What is PUBG?

PUBG stands out from its competition with its expansive maps, frenetic battles and unique gameplay mechanics such as its giant circle that forces players into increasingly dangerous and intense encounters. Even though its technical issues such as floaty movement, delayed vehicle physics and cheaters make for challenging gameplay situations, its unique twists add something different to its familiar formula.

Experiences you won’t find elsewhere are what keep people returning for more.


Tencent Games’ PUBG video game is an action survival shooter video game based on mods by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other titles and expanded under his creative direction into its standalone form. PUBG was widely credited with popularizing the battle royale genre and has received multiple Game of the Year nominations and awards, in addition to being one of the most-watched esports with numerous official and unofficial tournaments and broadcasting tools available; additionally there’s now also an Android and iOS version called PUBG Mobile available via PUBG Corp who run small esports events and provide in-game tools to aid broadcasting purposes – available as free-to-play mobile version which provides additional broadcast tools in-game to aid broadcasting purposes!

Character customization

PUBG player characters can be customized using the game settings, from gender and appearance choices, through weapons used and even weapon choices, so players can create characters that meet their style of play – for instance female players may opt for more feminine outfits while males might go for masculine clothing styles.

PUBG will soon introduce an expanded level of character customization. Players will soon be able to adjust skins, tattoos, hairstyles and other aspects of their character for greater personalization – giving players more choices in creating their unique avatar. This update promises an exciting addition that adds a welcome extra step towards character building!

These new features will also allow players to customize the weaponry used in PUBG. At present, player characters in the game are equipped with standard issue M4A1 rifles and an AK-47; however, this may change soon as developers have plans for adding more weapons into the game.

PUBG will bring with it additional costumes and gear for its characters, according to PC Gamer’s reporting. Data miners of the game have discovered many such pieces which could potentially see release at some point down the road.


As in any Battle Royale game, weapons are the main tools you’ll use to kill your opponents in PUBG. There is a wide range of weapons available – pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles among them – and each has unique qualities and benefits, including special attachments that increase damage or help aim more accurately; some even feature recoils which make shooting difficult without careful aim; the optimal weapon depends on both your play style and environment when selecting one to use.

Pistols are ideal for close-quarter combat, making them quick and easy to use at close ranges, yet less effective at longer ranges than other firearms. Pistols may be useful in breaking into buildings but can easily be outgunned later in the game by other guns.

SMGs are excellent close-range weapons, especially for novice shooters. With high fire rates and the capability of destroying vehicles, SMGs provide plenty of destruction while being highly customizable; you can equip foregrips and laser sights as desired – not to mention being relatively quiet! However, due to a higher chance of missing your target than most other weapons, practice is necessary before beginning use.

The M16A4 assault rifle is a favorite among professional gamers, though its drawbacks include a large backfire and no automatic fire capability. Still, beginners may find this an attractive choice.

Shotguns in PUBG are powerful weapons, yet difficult to master. Ideal for taking down small groups of enemies or breaking into buildings, shotguns also allow players to assemble sight aims, foregrips and tactical stocks for added customization and efficiency.

Assault Rifles are an essential weapon in PUBG and can be used to quickly kill players from long range. When combined with other weapons such as sniper rifles or SMGs, assault rifles can also be thrown at an enemy to startle them or deny access to rooms, doors or vehicles.


PUBG features an iconic selection of locations where players can enter battle and wage war over. Some areas provide higher loot rewards but may also lead to intense early battles, while other locations may provide lower loot but safer environments and allow players to avoid combat altogether. Deciding the ideal landing spot depends heavily upon player strategy and playstyle; schools in Erangel are popular choices that offer great odds at gear, yet may lead to immediate battles.

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