What is Maxthon Browser?

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser, which has become immensely popular in China, stands out as much more than just another browser; it provides fast access and special features.

Mouse gestures, Magic Fill (which remembers user login credentials for autofill), AD Hunter (to block pop-up ads), My Maxthon cloud sync bookmarks/favorites are among its many features.


Maxthon Browser is an innovative internet browser for multiple platforms that takes full advantage of Chromium technology to provide features unrivaled even by popular browsers like Chrome or Edge. Maxthon can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile phones alike – giving it more potential uses.

One of its primary selling points is its focus on privacy, particularly following Edward Snowden’s disclosures regarding NSA’s global data collection program. Opera is built specifically with features to protect user’s data privacy.

Some of these features include the ability to block ads so users can focus on reading the content they’re after, as well as syncronize bookmarks and online favorites across devices. They can even automatically save and fill forms with previously entered personal information – users have complete control over whether or not to utilize these features, and can change their preferences at any time.

The browser also allows users to easily view web pages in dark mode, making text and images on pages easier for readers. Users can search RSS feeds using it, as well as drag-and-drop text/images/links into chat, text or email messages for sharing with friends. Furthermore, browser settings across multiple devices are synced automatically as are tabs from previous browsing sessions.

Another feature is its Ad Blocker, which can remove pop-ups and other distracting ads from websites. This can be especially useful for people trying to read news articles online without being distracted by pop-up ads; additionally it could help prevent malware infections since clicking suspicious pop-ups could download viruses to devices.

Maxthon Browser stands out with its dual-engine rendering engine, which uses both Internet Explorer’s Trident engine and Google Chrome/Safari’s Webkit engine to display older and newer pages correctly. Furthermore, its split screen feature allows users to work simultaneously with two distinct interfaces by splitting up the screen into two windows.


Maxthon, originally released under MyIE and later rebranded Maxthon in 2004, has long been considered one of the most powerful multi-platform browsers on the market. Offering cross-platform syncing that enables users to share bookmarks, passwords, settings and notes across devices – and being fast, secure and user friendly at that – Maxthon stands out among its competition as a leading multi-platform choice.

Maxthon Browser stands out from other web browsers by offering users an innovative way to access the web: splitting their screen easily in half to work on two pages at the same time. This feature is particularly beneficial for people who access social media frequently or do extensive research online for work or study purposes.

This browser can download files and other online contents to local storage thanks to its dual rendering engines, including Internet Explorer’s Trident and Webkit (from Chrome and Safari). In addition, its Infobox feature enables users to quickly create an extensive notepad storing not just bookmarks but content from websites like photos or personal notes in an easily manageable repository across devices.

Maxthon differs from popular browsers like Chrome and Edge in that it doesn’t collect personal information or track browsing habits, which may appeal to privacy-focused Internet users. On the other hand, sending information back to servers located in China even after opting out of its ‘User Experience Improvement Program’ can raise some red flags. Furthermore, these servers use an insecure HTTP connection which makes them susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Though Chrome browser has many built-in features, its most notable offerings are its syncing and cloud storage functionality. Users can rely on its fast response time, competitive speeds and integrated AdBlock for a smooth online experience.


Maxthon Browser is a lightning fast cloud web browser equipped with a suite of utilities designed to enhance your browsing experience. Compatible with multiple platforms – from Windows XP and Vista through 8, Mac OS X and Linux, to Android and iOS devices – Maxthon features many configurable options that let you personalize your experience, such as setting default search engine and homepage addresses, start page URLs, privacy settings or creating tab groups to manage multiple websites at the same time. Plus Maxthon’s antifreeze technology keeps running even when certain pages fail.

Focusing on speed and functionality has proven popular with their user base. Users have applauded the browser for its lightning-fast load times as well as its ability to minimize processes running in the background, along with its wide selection of extensions to enhance browsing experiences and secure features that make it an excellent choice.

Maxthon provides an impressive set of security features to safeguard your online privacy, such as an integrated ad blocker to block intrusive pop-up ads and private browsing mode that automatically erases browsing data when closing sessions. Furthermore, it includes a password manager so you can store all account info in one convenient place as well as supporting UUMail to create email aliases to protect from spammers.

Maxthon has held up well in benchmark tests when it comes to performance, featuring an effective hardware acceleration framework and using relatively little memory when running, both key factors for a high-performing browser. Maxthon also includes tools designed to enhance browsing experiences like its smart ‘article’ feature that automatically reconfigures article pages into an book-like layout without ads or distractions – an essential feature when browsing articles online.


Maxthon stands out from other browsers by featuring several inbuilt features for users to take advantage of, unlike most that depend on third-party extensions for functionality. These features include its Resource Sniffer which enables you to download FLV media files from video sites; cloud sync support so your preferences can be accessed on multiple devices; its search engine with advanced options when entering keywords; it even saves websites you frequent quickly! And its customizable toolbar – perfect for customizing buttons and features you use most often.

This browser is one of the easiest and most user-friendly out there, enabling navigation via simple mouse gestures and offering a left panel with bookmarks and notes. Furthermore, there’s a privacy mode to protect personal information while the synchronization utility lets you move between machines without losing data. Inactive tabs can even be set to sleep mode to reduce computer load while freeing up memory space.

Maxthon doesn’t escape all of the security problems associated with web browsers; for instance, Exatel and Fidelis Cybersecurity recently reported that Maxthon collects sensitive information and sends it off to servers in China in violation of EU Data Protection Directive rules, potentially making you more susceptible to hacker attacks.

However, the company did respond to this report in its forums by asserting that they were only collecting information outside of UEIP’s scope and did not collect anything that “involves your privacy.” This claim seems rather questionable given that many personal details are sent directly to its servers such as browsing histories and search terms.

Another issue with this browser is its lack of a password manager and tracker blocker – two essential tools for online safety. While this might not be an issue for most people, those particularly concerned about their online privacy should keep this in mind when making their selections.

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