroidKit is an app designed to save your Hangouts conversations on both computers and mobile devices, with audio recording/archiving features. Available for free download on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Hangouts is an enjoyable way to stay in touch with friends and family. Perfect for book clubs, group presentations or study groups; up to 25 people can join at one time in video chat! Available on both Android and iOS devices for free use!

Hangouts may be confusing for non-techies to use. Additionally, its integration with Google services may become irritating if that’s something that bothers you; furthermore, its usage can also be slow or cause it to freeze or crash regularly.


Google Hangouts is an online communication tool that enables users to instantly text message, video chat and call one another instantly across multiple devices and integrates seamlessly with other Google services like Gmail and YouTube. Your contacts will automatically populate from email accounts and phone numbers linked to your Google account; if you want to add someone not already listed here it’s pretty simple as well – search using criteria such as name or number before adding them directly or create groups if more flexibility is desired.

As soon as you start conversing with someone online, you have a range of tools at your fingertips to format the text with emoticons and other tools for emphasizing words or underlining passages, drawing a smiley face directly onto a message, adding photos or videos, sending your current location (if your mobile device supports GPS functionality) etc.

To initiate a video call, click on the icon that resembles a camera on the left of your home screen. From here, you can either invite others or go fullscreen with just one person. While all participants will see who’s speaking at once in the center of the screen, clicking an individual thumbnail to always display their photo or selecting three-dot menu and “Show My Screen” allows you to share your computer.

Clicking the arrow at the top of your screen allows you to access your daily schedule, which displays any meetings scheduled that day as well as opportunities to join or create video calls by clicking their respective icons in your list of meeting invitations.

If you would rather block someone in Google Hangouts, click or tap the hamburger menu button in the upper-left corner and choose Settings. Here, you can view who has been blocked as well as unblock them if necessary; conversations can also be deleted by selecting them and choosing “Delete conversation.”

Group Chats

Google Hangouts is a video chat and messaging app included as part of G-Suite collaboration tools. It features a free-to-use chat function that works seamlessly with other Google apps such as Gmail and Google+, plus its call feature supports integration with services like Google Voice to make domestic calls free from any computing device. Beginning November 1st 2022, classic Hangouts will be phased out and replaced with Google Chat; which boasts both improved features as well as chat bot support to manage repetitive tasks such as responding to frequently asked questions or recurring tasks by automate bots or automated apps running continuously in the background.

Group chats allow multiple participants to collaborate on conversations simultaneously and exchange messages and video calls, sharing text and visual content alike. Group conversations may include both internal and external participants. They can be alphabetized alphabetically by participants’ names or quickly searched using chat name/participant name; additionally, invite newcomers through links can bring others from outside your organization into any given group chat conversation.

As soon as someone joins a group chat, existing members will receive a notification detailing their name and time of joining. For newcomers, existing members can provide a brief introduction so they can quickly catch up and participate. Google Chat’s new chat history view makes it simple to see all messages within context – these 1:1 conversations and updates originated by classic Hangouts will begin to show up over time in Chat without losing message history! Additionally, 1:1 messages created within classic Hangouts will gradually move over into Chat without losing message history allowing users to switch seamlessly between platforms without losing history!

To use Chat, Google requires the latest version of its Chrome browser as well as its stand-alone mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Unlike classic Hangouts which was only accessible via Gmail web browsing and Google+ social networking, this new Chat app can be reached anywhere with internet connectivity from either a computer at Google Apps Grid or mobile device with internet.

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