What Is KMPlayer?


KMPlayer is an adaptive media player that is capable of playing a variety of video and audio files. Additionally, this media player offers support for screen capture functions and subtitles for enhanced user experiences.

KMPplayer provides users with an efficient means of organizing their audio and video collections into playlists. Simply select either Music or Video on the Home Screen to create one easily.

Supports a wide range of video and audio formats

KM Player is an outstanding free media player that offers support for multiple video and audio formats, including incomplete or damaged AVI files, compressed audio albums (zip/rar), Adobe Flash files, image files (png/gif), split videos without issues and automatic merging as you watch movies; it even handles subtitles allowing you to customize their look and adjust their sync with videos!

KMPlayer can playback audio files of varying formats including MPEG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10. It also offers support for various video codecs such as DivX, XviD, VC-1 WMV ASF RMVB MOV files as well as Blu-ray discs. Furthermore, there’s even an inbuilt YouTube download function and capability of displaying image subtitles (PGS subtitles).

KM Player stands out from other video players by enabling you to watch multiple videos at once, which can be particularly helpful when watching series or movies. Furthermore, this saves memory as it only requires opening one instance each time instead of multiple new instances being opened every time a video starts playing back.

KM Player features an extensive configuration menu that enables you to tailor settings based on the media you are playing, from screen controls and aspect ratio adjustments, resetting frame/window sizes, panning/panninging transparency levels settings etc. to audio control features like setting bass or treble levels or equalizer resets that reduce noise in your music or movies.

Supports subtitles

KMPlayer makes adding subtitles easy! Subtitles are movie transcripts that appear at the bottom of your video player screen, either in their original language or translated to another language. To add them, open your video file in KMPlayer and select ‘Subtitle > Open’; once selected a window will appear where you can browse for and load your desired subtitles before watching your video with subtitles!

When viewing videos with subtitles, it is vital that they sync up perfectly with the audio track. Any time your subtitles don’t match up perfectly can cause great frustration; to resolve this issue simply pause the video and launch Subtitle Explorer window; this window contains all subtitles contained within video and allows scroll controls for speeding or slowing them down, moving them up or down accordingly.

If you want to stop your screensaver from interfering with your movie viewing experience, KMPlayer provides an effective solution. Simply open its Preferences menu and select General tab in its General window – in there, simply check ‘Remember the last played position of video files’ box before closing Preferences window to save changes or use F2 key reset to default preset. With this unique feature not found elsewhere media players, you can enjoy watching movies uninterrupted! And even set KMPlayer automatically resume from last playing position upon closing!

Supports 3D video

KMPlayer is a free multimedia player for both Mac and Windows devices that offers support for 3D videos as well as 2D games, featuring audio/video encoding/decoding/subtitling features, subtitles support, various 3D settings options, streaming online content/downloading YouTube videos and an easy user experience. Furthermore, its 3D settings automatically adjust between Mac/PC devices for seamless playback of 3D media content/games!

One of the standout features of this free media player is its support for 3D video playback, including stereo anaglyph images displayed side-by-side, top/bottom or interleaved modes. Furthermore, Intel WiDi technology enables wirelessly connecting your computer to any 3D compatible monitor or TV screen.

One great feature of the program is its ability to adjust the volume of your headphones. Furthermore, it synchronizes audio with TV shows, making it ideal for home cinema systems. Plus, HD video content and 3D Blu-ray discs can both be handled easily!

KMPlayer can record and play back live TV, as well as stream videos from the internet, convert your videos into formats compatible with most media players, download YouTube videos to record GIFs and record GIFs from YouTube, as well as record and watch 3D movies on PCs.

The program can be found and downloaded from its official website for free use; donations are accepted but not necessary. Because its installer contains additional software, be wary when installing. KM Player also comes equipped with Android and iOS mobile applications to make life simpler!

Supports hardware acceleration

KMPlayer supports hardware acceleration, which allows the software to offload decoding to the graphics processor (GPU), relieving CPU resources and increasing performance. This feature can be especially beneficial on computers with slower processors; to enable hardware acceleration simply select it in the Preferences menu or manually associate specific extensions by clicking “Associate All Formats” or “Associate Audio Only”.

KMPlayer stands out from other media players by its ability to play 2D games, such as Frontline Defense 2. As of now, only one such tower defense game with primitive graphics and intuitive controls is available: Frontline Defense 2.

KMPlayer comes equipped with multiple customizable skins that you can tailor to meet your needs, as well as options to alter the main window’s colors and other UI elements. Furthermore, the program allows users to download additional skins directly from its official website.

KMPlayer will take full advantage of modern computers equipped with 64-bit multicore CPUs to provide a responsive and smooth experience. Furthermore, the software supports HD video – it can play HDR and 8K videos across all major formats.

KMPlayer goes beyond basic functionality by offering advanced audio processing features designed specifically to appeal to audiophiles. These features include an equalizer and support for freeverb, which gives a range of spaciousness and ambience effects. These options can be enabled under Audio Processing > Freeverb in Preferences menu; alternatively you can also adjust sound output frequency, balance, and loudness settings to fine-tune sound quality further.

Supports a mobile app

KMPlayer is a lightweight media player capable of playing all forms of files, especially videos, as well as supporting external decoders and making playback smooth and resolution independent. Furthermore, this application boasts a neat user interface with gesture-based controls for convenient playback experience.

This app is both free and packed with additional features for its users, such as being able to control video speed and rewind or fast forward, adjust volume without interrupting playback, support various languages and an inbuilt slideshow maker.

Touch shortcuts are also a fantastic feature of this application; they allow you to quickly modify screen brightness and volume settings with one gesture instead of having to open up the preferences window and make changes manually. Furthermore, using Export Preset you can quickly back up your configurations for safekeeping.

Another feature that caught our eye was Seamless Playback. This unique function allows users to watch split movies without the hassle of downloading an additional file splitter/joiner application – an invaluable asset that truly adds another level of performance and functionality to this impressive player.

KMPlayer for Android devices makes it simple and accessible to take with you wherever life may take you. Available as a free download and with gesture-based controls that make navigating movies hassle-free, this mobile app features seamless support for many media formats including SubRip (.srt), MicroDVD (.txt), VobSub (.sub), PJS (.pjs), WebVTT (.vtt), snapshot capture during watching and rewards by participating in various missions – taking it with you everywhere you go!

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