What is PUBG?


PUBG, first released online battle royale game released in 2017 has quickly become one of the world’s most popular titles, boasting millions of players around the world and offering elements of survival, shooting and strategy gameplay.

PUBG can be addictive and many become overly fixated on it, losing all social contact while dedicating all their free time and energy towards playing it instead of attending to family matters or work responsibilities.


PUBG is one of the world’s most-played online multiplayer battle royale games, developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole (a South Korean video game company). Its full name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG is a survival-based game inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale. Players are dropped on an island and must battle each other until only one remains. PUBG stands out from similar titles by providing first or third person perspectives as well as selecting among various weapons, maps and modes; you can even choose your weather condition! Additionally, its immersive elements make playing enjoyable.

PUBG stands out from other shooters by emphasizing gameplay and survival, creating an exhilarating and heart-pounding gaming experience. It has quickly captured the gaming world and inspired numerous esports tournaments and community-based events; streaming channels have even become dedicated to this classic videogame as players compete to win large prize pools; several professional PUBG players have become prominent names within esports competitions including Gen.G Esports, FaZe Clan and TSM teams.

PUBG Mobile was released for mobile platforms in March 2018 by Tencent Games worldwide and VNG Games in India, Korea, and Vietnam. Similar to its PC and console counterparts, players parachute down onto an island and compete in a last-man-standing survival game until one player remains standing – either alone or as teams of two or four players.

PUBG Mobile can be found on Android and iOS devices, as well as the Stadia cloud gaming platform. In order to enjoy it, players must possess both a powerful device and stable internet access; though free to play initially, premium version requires subscription and offers upgrades and cosmetic items to enhance your experience. However, extended playing can become addictive and potentially harmful to health; therefore PUBG has introduced Gameplay Management that alerts players when their play time has reached an agreed threshold limit.


PUBG features many diverse maps to choose from, each offering its own style of play. Some maps may be larger than others or require different approaches to strategy; furthermore, each map differs based on terrain, architecture, and weather conditions.

Erangel, the inaugural map in PUBG, is set on an abandoned Russian military island and features small shacks and buildings to give it its rustic aesthetic. Notable locations on Erangel include harbour, airport, flooded town and nuclear power plant.

Miramar, for instance, is a desert map featuring both high and low terrain that lends itself to both long-range and close quarters combat. With towns and cities ideal for looting and mountainous regions providing great scope for sniping; Sanhok brought battle royale to Asia via lush jungle islands inspired by Thailand and the Philippines and became the first map to introduce dynamic storm circles that adjust midgame according to how many players remain alive.

Vikendi, Erangel Remastered and now Karakin have all joined PUBG’s map lineup over time, demonstrating its studio’s dedication to updating and remastering existing maps to keep players engaged with gameplay.

Although there is no official ranking of PUBG maps, most players tend to favor Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok as favorites – although some players also enjoy playing newer maps such as Troi and Vikendi.

These newer maps have introduced some interesting mechanics into PUBG Mobile gameplay. One map features tram lines connecting three areas of the city for quick movement between fights; another has several urban locations that make finding supplies and ammunition simple; its snowy landscape can create exciting gameplay, featuring frozen rivers and lakes which serve as killing zones; moreover, this map boasts high-rise buildings which serve as hiding spaces – all features that have made PUBG Mobile gamers choose this route over others.


PUBG features an abundance of weapons that vary greatly in quality, making choosing the optimal one essential to victory in firefights. There are seven categories of weapons in PUBG: Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, SMGs/SLRs/Heavy Weapons/Granades. Each category of weapon has advantages and disadvantages; assault rifles remain the top pick overall choice.

The top PUBG weapons in this category deliver maximum damage while remaining easy to use at any range. Most can also be modified with various attachments – the M416, Groza and M16A4 being among the most popular choices; although their slow firing rates can be reduced with the addition of a suppressor attachment.

Shotguns are perfect for close-range shooting, yet may fall short over medium or long ranges. One of the most widely-used shotguns in PUBG is the S686, with its high base damage that can be enhanced through accessories like the Shotgun Choke attachment. While its main drawback may be taking more time than expected to reload, its deadly accuracy may enable quick kills against opponents within short periods.

AWM shotguns offer high base damage and can be improved using attachments like scopes and red dot sights, making it an excellent option for one-shotting level one and level two armor without needing follow up shots. They are particularly useful because of this capability.

Assault rifles are one of the most versatile weapons in PUBG, making them suitable for every situation. In particular, M416 rifles stand out with their superior firing rate and attachment options; their damage output at all ranges is impressive and even effective close range combat situations.

PUBG stands out from traditional FPS games by enabling players to customize their weapons using various attachments, meaning recoil patterns may differ between guns. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand how each attachment works before purchasing new attachments for use.

PUBG Addiction

PUBG is one of the world’s most beloved video games and enjoyed by billions worldwide. Unfortunately, like any addiction-inducing activity, it can have adverse impacts on its players, including decreased quality of life, productivity losses and addiction to other games; psychological problems including depression or social withdrawal; health concerns such as eyesight problems, sleep deprivation or obesity may arise as a result of prolonged playback of this addictive title.

As such, it is vital that those addicted to PUBG take steps to break their habit. There are various approaches you can take such as uninstalling it from your phone and taking a short break from playing for several days or limiting gaming hours to 1 or 2 per day – however it’s also important to ensure adequate rest as well as pursue other interests and hobbies.

People addicted to PUBG tend to spend their free time playing it instead of doing other things, like eating and drinking, which could have an adverse impact on their health. If they can’t play for extended periods, they become irritable, anxious and sad. Furthermore, their addiction might interfere with concentration at school or work and their relationships with friends and family members are likely affected.

PUBG has become such an obsession that it has resulted in cases of young people taking their own lives over it. One 14-year-old consumed poison out of anger when his mother took away his mobile phone to prevent him from playing PUBG; another young man hanged himself after they refused to buy him a new smartphone to continue playing PUBG – these incidents demonstrate just how dangerous this craze can be and show why it must be banned by parents and society alike. Furthermore, a recent World Health Organization study concluded that video game addiction must be addressed as mental health issue

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