What is Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight is a software framework designed to allow developers to easily build rich Internet applications. Its graphical system combines multimedia, graphics, animation and interactivity into one package for optimal usability. Furthermore, Silverlight includes an installer/update function as well as support for XAML language.

At first, Microsoft’s Silverlight experiment seemed promising; it attracted several major partners, such as NBC for streaming the 2008 Olympic Games online.

It is a browser plugin

Microsoft Silverlight, created in the late 2000s to revolutionize online experiences by providing rich media content and interactive applications, is a cross-platform plugin supported by major browsers on desktop and mobile platforms that requires no additional software installation or updates for proper functioning. Silverlight boasts many advantages over Flash and JavaScript such as better multimedia performance, wider device compatibility support and an accessible development environment.

Silverlight’s primary use is in creating streaming media players like those found on websites like YouTube. Developers can build custom media controls that offer unique user experiences such as the ability to switch videos sequentially or set custom color palettes – Futbol Mexicano video player is one such application which utilizes this technology and streams soccer matches from Mexico.

Silverlight stands out with its extensible Markup Language (XAML) interface, enabling developers to create user interfaces that can be loaded and displayed in browser windows. As these documents are text-based and search engine friendly as well as firewall compatible, scripting functionality becomes simple. Silverlight applications can also be rendered using server-side applications that host and manage application execution via web services.

Silverlight stands out with its high-quality hardware-accelerated decoding for both audio and video, including Windows Media Audio, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), H.264, WMV-9 support as well as its two dimensional transformations such as scale, stretch and alpha blending being hardware accelerated. Furthermore, XAML language provides key events such as MouseDown/Up events for text input through keyboard events like MouseDown/Up.

SilverLight was initially successful, but has since seen its relevance decline with the rise of HTML5. Most modern Web browsers now support HTML5, eliminating the need for separate plugins like SilverLight. However, some older websites and applications still rely on SilverLight; when this occurs removing it can improve performance and security on the computer. To remove SilverLight follow these steps: Open Control Panel then Programs and Features or “Add/Remove Programs,” look up “Microsoft Silverlight” then click on the “Uninstall” button

It is a software framework

Microsoft Silverlight was released as a software framework in 2007 with the intention of running “rich” internet applications. It features video streaming, live streams, animations and vibrant graphics – similar to Adobe Flash which requires plugins for running interactive media content containers such as containers that store static media such as Flash. Silverlight uses XAML (a text-based markup language for user interface development) as its user interface markup language and supports any tool which supports its syntax for development purposes.

Silverlight applications differ from JavaScript and HTML5 apps by being standalone programs with their own runtime. This runtime consists of an in-memory XAML parsing engine and presentation core that render the graphics and animations defined in XAML files; additionally it supports audio/video playback as well as Windows Media codecs for playback capabilities and Windows Media support for audio/video playback; they can be hosted on any web server and compatible with various browsers, operating systems and devices.

Silverlight apps that access local files on a local machine, for example to read or write to databases, may use isolated local storage (isostorage), which exists outside the browser cache but located inside your operating system’s user profile folder and is sanitized of path information to prevent accessing sensitive user data. Silverlight also supports high contrast mode that uses various styling and appearance techniques to determine whether a browser or platform user has selected this setting.

Silverlight may no longer be supported by Microsoft, yet the technology remains widely in use and poses potential security risks. Unsupported plug-ins could contain bugs or exploits leading to malware infections; older versions may cause compatibility issues with newer browsers; and any old versions of software could pose compatibility problems when updating browsers. If considering uninstalling Silverlight altogether, make backup copies of any vital information and be wary of any compatibility issues between websites and applications before doing so.

Silverlight did not live up to its early promise and has proven difficult for some users and developers to use effectively, prompting considerable criticism from both individuals and companies alike. Furthermore, its competitors such as Flash and JavaScript proved more comfortable and flexible to work with, prompting many individuals and companies to forgo using Silverlight altogether.

It is a productivity application

Silverlight is a multimedia framework used to develop rich Web applications with graphics and video, functioning as a plug-in for Internet Explorer and other Web browsers. Developed by Microsoft using the XAML programming language, the product was previously known as Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E).

Silverlight is a rich Web application development platform, but its capabilities go far beyond simply Web applications. Developers can utilize Silverlight to build interactive games that run in web browsers ranging from traditional classics such as Hangman to more adventurous titles such as Zero Gravity – an action game set in space! Silverlight can also deliver video streaming, live streams, vibrant graphics and vivid video streaming services similar to Adobe Flash; with more support for XAML markup language and better graphic capabilities compared to Adobe.

As a development tool, Microsoft Silverlight offers many strengths and weaknesses. Its XAML markup language resembles HTML but with additional features for creating user interfaces. Furthermore, its standard visual controls make creating applications with visual consistency across platforms easier.

However, Silverlight was eventually outshone by competing technologies; consequently, Microsoft discontinued it in 2021 and advised developers to switch over to Universal Windows Platform (UWP), an updated and flexible platform suitable for multiple devices. Though UWP may have some restrictions that limit its capabilities for use.

Contrasting HTML’s limited range of text and images, XAML enables developers to specify an app’s UI in a more organized fashion. Plus, being human-readable makes editing possible through text editors or scripting tools; plus its support of various shapes (Rectangle, Ellipse, Line PolyLine Path) makes orchestration complex objects possible – including Rectangle Ellipse Line PolyLine Path etc.

Though Microsoft no longer supports Silverlight, you may encounter websites or web applications which rely on it. As these applications can consume considerable system resources, removing them could boost computer performance. To remove, visit Control Panel > Programs & Features or “Add or Remove Programs,” locate Microsoft Silverlight then click Uninstall.

It is a gaming platform

Microsoft was hopeful when Silverlight debuted in 2007, as it was used by NBC to stream the Beijing Olympics and political conventions live, while also serving as the backbone for video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. Unfortunately, however, its success proved short-lived due to limited adoption and security vulnerabilities – it soon being eclipsed by HTML5, a more modern and secure framework.

As a web-based gaming platform, Microsoft Silverlight equips developers with all of the resources necessary for crafting rich interactive experiences within browser games like traditional Hangman or immersive adventures like Zero Gravity; which takes place in space.

Silverlight differs from Adobe Flash in that it doesn’t require users to install plugins before playing games on the Web; thus making it much more user-friendly. Furthermore, Silverlight supports various operating systems and browsers – providing more convenient gameplay.

Silverlight remains an attractive web technology; however, its limited growth potential has been hindered by a lack of cross-platform development tools and its reliance on Windows as its host system. Furthermore, security concerns and competition from alternative web technologies has reduced its appeal among both developers and users.

Microsoft recently announced that Silverlight support will end on October 12, 2021, meaning official quality improvements and security updates won’t be offered for it anymore. If you still use this application, be sure to keep it up-to-date as outdated software could leave it vulnerable to attacks by malware as well as exploits.

Microsoft no longer supports Silverlight in their latest web browser versions; however, some older sites and applications still rely on it. To protect yourself and avoid compromise to your computer, always ensure your web browser and operating system are updated with the most up-to-date versions. Also consider installing Malwarebytes Free to scan for malware threats; to uninstall an application simply use Control Panel or delete from browser history (though some websites and applications may no longer function correctly after doing this). However, you should keep in mind that doing this may result in incompatibility with websites/applications no longer working correctly after deleting plugin.

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